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Daily expenses in Cuba

by Rebecca Chui
(Hong Kong, China)

We plan to visit Cuba in October and want to know what will be the estimated daily meals expenses e.g. breakfast, lunch and dinner.

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster Havana-guide.com

I am starting from the assumption that you have already lodging in Cuba. Hotel rates vary between 40-200 CUC per night/person, private rooms (casa particular) between 25-40 Cuc (peso convertible).
Daily meals depend on the quality you want.
Average price for (one person)
breakfast: 3-5 Cuc
lunch / dinner: 6-15 Cuc
drinks: beer 1.5-2 Cuc - cocktails 3-5 Cuc
Don't underestimate the cost of transport in Cuba,
there are not sufficient transport solutions, so you often will be obliged to catch a taxi.
Taxi rates are between 0.8-1 Cuc/km. Make a fixed deal before to avoid discussions, most taxi's have no taximeter.
Regular autobuses between cities (Viazul bus) between 10-20 Cuc per person. Avoid trains!!
Entrance museums: 3-6 Cuc
Cover charge nightclubs: 10-25 Cuc
As a rule of tumb estimate between 50-100 Cuc per person/day. (without lodging)
At this moment (February 2011)
1 Cuc (Peso convertible) equals 1.08 USD = 0.78 Euro = 0.66 GBP
Life in Cuba
Have a nice trip and enjoy!

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