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Disappointed, thought I made friends in Cuba

by Sarah

I went to Varadero with a group of friends, all females. Within minutes of our arrival everyone knew where we were from. Next day at the pool / beach they all seemed to know where we were from.
Animation staff was very friendly and fun. One very fit guy kept trying to tell us how some cubans will marry just to get out of the country... not him, he had an european girlfriend and even started crying when talking about their breakup... I was not interested in this conversation at all.
After we came back home got an email from him very friendly. Other emails followed and then he started asking if I could send things... another email declaring how much he wanted me (te quiero, see they don't really say they love you, they want you, either out of lust or because they want your money).
I said I was only interested in being his friend and short after the emails stopped.
It's sad they have to do this to get things, to get out... I really thought we had met some cool friends. Sometimes it is best if you don't keep in touch...

Remark by Vic, Webmaster

Sarah, thanks for sharing your experience in Varadero. Don't forget that Varadero is not the real Cuba, it's all artificial. Cubans see Varadero as one big "business opportunity". Always ask yourself in Cuba this question: If this Cuban would earn the same (high) salary as I do, would he still be interested to be my friend (lover)...the answer is probably, NO!
Notice, that the expression, "te quiero", (I want you) has exactly the same meaning in Cuba as "Te amo" (I love you). And in Cuba they use the expression "Te amo" against everyone, it has also the meaning of "I like you". If you buy a Cuban a few drinks he/she will probably say "Te Amo" instead of "Thank You". Real friends in Cuba, as well as in every country are not "made suddenly", it can take years to build trust.

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Aug 25, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 30, 2015
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by: Janessa77

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Jul 28, 2013
I had a lot of "friends" there too
by: Mr. Z

As long as you are buying, everyone will give you advice and be your friend. Everyone will ask for something, money, gifts, your time, email, telephone number... I had a guard at my resort ask me to bring him a cellphone. I only spoke to him ONCE and he thought nothing of asking. I had one landlady at a casa tell me that my Cuban girlfriend was a jinetera (sadly she was right), but then I learned the woman she wanted to set me up with was her sister-in-law.

The way I look at it is that Cuba is the cheapest travel spot. It's close for most Canadians (under 4 hours), so the airfare and trip tax is low, and the hotels are usually pretty nice, with good food and it's safe. I usually only pay about $100/day EVERYTHING included. I speak to a lot of retired teachers from Ontario there who stay for about $2000/month! You cant barely pay for rent or mortgage and food in Toronto for $2000/month. So when you go there on vacation, take a little extra money of gifts and leave it for those in need, not those in want. In Cuba 1 CUC (approx. $1 CDN depending on the value of our dollar on a given day) is a lot of money, as the average Cuban makes less than $15/month. So I never had a meal at my all-inclusive resort without leaving at leave 1 CUC for the waitress/waiter, and 1 CUC for the staff that cooks your special order - they usually don't get tips and have to stand behind a HOT stove in 30+ Celcius weather.

And if you meet a Cuban who "loves" you and wants to exchange some pleasure with you, leave them some cash even if you look like Clooney and Szhwarzenegger combined.

May 17, 2013
Why all the bickering?
by: Malia

What annoys me about all of these comments are everyone claims to be right, like most forums. Why can we all not just agree to disagree?
NO one is right, and no one is wrong! We all have different perceptions of life in general based on our INDIVIDUAL experiences. We are all individuals.
And Another thing that annoyed me is the term, real cubans etc. We are all humans striving to survive.
anyway that is just my own individual response, i am not right or wrong. I just am.

