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Cubans the good and the bad

by Anonymous

I have been reading stories all over the net and it took me some time before sharing mine. Let's just say that i have been going to Cuba for a long time, I speak Spanish and I made a few friends "fren" along the way.

I know a few Canadian women who married Cuban men and they are here in Canada living happily their relationships are going strong even after 5 years. They have kids and houses, good jobs and they take care of their wives. I thought I knew what I was getting into, I never believed him 100%, always had doubts. I met him a few years ago, he was a singer in a hotel and he did not speak any French or English.
I fell for his charm. At that time my Cuban friends warned me that he was a ladies’ man, to be careful but I simply ignored this. After spending some time with him we finally got married (against my family my friends)

I went down to Cuba and did it all by myself. I had no one close to me other than his friends, his family. I was thinking that even if he was playing me at least I was helping him get out of a bad situation.
There was warning signs, all the bad luck seem to happen to him and for everything he needed money. I was in between jobs and simply could not afford to sponsor him and I could not get any help from my family. So I decided to get to know him more before doing anything. He always made me pay for his entry at a club (for which they do not pay), taxis were always twice the cost whenever I was with him. I knew of this of course at the time, but I wanted him to come clean so I did not say a word. He always wanted me to bring costly gifts; we would always stay at casa particular or hotels. When I was finally able to sponsor him he calls and says that he is going abroad to Turkey. I was mad and I got curious, searched on the web and found out that a German girl had spent some time with him, was in love and even met up with him in Turkey, well that was it. On Facebook I also found some pictures of him with his Cuban girlfriend and my mother in law. I stopped all sponsorship process. He then started pleading with me to forgive him (blah blah blah) I went over there in January of 2011, we discussed things and he told me that those relationships were over, that he loved me and that he wanted to come to Canada. I started the sponsorship process again. It was taking time, because I had already stopped the process they were examining my case more closely.
I went back in July, rented a casa and we spent time together trying to build the relationship. But I felt in my guts that it was all a lie, he was truly playing me. We never went out, I could not go to the hotel to see him sing, he did not kiss me in the same manner. Little details did not add up. I became suspicious of everything. He charmed me into believing that we could get a casa ask me if I could help by paying half the cost. Well I paid close to $2500 and I will never see that money again.

I decided to surprise him for the New Year and booked a flight for the 30th. I even had made some calls to ensure that I could be with him on the 31st where he sings.
At first he tells me that I cannot stay at our house, because “it is not legal”, he is working until the 3rd and it would complicate things if I show up at the hotel where he works. Then all hell broke loose, he proceeds to tell me that I did not do the paperwork, start a fight does not want to see me etc…
Well you know what, the next day I received a letter accepting my sponsorship, and I quickly called to stop everything, sent them a fax and even a letter.
I am not sending him any more money; he can do whatever he wants to pay for the divorce. I do not care, I have not cried once and I feel a great deal of relief.
I went on Facebook again and I saw that the Cuban girlfriend is now friends with my now ex mother-in law. So I guess they can now enjoy the casa. At least I was able to cut my losses short, what would have happened if I had gone through with the sponsorship. Good luck to them! I guess the only true thing he said to me was that he wanted to come to Canada.
I am still going on the 30th and booked a hotel. I plan to relax and enjoy myself. My only concern now is how to prevent him from doing this to another “Yuma” or to enter Canada

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May 24, 2015
Nice post NEW
by: Grant66

I think Cubans is a beautiful place and so many enjoyable activities found in that city. Every city in the world have good and bad activities as well. In that base you can not said it that it's bad or not. People of that city are lovely. I'm looking a person who can write my essays and i will pay for research paper but this post is sound good and helpful to know the comments about that city.

Jan 11, 2015
To 'Di' Your fairygtale made me laugh so much! NEW
by: Anonymous

Di your story reads like fairy tale. The only women I see with Dutch men are Cuban Hookers/Jiniteras who have been booked into the cheaper hotels with old wrinkly foreign men who use them for a wee at a time Soon as these old boys have departed they are booked in to same tacky hotels with old men from other countries.

These old boys are usually married in their own countries and no woman in her right mind would give a second glance at a 70 year man in his dotage. the only attention they ever get in their life is from working girls like you 'Did'! Lady Di you sure as hell are not.

To the original poster my heart goes out to you. Your Cuban Jinitero took you to the cleaners. They are experts when it comes to scamming and deception. At least you wised up before you flew him to Canada and he bankrupted you.

I do not understand the women who stay married to them. They must be gluttons for punishment.

An otherwise intelligent woman 'C' An American in her late 40's who writes a blog on Havana has been married to a Cuban hustler for 15 years. She regularly writes how he 'sows his wild oats' and how she recently left him, flew home to the States to clear her head, and in the hope he would change.

She regularly request that tourists bring condoms when they visit her bookshop in Havana.

I say if you cannot trust a man especially a husband so much, why remain with them.

