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Disgusted Love in Cuba

by Andreas

This is a reversal of all the "love" stories I've been reading on this site and it's not even about me.
I was in Cuba for the first time and staying at the Gran Club Santa Lucia. A Canadian lady and I tried not to miss the salsa lessons by the pool. They were a lot of fun. One day a stunning Cuban girl joined in. We had fun and talked for awhile. When my friend and I went back to our group at our table by the coffee bar I noticed that this girl was by herself in a poolside lounge chair. She kept looking over at us so I went to talk to her. I asked her if she was here with her family but she suprised me by saying she was here with her Canadian husband. I thought that she was around 16 and was there with her parents!
Her husband was from Montreal, had a child and she was hoping to move up to Canada with him in February. So I was thinking, this poor girl has hooked herself up with one of those old, overweight Canadian guys and her life is going to be hell.
I asked her where her husband was and she said that he was in their hotel room and wouldn't come out. I was getting angry so I asked for her room number and told her I was going to have a talk with the guy. I knocked on the door pretending I was with the resort and some dozy jerk answered. At least he wasn't old and fat. I said to him "Your wife is at the pool crying. Apparently some guy proposed marriage to her and other guys are hitting on her." He replied, "Well I guess I better go see her." I felt like punching the guy in the mouth.
I went back and jumped in the pool because I didn't want to meet the guy. His wife had been invited to our table and the jerk sat down there too. Eventually I had to get out of the water and ran into the pretty Cuban girl bringing the jerk a drink from the pool bar. She asked for help so I picked her up and proceeded to carry her through the water. She yelled, "No! No!" so I put her down and carried the drink to the guy personally. She was afraid he would be jealous and get violent. I presented the drink to him like I was a French waiter.
When the girl got out of the water she was shivering so I gave her my towel. I also got her a hot cappucino from the bar. The whole time the jerk was ignoring her. When they left the whole group was disgusted and wondered what kind of a life the girl was going to have in Canada.
I was later talking to a guy in our group and I said that the guy was probably surfing porn in his hotel room. Apparently that is exactly what he was doing! One of the ladies with us commented, "How can a guy stay in his room surfing porn when he's got such a beautiful wife waiting for him?"
I said all that to say this, all these posts are talking about how corrupt and deceitful the Cubans are but we're no better. I won't even tell you about the Candian geezers I saw at the disco getting their jollies from young Cuban girls.
I was totally disgusted!

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Nov 30, 2016
Jealousy and Co-Dependency NEW
by: Anonymous

So to sum things up:

1.) You saw a "Stunning Cuban girl" who you assumed (hoped) was by herself.

2.) You went over and to try your luck with her, because you thought she was giving you signs of romantic interest.

3.)You found out she was married, and possibly had a kid with her husband. But instead of backing off you decided to interfere in their marriage. By impersonating a resort worker.

4.) You then lied to the guy about the situation, and admit to wanting to violently assault him.

5.) You continued to hit on his wife by inviting her to your table, and were rude to him by not inviting him as well.

6.) You physically touched his wife "stunning" wife while she was in a bikini in front of him. B

7.) You then sarcastically served him his drink, because you felt slighted when his wife asked you to bring the drink over. But you couldn't say 'no' to a woman you were attracted to. Huge co-dependency red flag!!!

8.) You continued to try and woo m'lady by tending to her every need, and buying her a Cappuccino.

9) Then you openly gossiped about a couples private sex life. Which was none of your business.

Her husband may not have violently assaulted you, but you certainly deserved a beating. I used to be like you. Once you realize your co-dependent tenancies, and learn how to deal with them you'll be a lot happier! Stop viewing women who you're sexually attracted to as damsels in distress that you need to save. It doesn't work as a sexual or romantic strategy, and once you stop doing it you'll be a lot happier!

Don't deny that the reason you did of all of that was because you were hot for the woman. Would you have acted the same way if a fat 65 year old man were in same exact situation?

Mar 02, 2016
Thanks for the info on Cuban culture NEW
by: Anonymous100

Pedophile culture is worldwide, but after reading these comments..sorry I'm starting to feel judgmental toward the Cuban culture. Old men with pre-pubescent girls is common?? Staying out of Cuba for damn sure!