Apr 25, 2013
Not all Cubans are well off
by: Mari

You know what is sad is the comment from the 'journalist'. I think you and Yasmila are looking at the same Cuba from different experiences.
I am not an expert on Cuba but I have seen both sides. There are those with money because their families send money to them from another country also some save money from tips and gifts they may sell over the years....wish I could save as well.
However; the majority are working class and struggle for daily living.
And to the 'Journalist', your view of Cuba is pretty small, your description of Cubans has a sound of ignorance. Your choice of words give an indication 'classism' So what if they sell whatever gifts they get?. Whatever we give anyone, is theirs to do whatever they want to do after its given.
I personally brings gifts for my friend to sell.I usually get a lot of donations or just buy them cheap and new for better sale for him. I don't give money and he has never asked. Not all Cubans are the same. I know when he is in need but in three years, he has never asked me to bring anything but Maple Syrup.
Yes, things are challenging, to say the least but its challenging everywhere. Most will not sell items to buy liquor. Yes, the men in the country are less greedy and more disciplined hardworking farmers it seems.

May 24, 2011
I have to admit I miss them and still hope they are all scammers...
by: Sarah

I have to say that I still miss Cuba and the people I met there.
There is one guy I met there briefly yet I can not stop thinking about him. I know he was just complimenting me as he does to every other foreign young woman...
At the same time I think he was not interested in me enough to ask for my phone number, email, I also think that it might actually be a sign of someone who realized that he was not going to see me again. He was my age, and I?m not ?a large old woman?, so not like he wouldn?t be attracted to me if I was not a tourist with big bucks and a plane ride out of there.
I think it is for the best, not keeping in touch. Have fun in Cuba but don?t do anything you would not do at home. And if you must have them, leave your beach-fling just there where he belongs, at the beach. You?ll save yourself heartbreak and lots of money from what I read here.

To Vic: gracias por su comentario. I know what ?te quiero? means. And I still think that in the latin culture it means ?I love you right now? and that?s why Europeans and Canadians, etc, all get their heart broken, because they think it is real and forever?

May 19, 2011
El Capitulo Final-!
by: Yasmila

Cuando una persona dice a otra persona que tiene control de la ira para escribir sobre una experiencia,de esa persona realmente necesita una evaluacion fisiatra.
Solo porque conoci a alguien persona con poco de dinero que a comprado tus carro-el no te hace bien informado acerca de un Pais llena de "PROBREZA".
Si usted no puede hacer frente a la realidad e el deseo de ver la vida a su favor-entonces es realmente una persona enferma!!
Final Chapter!
Look Anonymous!
When a person tell's another person they have anger issue's just for writing the truth about their experience's--YOU are in reality the person who is in need of a physchiatric evaluation.
Just because you knew a person who has a little money and bought your car-that does not make you an expert or an informed person of an Island filled with poverty.
If you cannot face the reality and wish to view life in your favor-then you are truly a sick person.
{PS>, I really do pride myself on knowing all about Cuba and the Cuban-life style-not all of us are so lucky}--end of my post's!!
Hasta Luego-Siempre Cuba Libre!!

May 19, 2011
Part 2
by: Yasmila

Anonymous!!-First of all a person who alway's post's as "Anonymous" is hiding their identy for a reason and not to be trusted of what they do or say.
Secondly-I to have been in casa particulare with Cuban's who were a little better off then most-but all I met among my living there wanted out of Cuba so bad they were bribing me with money.
Not even the best of the best want to stay on an infested Island with no opportunity,or future.
So your evaluation and concept of the same situation is different.
So what someone bought your car big deal!!!-it still doesn't prove that they were living like king's and queen's-did they have toilet paper in their bano??????????????
Your another "Tool" who think's that all people in Cuba are well off just because you met a select few.
I could write a book on Cuban life could you??
And what kind of word is "Bully" referred to and what does it mean when someone is writing about the reality of what they lived and seen.
Since when is Bully referred to when someone is expressing their emotion's and sentiment's on a post--
I know why!!!!!! you have been Bullied yourself and been taken on a long and expensive ride to nowhere by a Smart Ass Cuban-look's good on you "Anonymous"
Hasta Luego"

May 19, 2011
To continue Yasmila
by: Anonymous

I personally know many Cubans that own there own homes and have documents to prove this, 1 fellow with a superb location rents his 2 rental rooms for $35.00 each a night and the meals are $5.00 for breakfast and $10.00 for dinner, this man and wife later bought another waterfront home about 40 kms away and it also is a rental home, but for Cubans only.

