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 These procedures have become popular in health tourism to the Havana hopitals. Foreigners are treated in the Cira Garcia clinic, which is better equipped than most local clinics. Many procedures cost less than in the United States. Despite the ban on US travelers to Cuba, US patients, many of them Cuban Americans are seeking cheap dental implants, according to Dr Jesus Burgue, one of the surgeons.

Clinica Central Cira Garcia

Calle 20 # 4101 corner Avenida 41 Playa Havana Cuba

Tel ++53 7 204.2811 - Fax ++53 7 204.2640

Email: faculta(at)

For more info about package deals, check also the Cuban State owned CUBANACAN Tourism & Travel organisation and their website


Dental Implants Cost

1) Consultation and evaluation : included specialist examination and panoramic radiograph  Price: 170.00 CUC* 

2) Surgical intervention : included pre-operative check up ; use of the surgery room including local anesthesia ; placing of one implant ; two consultations with the specialist  Price: 745.00 CUC* 

3) Up to 5 implants Price: 700.00 CUC* per implant, more than 5 implants 650.00 CUC* per implant. This treatment requires a stay of about two weeks for follow-up. Patients are offered a stay in the Cira Garcia clinic to the daily price of 40.00 CUC* (included private room) 

* Prices subject to change         1 USD = 1 CUC (Peso Convertible)  

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