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Cuban Relationship

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Compare your "relationships"..... I spent about 6-7 months a year in Cuba with my man, no rubbishy 5 weeks (what man stays faithful, on those terms, in ANY country???? You're crazy if you believe he will - anywhere). We lived on about $50 a week when I was there - meals at paladares at 30 pesos cubano each were our blessing. I funded nothing of his. He wanted me to stay at his place to save more money - I chose not to - MY choice to pay for a casa, for privacy away from family, and our own space, etc. Costed me less than paying for fuel, food, etc at home. And you know what? It still wasn't perfect. Just writing this to

(a) TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY for anyone who thinks going there 2-3 times a year for 2 weeks each time is enough to maintain the relationship (it isn't - Cubans want sex like I want milk in my coffee - regularly, and lots of it).If you are there anything less than 40 weeks a year- he will be unfaithful - guarateed.

(b)BRING THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS who claim to have had a long term relationship into perspective. The truth is.....you NEVER know what he's doing, if you're not there. And he will get away with as much as he can......until he's caught.

As mine was. He was out of the door in 10 minutes, after I'd packed his bags.....to throw at him.

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