These people are multi millionaires in Cuban standards and they would never leave Cuba as they live like kings and queens, when I'm in fancy expensive hotels throughout Cuba I frequently run into these very well off Cubans staying in the same hotel. When I sold my 1951 Chevy Deluxe I sold it to a women who owned a casa particular in Ciega de Avilla, she paid me $7,500.00 cuc cash, and the $7,500.00 cuc cash was all $10.00 and $20.00 bills.

If I don't know something I'll say I don't know, but you Yasmila pretend to know things that you do not and that only makes you look stupid and/or ignorant or you make yourself look like a know it all lying Cuban.

May 19, 2011
Yasmila is a pefect example why not to get involved with any Cubans
by: Anonymous

Yasmila has the same problem most Cubans have, "an anger management problem".

Also just like all Cubans, Yasmila knows it all.

She says she has lived in Cuba for 5 years. I was born in Toronto and if you add up all my time in Cuba it amounts to over 5 years and I don't know it all. But I certainly know more than Yasmila. Many things you say Yasmila is completely wrong and totally untrue.

You say when you visit Cuba you look for a casa particular where the owners need help. What a ridiculous comment to make. I look for the nicest and most accommodating place and hopefully for a good price.

You say Cubans do not and can not own their own home. That is completely wrong. Every Cuban that owned a home prior to the revolution, still owns that home. Even if the original owner dies they "Will" the home to there family and these Cubans get documents from the government showing that the home is theirs.

These Cubans that do own their own home can trade up or trade down. Obviously if they trade up they pay cash too. If they trade down they get the difference in cash. There are housing offices in every city that handles this. You also here all the time on the Cuban radio stations people looking to move and trade there home for another in another city.

If a Cuban does not own a home they can not buy a home at all even if a tourist gives them $10,000.00 they still can not buy a home. Some say they can buy a home and the owner makes there "Will' out to the purchaser, or they tell you "the tourist" I can buy this home if I marry the owner and 1 year later divorce him or her and that person leaves me the home.

The facts are you had better have been in that "Will' for 10 years or you'll loose the house and if you marry to buy the house you must be married for over 3 years or you'll loose the house. Each housing department has a team of workers looking for fraudulent home transactions. When they find them they are kicked out and the home confiscated by the government.

Regarding laying off 500,000 workers, most are government workers, not hotel workers, tourist are the only source of income for the country and government.

In the last few years China sold buses and trains to Cuba and like always Cuba does not pay there bills so China came in and confiscated all the Cohiba hotels in Cuba, or is it all the Malia Cohiba hotels.

The government also robs every Cuban What is in every Cuban shop is in our Dollar stores except the price for poor Cubans is between $3.00 and $5.00 for this junk.

May 19, 2011
Resort Workers Are Biggest Jiniteros in Cuba
by: Roberta - Milano

I completely agree with the last lady when she says that resort workers are players and a health risk.

I met my Jinitero at the Breezes resort in Jibacoa, a very charming guy, tall and handsome, he swept me off my feet and was the reason for the break up of my relationship. I almost lost my job because I had returned to meet him so much.

He met when he taught me to dive. I had always wanted to dive and love the ocean. Here in Italy the sea can be polluted.

At first he was so kind and tender, he would show me around the areas outside of the resort. He emailed and text me. He beg me to return.

Last year I decided to surprise him by flying back for his birthday. I know he loves music and bought him an IPod. To my horror as son as I arrived I saw him together with an older woman, from he body language I knew they were more than friends.

Like a big coward he was speechless and just vanished. Just an to his boat.