Dec 24, 2015
Get a life NEW
by: Anonymous

and mind your own business. You're not the police and knocking on a guy's door and confronting him is odious. He's a sicko, obviously, but your kind of self-righteous vigilante ism sucks too

Oct 15, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Oct 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Jun 24, 2015
Disgusted Love in Cuba NEW
by: Robert Michael

There are strange but interesting stories on your blog. I dont know much about Cuban people but I think it is not good to make them look bad or corrupt. You are right to some extent. Bad and good people are there in this world and they are everywhere not only in Cuba. I need an essay about Demographics of Havana and I think http://meow-meow-review.blogspot.com/ will be helpful for me in this regard. Thanks

Feb 25, 2015
cuba is a great place NEW
by: blore

Cuba is a place where you can be cheated pretty easily. These people will do anything for money and I don’t think you should go here for anything more than tourist attraction. I have seen many people getting cheated here. EHR solutions

Jan 18, 2015
Cuban culture based on honesty and love? do not make me laugh! NEW
by: Anonymous

It does seem that the Cuban Tourist Board is less than happy with the truth being told about the Cuban scammers who caue so much heartbreak emotionally and financially.

The previous post made me laugh. Where are all those 'happy loving Cubans' which he writes about?

Let me tell you that the Canadian Government has had to legislate against marriage fraud, mainly as a result of Cuban con men scamming women into sham marriages at enormous expense, only to dump them as soon as their papers arrived.

However sadly there is no legislation against the emotional and financial damage that these crooks have caused to the people they have scammed, conned into sham marriages and as you know being Cuban, you are masters at the art of the con, the scam the hustle.

Cuba needs to seriously clean up it's act if you want to sustain your tourism levels. Right now it's seen as a 'sex tourism destination' with some resorts no better than brothels with onsite doctors at the ready to dish out the jabs to the working girls servicing old men from Canada.

Cuban resorts are full of animation teams made up of hookers and male whores who prey on tourists and sleep with different ones each week. STD's are rampant despite the on site doctors doling out the penicilan jabs since as you are aware many of the STD's have become resistant to antibiotics through over use. Cubans pop these pills like they are candy and have ready access to them.

Cuba needs to seriously rethink it's tourism strategy. You could start by firing the prostitutes who work your tourist resorts. You need to educate your Cuban men into the consequences of marriage fraud and how they may end up in prison if found guilty of such fraud and bigamy and deception.

May 16, 2014
Hypocrisy NEW
by: Anonymous

The Cuban culture is based on love and everybody being happy where age is not an obstacle. Some hypocritical black hearted Canadians are do jealous that they want the whole world to be unhappy like them.
With negative comments you hurt the tourist industry of Cuba. Plse mind your own business and clean your closet before trying to clean others.

Mar 25, 2014
Keep out of other people's butt NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what gives canadian tourists the right to interfere in other people's lives, be they be Cuban or any other nationality. Just wondering, would you have knocked on a American door in USA or in Europe and try to feel superior about a girl who married a foreigner. Likely not !!. You probably would have got your teeth knocked out and some of them would be coming out the other end.

This is precisely why things don't work out for individuals who meddle in foreign affairs. Ask canadian soldiers who came back from that shit hole call Aghanistan or americoons who came back in body bags from Iraq. Their govt. had the precise mentality like yous, bringing democracy and freeing women. You think that mission was accomplished ?

Cubans make their own bed and know precisely how to manipulate their way around it. So next time, keep you nose exactly where it belongs, on your face. Not up somebody else's butt.

Mar 25, 2014
Keep out of other people's butt NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what gives canadian tourists the right to interfere in other people's lives, be they be Cuban or any other nationality. Just wondering, would you have knocked on a American door in USA or in Europe and try to feel superior about a girl who married a foreigner. Likely not !!. You probably would have got your teeth knocked out and some of them would be coming out the other end.

This is precisely why things don't work out for individuals who meddle in foreign affairs. Ask canadian soldiers who came back from that shit hole call Aghanistan or americoons who came back in body bags from Iraq. Their govt. had the precise mentality like yous, bringing democracy and freeing women. You think that mission was accomplished ?

Cubans make their own bed and know precisely how to manipulate their way around it. So next time, keep you nose exactly where it belongs, on your face. Not up somebody else's butt.

Mar 25, 2014
Keep out of other people's butt NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't know what gives canadian tourists the right to interfere in other people's lives, be they be Cuban or any other nationality. Just wondering, would you have knocked on a American door in USA or in Europe and try to feel superior about a girl who married a foreigner. Likely not !!. You probably would have got your teeth knocked out and some of them would be coming out the other end.

This is precisely why things don't work out for individuals who meddle in foreign affairs. Ask canadian soldiers who came back from that shit hole call Aghanistan or americoons who came back in body bags from Iraq. Their govt. had the precise mentality like yous, bringing democracy and freeing women. You think that mission was accomplished ?