Women have a part to play in the making and maintaining of these selfish unfaithful cretinos who are indulged by their doting mommas then the doting and cosseting continues throughout their adult lives by the low self esteem women from Canada Europe and the USA.

Why would an educated middle aged woman put her health at risk by staying with an unfaithful husband who to use her own words 'sows his wild oats' like most Cuban men.?

I was very nearly conned by one such player. He told me he loved me daily in emails, wanted to marry me. When I spend time with him and his mother I was horrified with the lack of respect which he showed her, regularly shouting at her, giving orders. This is a middle aged man who gets away with behaving like a spoilt brat.

He would regularly go out at night, telling me had a 'meeting in town' Yeah right.

These macho men act like house devils and street angels, but their neighbours know them and know exactly what is going on.

I recently told my player to take a hike, find another mug, this gal was not planning on marrying him or any hustler anytime soon.

Ladies develop some cojones, some self esteem. Do not get caught up in this fantasy story of the exotic spun by the Cuban tourism Authority of which Lady Di below is a member of.

There is a lot more to cuba than rum rumba and smooth talking charmers. There are husters who lie through their back teeth and charm you into marrying them as a means to feed them and their extended families. Con you into paying for that extension to the house. Hint at how badly they need a car.

Dream on Jinitero! We would all love to have a car, if someone else was mug enough to pay for it.

We would all love to build that apartment extension if someone was mug enough to pay for it.

Would'nt we all love a mug to fly us out of poverty bankrupt themselves to pay for endless visas flights etc so they can escape to a better life where many have been so conditioned to sit on their fat lazy asses that they do not understand the concept of work as we know it and will sit on their lazybutt all day while you go out to work in order to maintain his lazy lifestyle and that of his extended family back home in Cuba.

Jan 09, 2012
so impress
by: Di

hi everybody ,
iam a cuban girl i live right now in holand with the love of my life ,a dutch man that i meet in 2006 and iam pretty sure was destiny ,
you all may think "of course ...the "wallet love" and yes !!!i dont denied that he is oferring me a better life he change life , but my entire life ! my feelings, my dreams my hopes !!i care about him ,i want him,i need him,nobody make me feel in this life as him,he is my FIRST MY LAST MY EVERYTHING
recently we move together and now iam trying to be a nice wife and i will!!
before live togehter he also doubt ,he also read forums like this one he also listen to freinds and family but HE TRUST ,and i will never dessapoint him!! i feel so shame reading all the storys ,nobody have rides to use nobody,
i admit that cubans are acting without any moral ,without any values ,and that dont have any justification !protect yourself against bad peaople but never lose the faith
wish the best this 2012

Jan 03, 2012
Count Yourself Lucky To Be Rid of Him
by: Diane

I am so sorry to read about how this jinitero used and conned you into believing he was for real, when all he wanted was a visa out of Cuba.

The warning signs are usually when they expect you to pay for everything with little regard for your financial situation. The expensive hotel or restaurant, the least comfortable but pricey casa, the lack of regard or respect they show when in your company or when in public.

All those mannerisms should be a red flag to anyone involved with a Cuban man or woman.

He used you pure and simple. You were fortunate not to have lost more, had you been wealthy enough to fly him to Canada it could have been a lot worse.

I feel you should name and shame him on publc forums because clearly the man is a menace to other women. He will continue to use and abuse other women.

You should inform the Cuban Embassy in Canada and also the Cuban Tourism Authority so they can be forewarned and make a note of his name and keep a picture on file so he can be tracked when next checking into an expensive hotel with an unsuspecting victim.

The world is full of scammers. But Cuba really takes the trophy for the most charming, most educated convincing con men in the world.

Che Guevara would turn in his grave if he could see the Cuba of today which he fought and gave his life for.

Count yourself lucky you managed to escape this vile man before he destroyed your life financially emotionally and mentally.

I wish you luck and all the best for 2012.

Jan 01, 2012
It's a Myth About Cubans..
by: Anonymous

To the idiot 'Guabo' I refute your claim that Cubans are great lovers and that women are 'addicted to the sex'.

Sex was not paramount in my relationship. In fact he was a lousy lover.

For a start unless you bribe a hotel security man you cannot invite a Cuban into a hotel, not unless you book him in for a week.

Same with casas, landladies will not risk losing their licence by allowing a Cuban or Jinitero in. All streets are patrolled by snoops, street police.Big brother's all seeing eye watches everyone in Cuba.

So Cuba it not condusive to 'great sex'.

My ex was selfish in life and in lovemaking, he got his rocks off, he was rough, I felt like I was a gadget used to give him pleasure.

However he was handsome, charming intelligent as all Cubans are. But I ended up despising him, seeing through his flakiness, selfishness.

I learnt my lesson, thank God I was not swept along by the B.S. the manipulation by him his family and friends, all of whom were on a mission to get him to Canada.

So Guabo if most women were honest they would challenge your assumptions about Cubans, to the contrary they are selfish in bed and amongst the worst lovers in the world.

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