The Canadian woman confronted me, she was angry and clearly knew nothing about me. She told me they had been lovers for years that she was his fiance. She asked who the hell I was.

I felt disgusted, betrayed and let down.

So I can agree with the woman who said that the biggest Jiniteros in Cuba work in the resorts. For them it's like being a kid in a sweet shop, they are very greedy and want to try every women that takes their fancy. They cannot keep it in their pants and the woman are as easy as them.

A warning to ladies. Never ever fall for a resort worker, you will be played, and you do not know where he has been if you know what I mean.

May 19, 2011
Yasmila - You Really Are Mad!
by: Elsa

Have you thought through what you have written, if you did you would be embarrassed at yourelf.

You refered to my 'aquaintences' at resorts. I told you that I do not have 'acquaintences' in the sense that you have.

You mentioned that one of your jiniteros who spent all of his money on booze and clothes was a resort worker. Just scroll back and you will see what you wrote.

You have no right to question my credentials and I have no need to elaborate on my work to a meglomaniac bully on a forum who thinks she is always right thinks she knows everythng about Cuba.

You clearly do not.

I have a dear friend who works in marketing and adminitration in Varadero. When I visit she invites me to her family home in Cardenas for a meal, I know all of her family well.

I also have a lovely friend who works in admin of a hotel Guardalavaca, we communicate all of the time, I tell him about my travels he tells me about his work and various courses he has been on. He is not a jinitero, we are friends no more. He is a decent family man, not a promiscuous jinitero resort worker.

I do not get involved with or sleep with resort workers, I have seen too much over the years. I have never dated one as you have.

From what I have seen they are spoilt, women throw themselves at them and they tend to be too promiscuous and on the make. You know that. Healthwise a resort woker would be a risk.

I will reiterate that resort workers earn more than any other Cubans.

It's why resort jobs are the most sought after on the island. Paying more than any other job.

If your friends chose to spend their money on booze then that is their concern, they are in no way typical. The resort workers I have met live in the lap of luxury with all of the latest appliances compared to the average Cuban.

I feel sorry for you, you clearly have no concept of life in Cuba and you are blind to what other people have said on this forum. Shows what a bully you are.

May 18, 2011
Hypocracy Reign's!
by: Yasmila

Re: Elsa-Now your going to get it from both barrel's- how dare you say you are a "Journalist"
What kind of "Journalist" openly admit's that she does not associate with "Resort Worker's,or jinetero's,but has many decent Cuban friend's.
Your so full of crap your eye's are brown!!
How dare you criticize my post when you openly admit you only deal with "DECENT CUBAN'S".
You say you participated to research article's in micro brigades and fund raiser's-what the hell has that got to do with actually living day in and day out with the "Real Cubano!!
You can never know what I know and have experienced in Cuba because you have not lived the real Cuban Life
A real honest journalist live's the life of it's subject to truly get a sense of what kind of life the people are living and not pick and choose what they please and seperate the condition's of the populus just to make a positive point.!
You are truly a hypocritical disgrace to your trade and you should be ashamed of yourself for only writing about "Your Decent Cuban Friend's"-
And not addressing the true and real problem's of Cuba!!
All you did was sit and stare at the resort worker's and write about all these so called gift's they were receiving from tourist's,meanwhile you turned a blind eye to the real Cuba!
What a tool you are!!

May 18, 2011
Have you lost leave of your senses Yasmila?
by: Elsa

What exactly do you mean when you say I have 'been taken for a ride' if I believe what I saw.

You are not making sense. You come on here claiming to know all about Cuba - a self proclaimed expert on Cuba but you cannot dismiss other people's experiences. We are all entitled to our own opinion, you are not always right.

No one 'took me for a ride' I do not assoicate with resort workers. I have stayed at casa particulars and I have stayed at resorts. I have seen with my own eyes how well staff at resoerts do. They make a lot of tips, the receive lots of presents. I have seen staff at Brisas being showered with gifts and tips, same in Varadero.