Cubans make their own bed and know precisely how to manipulate their way around it. So next time, keep you nose exactly where it belongs, on your face. Not up somebody else's butt.

Jan 22, 2014
mind your oun business people
by: Anonymous

get a life guys. no such thing like 16 year old in the hotels.its 15 year jail term if the girls are less than 18..so stfu and mind your own business

Feb 04, 2012
Hay That Canadian Guy could be ME !!!!!!
by: Eduardo Camaguey

I am a Canadian Man, (Not fat, not skinny either) but I am 49, and about 1 ½ years ago I was renting a Coral Suite (103) at Grand Club in Santa Lucia, and I did kick my Wife out of my Suite for about 3 or 4 days.
Her sister who got out with a German husband (#1) was also staying there with the other sister and all their babies.
My Wife’s name is Yanelis, she lookes young but she was actually 32 at the time.
After I did kick her out she did apparently start hitting on the foreigner hotel guests. One she got very friendly with was a Realtor from Toronto. I am a normal, easy going guy, from BC, and I really loved Yany. But she confessed at GCSL that she had sexo with Alex who is an artisan at Brisas hotel (My best friend in Cuba who I always went spearfishing with). Why I got so mad and hurt about all this was – We were married, I was in love with her very much, I help her family immensely, loved her daughter like my own. But what hurt the most is the reason I left Cuba was because my father was dying and I had to be return to be with him and then settle his estate. I know Cubans have a different attitude toward sex, and I know they basically only have 3 forms of entertainment, Booze, Music, and Sexo (Cuban TV sucks even for them), But that really hurt.
But I am happy about one thing,…. Better to find out what kind of person she was before I bring her back to Canada and legalize our marriage, and Yany is happy (as she said) That I was a Canadian Man and not a Cuban man who found out she was cheating with my best friend.
I have been going to Cuba and LIVING there for 6 years, and I will still keep going, but unfortunately I am a lot more cynical now about Cuban love and the chances of it being true.
So, I may be the same guy this Andre guy is talking about, I may not, but regardless, my story is true and it just goes to show you there is 2 sides to every story. If you don’t believe me my Name is the same as my face book address.
Also, there is no wireless internet service in GCSL

Nov 16, 2010
Positive pointer's?
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola Andreas,you need some positive pointer's? #1 this is not a thread to experiment your writing skill's,I suggest you draft a story of your choice subject,and bring it to a publisher.
But to make fun of other people's unfortunate encounter's,by simulating a fake situation,that make's you a liar,and an abuser of peoples sincerity trying to help other's avoid similar pit fall's.
As well you know no one believed you in the first place.So go out and write your story,and who know's it could be a best seller,how about writing a story about your life experience's???
Silvana Teresa

Nov 05, 2010
Take a look at yourself
by: Anonymous

Sounds like you just wanted the girl for yourself. Picked her up in the pool? Why...? Free contact to touch her. This is the feeling you give that you were jealous. Don't be a fake. You are mad at her husband for reasons of self interest. She will endure him until she gets to Canada and meet her Cuban friends and has some support. As for surfing the net in his room...I agree with the other person on here. Never had WIFI connection. Lucky if the outdated slow computers in the hotels work at all. I am Cuban and have lived here in Canada 9 years now and travel to Cuba 2 times a year with my wife and visit my family. We stay in casas or in Hotels and I see this problem yes. But I see you too.

Nov 05, 2010
Es una Tragedia
by: Silvana Teresa

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,
After having vent out our frustation's on our failed relation's with these men we have to realize that death is all around us,and it could call us at any time.
Well last night breaking new's came on my Havana Link that there was a plane crash in Cuba.
Detail's are that AeroCaribbean flight #883 left Santiago de Cuba en route to Havana and crashed mid-way in Guasimal Cuba all aboard will killed 40 Cubano's-28 foreigner's,incl'd-9 Argentine's,7 Mexican's-3 Dutch-2 German's-2 Austrian's-1 French-1 Spaniard-1-1 Venezuelan-1 Japanese.
I sincerly hope that none of your friend's or loved one's were on board this ill fated flight.
I pray to my patron Saint-Saint Teresa de Jesus for repose of their soul's and may they rest in peace.
As for my life I will alway's cherish his good side,10% and for making me belive there is life after you have lost a loved one.
Take Care,
Silvana Teresa< ciao>

Nov 05, 2010
Their Acting Skills Are Worthy of An Oscar or Emmy
by: Celia

Sylvia he's the one that got under your skin, even when you know he's no good for you. That each time you return home feeling emotionally and spritually drained.

