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Some Cuban superstitions and beliefs find their origin in the Santeria religion.

Superstition is described as a credulous belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge.

A popular superstition in Cuba is, that you have to drop some rum on the ground when opening a new bottle of rum to please and feed the spirits and deities.

Another superstition and Cuban custom is to throw a bucket of water out of the front door or the balcony on New Year's Eve at midnight, to get rid of the bad spirits of the past year.

Black cat lilith Cuban Superstitions

Seeing a Black Cat means: mishief is coming, one of the superstitions in Cuba

More Superstitions

  • Don't drink cold water or you will catch a cold.
  • Never say "el ultimo", for the last drink, or you will die soon.
  • Itch in the palm of your hand means you will soon get some money.
  • Don't stare to much at a baby or you will give it the evil eye.
  • When a person is choking on food, you just pull on his ears hard and the food will pop out.
  • If the cat is licking itself you will have company soon, but when you see a black cat this means: mischief is coming.
  • At midnight on New Year's eve, you have to eat twelve grapes, very quickly, one for each month of the past year.
  • On a Cuban birthday party you have to rub cream from the birthday cake in the face of the birthday person to wish him/her the best for the coming year.
  • Taking a bath before you eat eggs.
  • The Virgin of El Cobre can grant you a favor, if you go walking and praying from your home to El Cobre.

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