You clearly have problems and seem to think you know it all. Well you do not.

I am a journalist, I first went to Cuba in the early 90's at the invitation of the Cuban government. I speak Spanish fluently and have many Cuban friends, decent people not jiniteros or resort workers.

I have been to Cuba on at least ten occasions, not only to research articles but to participate in micro brigades and fund raisers. I have been all over Cuba many many times.

So please do not tell me that I should or should not think or know.

May 18, 2011
What an opinionated Meglomaniac You Are Yasmila
by: Anonymous

You need to get a grip Yasmila. Have you read throughwehat you have written.

You clearly are a bully who thinks she knows it all.

What is your problem?. You sound like 'Snow Angel' from Canada who also had a disasterous experience with a drunken loser from Isla de Juventus.

You are clearly deranged if you insist that all resort workers are from Isla de Juventus, they do not.

You clearly are not an expert on Cuba. You do not know everything.

This thread reveals you not only as a bully know it all, but also not too clued up on Cuba at all.

So what if you have a boyfriend who works on a resort who spends all his tips on booze.

Not all restort workers are the same. The majority clearly are not, they are well off by Cuban standards and spend their money on their home and family.

You cannot judge all resort workers by your friend's standards.

And if you took the time to read all the other posts in this thread you will see that the majority do not share your view.

Resort workers are very wealthy by Cuban standards. It's why they pay a small fortune to managers of hotels so they can get a job at a resort, the most sought after job in Cuba.

May 18, 2011
Yasmila You Clearly Do Not Cuba As Well As You'd Like To Think You Do.
by: Anonymous

Yasmila you are clearly living in fantasy land if you think that Cubans who work at resorts are 'dirt poor'.

From your posts you appear to be a know it all as far as Cuba and Cubans are concerned and you seem to be a bully when you start a post with...'Know that I speak Spanish' !

So what, I do too and probably better than you do. I'm sure many who post here speak Spanish and have travelled all over Cuba as I have.

However you are off the mark when you say that staff who work at resorts are 'dirt poor'.

We stayed at Aguas Azules in Varadero and bar staff were selling bottles of rum on the side making a good income. They also received tips and presents and ate and drank at the hotel. They certainly did not look poor, most were on the chubby side and some drove cars, all had cellphones and stylish clothing.

You are wrong when you say that most come from Isla de Juventus, where do you get that from?. Resort staff in Varadero come from Cardenas. Resort staff in Guardalavaca come from Holgiun.

You clearly as not as knowledgeable about Cuba as you would like to think!.

May 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

Not only are Cubans that work at resorts very well off. They have access to many many things that normal Cubans do not have.

One hotel that I have been at many times (20) is Rancho Luna in Cienfuegos. All the barmen there are constantly selling the rum or whatever kind of booze you want.

Each time I go there, before I leave I order my dark rum. I tell them I want 4 bottles of dark rum, Cubay rum is what they have there. I get these bottles for $2.00 each, $8.00cuc for 4 bottles.

Once at Rancho Luna the DJ asked me - would you mind taking my backpack out of the hotel for me and I'll pick it up from you when I leave the resort for home. The security checks there bags when they come and go. I said OK. When he gave me the backpack it must of weighed over 80 lbs. I couldn't believe what he put it a backpack. There was everything from rum, cheese, ham, etc.

After that I never did it again as these Cubans are leaving the resort with lots of cash from tips, cash from stealing and selling booze, cash from tourists as gifts, articles, etc.

I almost forget this Cuban stopped on the road with his very nice LADA and went to his beautiful new home he constructed.