But at least least you are now beginning to see the reality, to see him for what he is really like.
I returned out of curiosity. Part of me was saying this is too good to be true. How can a man I only knew for a week be telling me he adores me and that we were made for each other. It seemed unreal, was he a fantasist?.

Many of them are fantasists.

They live in an unreal world separated from the rest of the world ideologically and philosophically.
They also share that island mentalty of wanting to escape by any mean necessary, and unfortunaetly we can become the victims of that (only if we allow them to).

They live in an unreal 50's time warp Shangri-La with unreal expectations of the Western world and us foreign women.

When I returned I got to know my friend well.
He was not the man I thought he was. I sensed his unease as though he was waiting to pounce. To go in for the kill.
He had lied to me about having children, and I hate lies. His own father confirmed he had two daughters of 7 and 3.

Not that that bothered me. Why lie about it?.

He spoke behind my back to the casa owner quizzing her why I was not dining each night when 'had plenty of money'. She told me this out of concern for me. She was wary of him.
Little alarm bells rang out inside me.
He insisted I accompany him to

'At least look' at the casa" of a friend, he had found for me.

Despite knowing how veryhappy I was in the casa I had found online.
The woman at that casa persisted to the point of harrassment to leave the other casa and book hers for the final week. I disliked her place, a lot.

Big alarm bell!.

I began to see a selfish side to him which I had not noticed before.
And so I decided to protect myself and call it a day.

Let's just say I was fortunately not in so deep that I would allow abuse or manipulation to enter into the relationship and become an unhealthy abusive one.

Nov 04, 2010
Otra Vez-No Se!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hi Grace,
How nice it is of you to notice my post's and answer accordinly,I feel I have my big sister and her support,very reassuring indeed.-Thanx.
Yes it was the same Cuban that e-mailed twice to-day.
He wanted to know how I was doing,and how my mom was adjusting to the nursing home.
He informed me that he just came back from a 2 day trip to La Habana,and was reliving our time together there,and how anxious he was to see me again.
Well I reminded him of his abusive drunken behavior and never to ask me when and if I'm going back.
I did tell him I'm planing another vacation but neither Cuba or him were on my wish list.
I stressed I make decision's based on my need's and preference's and he was neither!!
I also informed him of committee's being set up in Canada and in Cuba to investigate tourist fraud and abuse,and I added his name on the list,I hope I put the fear of God in him,and change's his way's.
But you know Grace every human being is good hearted,but sometime's we do real stupid thing's.
Well as they say it's better to have loved and lost,then never to have loved at all,as you so eloquently put it it's an experience to remember,no regret's.
Thanx for caring,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 04, 2010
Otra Aventura En Cuba!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hi Celia,
Once again my Cubano is a good man doing horrible thing's.
I stopped a long time ago giving him thing's,and for the sake of conversation I am not close to 60 yet.
If I go back it will be to connect with my friend's and explore more of Cuba,but then again you might be going to right?
A sent me an e-mail this evening from Cuba,did not ask for nothing because he knows better,and I responded in kind wishing him all the best.
We really did not have a "relationship" per say, I only seen him 5x in 5 year's, but a friendship that could have evolved into one if he treated me better,but this did not happen.
But I am grateful for this experience,for now I have a shield of protection for future encounter's.
My spirit's are renewed and I am positive that my next destination be it Cuba or Aruba I will enjoy it--no string's attached.
Wishing you the best on your next trip my friend,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 04, 2010
Unlike You There Was No 'Financial Damage'
by: Celia

Sylvana my man did not ask not did he ever receive money from me.

Not one dime :)

A few clothes and a pair of used sneakers, so not a lot and no pain or anger at all. :).

He ate at home with his family.

I am not silly. I observed him carefully. Spoke to his father and people close to him and I arrived at my own conclusions.

There is no 'Pain and Anger' I am merely astonished that you are going back for more punishment. That is unhealthy.

If I return it will be with my friends and we will be out dancing every night, swimming, hiking, not locked into an abusive unhealthy relationship.

Nov 04, 2010
What Are You On Woman?
by: Celia

What "Pain and Anger"? :)

You make me laugh woman.

It's you who is experiencing 'Pain and Anger'.

And you have good reason to feel it after what your Jintero has put you through.

I am happy and also realistic. I realise the guy I knew was on the make so I dumped him like a hot brick!

