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Dangers in Havana Cuba

Other than scams, are there any other dangers, such as health hasards, or natural disasters?

ANSWER by Vic webmaster

First this, Havana can be considered as one of the safest cities in Latin America. Of course, you have to take the normal safety measures, the one you take in other big cities too. This includes, don't walk alone at night in the poorly lit side streets of Havana Centro, a poorer neigborhood.
Don't walk on the streets with eye-cathing jewels, big photo cameras or video cameras, hide them in a plastic bag. Snatching off a camera or a handbag happens but less than in other big cities like London, Paris or New York. Having said this you must indeed take some health measures. The general health situation and medical care is good, but you have to watch out with food, avoid drinking tap water (even in hotels) avoid "street food", fresh fruit juice on the beach etc....hygiene is not their strong point. Drink water from bottles, beer and soft drinks from cans. Good practice is to take a small first aid kit with aspirine, anti-diarrhea and anti-biotics with you.
During the hurricanes season, there is the possiblity of a hurricane threat.

The hurricane season starts from June till November, so you can always travel to Havana from December till May without risk. March, April and May is an excellent period to visit Havana, warm but not too hot like in August.
Have a nice trip!

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