May 18, 2011
Dirt Poor!!
by: Yasmila

You say that resort worker's strike gold when they have an opportunity to work at Tourist's Resort's-if they have that opportunity why do they live in 3 room shack's?????
I met "Resort's Worker's" who invited me to their home's because I go there often-and if you had to live through what I seen and experienced you would have barfed all the way to the Airport.
These "Resort Worker's" dress to the "Nines" and look up to date-but in reality,they cannot even offer you a glass of water,or cup of coffee-no toilet paper,a continuous diet of rice and bean's 3x's a day-no bed sheet's-a thin foam for a mattress-no curtain's-and I cold go on forever!!!!
Cuban's who work in "Resort's" are hardly ever at their home-because they have to hussle all day long,with the xtra money they make is spent on clothe's make up and booze.
I'm currently dating a "Resort Worker" and have seen how he and his family and friend's live-from LaHabana-to Guantanamo Bay!!
Most live in shack's with dirt floor's,and many still have not had their home's repaired from the last hurricane's.
Now if they were "Well" off by your standard's don't you think they would at least buy toilet paper and have their roof's repaired if they had so called "MONEY"? seen first hand what these Cuban's do with the generosity of the Tourist's-they sell all the good's on the "Black Market' to buy more clothe's-booze-and make-up-they will never spend a dime to improve their diet or living condition's!!
Hasta Luego!

May 18, 2011
Not All Resort Workers are 'Dirt Poor'
by: Elsa

Whilst I agree with a lot of what Yasmila say I cannot agree that most resort workers are 'dirt poor'.

For real poverty you have to go to the back street ghettos of Havana or the rural areas of Cuba where there is little no work.

I stayed at Breezes Guardalavaca which attracts lots of return guests from Canada and the UK. They arrive laden with gifts for some of their favourite bar men and waiters.

I have seen presents of electrical appliances, cell phones, even a baby buggy bought for a barman who's wife had given birth to a baby girl.

Even the public relations ladies were in on the act and giving lists of what they wanted to regular returnees.

Canadians are very generous people they have big hearts.

At time I felt they were being used, their kindness abused.

None of those resort employees were poor, they were all well fed, well clothed, they had free housing. The maids collected up to $20 each time a guest left. A tidy sum when you consider they cleaned up to 20 rooms per day.

I don't clear that much tax free and I work hard and pay rent and all of my bills.

A resort job is like goldust to Cubans, I have heard that they pay money to hotel managers in an effort to gain employment because they know they will hit the jackpot.

Resort workers earn more than doctors, scientists and government minsters.

You cannot tell me they are 'dirt poor' They clearly are cleaning up financially and I have seen them sell the clothes they are showered with.

May 16, 2011
No Existing Standard's In Cuba!!
by: Yasmila

Anonymous:-I never make excuse's for anybody,I tell it like I see it,and live it when I'm in Cuba.
I could decipher the English Language better then you can compare standard's.
In Cuba there are no standard's,the whole Island of the "Repulica De Cuba" is in "Poverty Mode".
As I stated before even the "Resort Worker's" are dirt poor.
I have lived in Cuba for almost 5 year's, and unless you have experienced the people and the so called "Standard's" they have to live by you have no say or opinion to post.
For your information "Real Cuban's do own their "Casa Particulare's".
When I am in Cuba I shop around for a Casa that I feel I could help out the most and need's my business.
Hola! voy a explicar en Espanol que en Cuba no hay destincion de Rico, Como Pobre, o Media Clase.
Sabe que los persona's que trabajan en el complejo turistica's tiene poco mas de los pobre's,- en lo que respecta al alquiere de habitacione's en casa's particulare, mucho's son simplemente cerrado debido a alto impuesto's del Gobierno, y el turismo bajo.

May 16, 2011
Yasmila - That's a Cuban name
by: Anonymous

With all due respect to Yasmila for making excuses for her fellow Cubans. Also your bad understanding of the English language also gave you away as a Cuban.

I said "in Cuban standards" Cubans that work at hotels are millionaires. The Cubans that work at bars in hotels and resorts at times make their monthly pay each and every day. Chambermaids that get from $1.00 to $3.00 per room per day and clean many rooms per day are also in Cuban standards millionaires. Don't forget these Cubans also get bags of gifts, cloths, shoes, etc.