You still hold out hope and are going back for more punishment. think you need to go and a counsellor who could make you see why you are repeating the same mistakes. Why you cannot break free from a very unhealthy relationship.

I wish you well. I really do. As non doubt we all do on here.

But having read through what you wrote it is plain for all to see the guy is a loser and a male whore.

If you stop giving him money, food, presents, ask yourself how long would he stick around?

You seem like a nice lady, mid 60's? . But do not allow yourself to be abused in your later years.

You deserve better believe me.

Nov 04, 2010
I think we are all wounded
by: Grace

Hi Silvia, we all get hurt, whether we are from Cuba, Canada, Italy, amd me from England, but such is life, its all character building, its all lessons, there is a saying here in the UK, and I daresay it all the world over....

Do not regret the things you have done, but regret the things you havent done....

I would not change my experiences for all the tea in china, the thing is, I am so aware of whats going on, and I know the score, I have not experienced what you have had done to you, and you have had it rough from your man, but I havent, admittidly he did ask me for money, twice in nearly 6 years, but still, I dont take any prisoners, I will not accept it, you do not ask someone you love for money, but I can honestly say that was the only bad thing about him.

The thing is also, is that they are hearing from the Pros how to snare a Yuma, and the ones who are teaching them is not telling them right, this is how thick they are.

yes, I can be bitter and twisted, but I know the score, I am 5 steps ahead of him, he does not have a clue who he is dealing with, he always says I am 'super intellegente' (spelling), poor basrsteward does not know how intellegent I am, I play fool to catch wise lol, and it never fails.
I accept it for what it is, the only thing I will not accept is any man, whether he is cuban, english, or from outer mongolia asking me for money, thats when I turn into a horrible person.

But in all honesty I cannot fault him other than the twice he asked for money.

Nov 04, 2010
Pain & Anger!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Your pain and anger sear's the soul, but we cannot bear other people's misfortune's on our back's,we can simply learn and observe not to make the same mistake's over,& over again.
I have offered homeless people a chance at employment and they refused,prostitutes have told me it's their choice at this life style,so be it.
I am by no mean's defending the action's of these Cuban Leeche's,but are we any better continuing to go back and supporting them??Are we not prostituting ourselve's to?
I don't know the financial damage your Cuban has done to you,but it must be a considerable amount by reading your post's.
Whether my Cuban is a prostitute or not only he and God know's.
I did buy him sock's, underwear,light sleeve shirt,and a pair of running shoes, I did bring him a watch that I got for free as a promotion when I bought my camera,when we went to the disco's I bought a bottle of rum for 3 cuc's and it lasted all evening,as for dining out,very rare,for we bought our own food,and he did the cooking,in the casa I paid,wheather I was alone or not,and Aidee the owner was like a mom to me,she even gave me back 2 day's rent money.She even cooked for me when I was alone,and told my man to leave when he was abusive.
But all in all when he was sober, he escorted me to many province's alway's by my side,and making sure I was ok.-In Santiago De Cuba the most beautiful province,he took me to The Cobre to visit La Virgin De La Caridad,where out of his own pocket money he bought me a replica statue and said Silvana this is for you,do not forget me.
In this Church I never prayed so hard in my life for this Virgin Mary to make this Cubano see how much there is to live for,and to change his abusive manner's.
But as of to-day nothing has changed,my heart ache's to see him again,but old wound's are hard to heal.
Bitter-sweet memory's and tear's are all that is left.
Silvana Teresa--Ciao

Nov 04, 2010
They Don't Want To Know The Reality
by: Celia

They're basically in denial about life outside of Cuba. And they rarely settle to live in Europe or Canada.

I know a woman who married one. Well when she brought him here he turned into a Jekyll and Hyde. Started to drink, go out to clubs. she kept finding text message on his cellphone from other latinas he had met.

He is a lazy sod who did not want to work and because abusive and even violent when she challenged him. they have a five year old whom he has never supported.And never will.

He plays around when she is travelling. Takes women back to their home. She even found his message to other women on his Facebook page.

He is now and Cuba but she wants to take him back.

She is aware of hs character and how he cheats but says he is still her husband. What a silly woman.

A leopard does not change his spots. His mother is no doubt sick to death of feeding and maintaining him and desperate to offload him back here to his poor wife. He's not working in Cuba.

Some women have no self esteem. I'd never take such a man back in my life.

Cuban men are workshy lazy loafers, macho wankers.

It's very very rare to find a good one.

