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Tell a Cuban about a steak and he starts to laugh.

Steak or beef (carne de res) is a luxury on the island of which many people only can dream.

A frequently told joke says: "In Cuba we call a steak Jesu Cristo (Jezus Christ) because everybody talks about it, and nobody has ever seen it.

A steak in your refrigerator can be a crime, unless you can proof its origin. The meat should be bought in a State owned store or commissioned by family from abroad through courrier services like - (gifts to Cuba) People are not used to eat steak because of the shortages, even milk is rationed.

Smugglers from the "Oriente", the Eastern countryside on the island deliver meat of illegal slaughtered cows. A citizen caught for illegal meat smuggling can get a prison sentence of three years.

There are few places in Havana where you can eat a good steak. One of this places is restaurant Los Nardos opposite the Capitolio, but come on time there's always a queue.

Bistec de Palomillo - Grilled Cuban Style Steak

Picadillo - Cuban Beef Hash

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