The truth about casa particulars is that the standards for the Cuban government to allow a room to be used to rent to tourists is very high. Usually the person that has a casa particular in Cuba has a relative in another country that helps the Cuban prepare a room for rent for tourists as Cubans could not afford to make a room that is acceptable to rent to tourists.

Once a Cuban has been given permission to operate a casa particular and rent a room to tourists, that Cuban home owner must pay the government about $135.00 per month taxes to operate this room. It varies from province to province, but $135.00 per month is a minimum for one rental room. This also means that if they don't get enough business they need to ask the foreign relative for help (cash). Again these are not normal Cubans.

These rental rooms also need to have an air conditioner and TV. These 2 items alone are worth about $700.00. How long would it take for a doctor in Cuba to save $700.00 for these 2 items alone. Figure it out, doctors make about $30.00 per month, that doctor would have to save for 6 years figuring he'd save $10.00 each month. Real Cubans do not own casa particulars.

Believe me it is very normal for Cubans to take you to another home that is a wooden shack to show you how poor they are. Cubans lie all the time for money or for anything they can sell for money. Be very careful Canadians.

May 16, 2011
I Agree With You Yasmila
by: Gemma

I did not meet my Jinitero at a resort but the following poster jumped in presuming he was a resort worker. He was not.

My Jinitero seemed very genuine down at heel in flip flops when we met in a small village miles from anywhere in the province of Guantanamo. But he was as much a Jinitero as the greatest con man working a resort in Varadero.

He told me he had lost his job because of 'not having shoes'. I bought him a pair or sturdy leather sandals and he looked at them in disgust pointing to his expensive well worn Havaneros.

I should have spotted the signs then. Following two years of loving emails in which he kept begging me to return I did.

He took me to a ramshackle house in badly need of repair.

A neighbour told me that the shack belonged to his grandfather and that he had two children and lived with the mother of one of them.

He denied this calling the neighbour a liar on the make so as to extract regalos from me for information.

By chance I ran into his estranged father who seemed to know me, he confirmed that yes my friend had a 7 year old and a sweet 2 year old. I was stunned.

The maid at the casa struck up a friendship with him, I would find them in whispered conversations. Later I discovered the had hatched a plan to extract every stitch of clothing from him.

He worked it so he was on his sweeetest behaviour on my last day, romantic moonlit stroll by the Cornish after which I handed over the contents of my suitcase, only to regret it as soon as I arrived home and realised I had been played for a mug for the past two years.

So it's not just the resort sharks who will con you. You will find a seasoned jinitero in the remotest corner of Cuba.

And no it was not about sex, he refused to ever sign a register. He conned me into believing he actually loved me.

How wrong I was. But at least I learnt before getting too sucked in so involved in his dysfunction and dysfunctional family that it really could have been a disaster.

May 15, 2011
Millonario en Cuba-No Creo!!
by: Yasmila

Re: Disappointed In Cuba"
I have been to Cuban Resort's and I know for a fact that the worker's there don't even know how to spell " Millionaire",let alone be one.
Yes they do make tips and most get xtra clothes,but that's a far cry from subsidizing their $20.00 a month wage's.
They also know their neighbour's are very poor and most get little to nothing for extra soap or supplie's ect.
The tourist is generous, but when there is low tourism most go back home with little or nothing.
I lived in a casa particulare,and the owner's son worked in a "Resort",this home was a far cry from a good cement home-most live in a 3 room pitiful shack,and they make end's meet by renting a room to Tourist's.
I rented room's from these people from La Habana to Santiago de Cuba-and it's the same miserable condition.
Some resort worker's are a little luckier then other's,like the one I met in Cayo -Largo-after 5 year's of resort work and a little extra he finally bought his son a bike!!
Where are his Million's???????????
Or the security guard who made $25.00 a month and little tip's-he live's with his mother and has rag's for door's seperating the bedroom's-where are his Million's???
Then there are the Jinitero's and Puta's who could bring in $200.00 a month,but that goes for their illigitimate kid's, food,make up, some clothe's and a lot of 'Cerveza's"
It take's a career, good health, and a good financial knowledge to make a Million Dollar's.
And Cuba offer's non of these incentive's.
No hay Millionario's en Cuba,los Cubano's solo pueden sonar de decir la palabra "el millionario",y mucho meno's ser uno.
Hasta Luego!!

May 15, 2011
Real Cubans do not work at resorts
by: Anonymous

Any and all Cubans that are lucky enough to work at a resort are in Cuban standards millionaires. These very lucky Cubans if you ever visit their home have everything, all the appliances, car or motorcycle, solid concrete homes, etc.

Since realizing this fact I now when visiting Cuban and stay at a resort never once leave a tip. Well for the odd person who gives that good or extra service I do, but for the resort workers I leave nothing. Here's why. These very special Cubans besides having it all are experienced with tourists especially Canadians. These Cubans who need nothing know we are generous people, thoughtful people, and nice people who want to help. These very lucky Cubans even when given things never share them with the real Cubans who have nothing, they give these things that they do not want to another family member who has a shop set up in their home and they sell them at very high prices to very poor Cubans, using their own people just like Fidel uses all Cubans to profit from.

For all you naive tourists that want to help the real Cubans need to leave the resort and give these things to Cubans that do not associate with tourists, they need it, they really need things. Maybe the gardeners or maybe the few fellows that are working at the resort installing ceramics, or fixing the plumbing or air conditioning, they need things.

Be careful who you think is your friend. They are after only one thing money!!! They pray on nice tourists. At one resort in Trinadad Cuba there is a married couple working in a restaurant at a resort, they both are sleeping with every tourist possible and both are saying I love you and please come back here as I need you as a friend, lover. The reality is you are being coned, duped, made a sucker of, and believe me in front of your face they are telling their fellow Cubans what a jerk you are.

Be very careful.

May 15, 2011
I Wish I had followed your advise.
by: Gemma

To the lady from Ireland I wish I had read your words and not kept in touch with my Jinitero who emailed me for almost two years with declarations of undying love begging me to return.

I believed him, fell for the B.S. and did return last year, he had changed. He was continually whining about how hard up he and his family was, how much he needed a cellphone to keep in touch with me. I noticed he was now wearing the latest Nike and football shit which he dismissed as having bought from a local friend.

He managed to con me into leaving behind the contents of my suitcase, cleaned me out then I never heard from him again.

I was conned big time. He knew I'd never mary him I am too clever for that one but he conned me out of some very nice fashionable clothes and my phone. Let this be a warning to other ladies.

I also stayed in Varadero. I have to say the animation team at the Aguas Azules are the nastiest vilest men you'd ever meet. They treat females like a piece of meat to be used as a potential visa out.

We saw them hit relentlessly on Europeans and Canadians. I just hope they used a condom, if not God help us as to what viruses they were passing on.

Each 'show' was created at the expense of someone's vulnerability She would be made a laughing stock in the name of 'entertainment'.

The vile leader of the team would pick on the chibbiest lady haul her up on stage and shout instructions at her. Make her wiggle her ass to Reggaethon while some ugly Cuban man would lay on the ground looking up her skirt as she was instructed to limbo over him while audience roared with laughter it was Vile!.

Another cruel act was the use of dogs who looked skinny and tired. They yawned and cowered in terror as a nasty man cracked a whip and shouted instructions at them.

Aquas Azules Hotel Management and Animation team - you should be ashamed of yourselves!! for exploiting vulnerable woman for entertainment and underfed skinny dogs.

We will never return.

Cuba stinks when it comes to exploitation of women and animals.

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