They could not care less about how we struggle to get by, pay the mortgage, all of the bills, taxes.

All they want to hear is when are we going back. They put pressure on you to return.

Never mind the cost of the air fares. All they care about is what you will bring them, so they can sell is and make some CUC.

Nov 04, 2010
Part 11
by: Grace

This is how close minded they are, and only see the bigger picture.

When I was over there last time, even though I meet some of his friends, the one I am going to tell you about is someone I had never met before, but still a friend of his.
He is in his 40s, and married to a Canadian woman, and waiting for his papers to go to Canada.
Give him his due, the way he was talking about her, he was besotted, and deeply in love, ( could be an oscar nomination) lol
Anyway, his English is fantastic, and I had a good few in depth conversations with him, as I really love talking to people and learning their cultures.
I didn?t really like him, and its not like me, I can take to anyone, but met him 3 times, and I think I judged his character right, and there was just something that told me he will be hard to live with it, (that?s a nice way of putting it), but I could be wrong.
Anyway, I digress lol, during our couple of conversations, he was going on and on about how lucky we were etc, how well off we were, and I tried patiently to tell him about taxes, and everything I mentioned earlier, and thought, well he must know all this cause of his Candian wife.

He did not want to know, every time I tried to tell him about mortgage payments etc, he would hold his hand up and say, that is nothing!!!!!, you have your freedom!!!!
I was quite taken aback, how he could dismiss our cost of living expenses, but then I realised , of course he will dismiss it, as his poor wife will be the one footing the bill.
He was not interested in anything negative I had to say, I said, ? la vida no es fácil? but he just was not interested.

I know he will have a shock when he goes to Canada, and his poor wife will have a bigger one.

Nov 04, 2010
They dont want to hear our woes!!!
by: Grace

Oh Yes Celia, I'v sussed it out as well with them, they tell you thier hardluck stories, and yes, they do struggle, I'm not denying that, but as soon as you tell them what you have to pay out, and thats before you buy a loaf of bread, they dont want to hear!!!
They havent a clue of the taxes we pay, how much it costs to run a car, I dont mean petrol, but car tax, insurance, mot, and thats before you put petrol in the damn thing, they dont pay tax/insurance etc.
They dont pay council tax, mortgage, house/building insurance, life insurance, we in England get stopped whether we like or not quite a lot to pay for our National health service, we have to buy a TV license to wath TV for goodness sake.

I even one time wrote down outgoings, what I had to pay out every month, I got the Ooohs and Aaahs, but it still didnt sink in, all they saw was that you must be earning to be able to afford to pay that.

They just havent got a clue.

Nov 04, 2010
They Always Spin The Hard Luck Story!
by: Celia

Tell me about it Grace.

They wrote the book on it.

I brought some baby clothes regalos, for the daughter of his friend, the guy had been sending emails for him. So it was a thank you.

He lived in a lovely rural space, in many acres of prime vegetation. They had chickens, goats, ducks, a farm you could say.

The friend's mother in- law was your typical overbearing momma bitch.

She stood over me and I was subjected to the third degree. Interrogated.

Arms folded she fired off the questions.
My name?,
My work,
any kids?
Planning to take x to my country? etc etc. etc. An Interrogation!!

I squirmed, his friend suggested we go for a walk, he sensed the unease. I invited him and my friend for a cerveza in a nearby bar.

Well they pair of them were worse than the mother in law.

I was lectured and I mean lectured, for over an hour on how hard done by they were.

How they had to exist on 12 cuc a month, had to save for months to buy jeans or a pair of shoes. How they would have to pay 12 cuc to enter the local hotel swimming pool etc. etc.

I pointed out to them that they were well fed, they live in Paradise, they have free education Master's Degree level. Free housing and free healthcare, and no taxes, and yumas like me buying them beer and bringing regalos
(Never again mind)

That shut them up. They totally depressed me.

But you know what Grace.

They pull that line with every yuma, so as to elicit sympathy in the hope she is mug enough to leave with them the contents of her suitcase when she departs, or even marry them and take them out.

In their dreams!

Nov 04, 2010
Reply to Celia
by: Grace

I have had this discussion a few times with my Cuban and his friends, that they have not got the monopoly on being in a poor country.
I told them about some of the 3rd world countries I have visited, where there is no help whatsoever, you dont work, you dont eat, they have no ration book, help with school, free health care, low rents, and help with white goods.
I have explained about prostitution, begging etc that goes on in these countries.
To hear some of them you would think that they were the only ones.
Some havent a clue of whats going on around them in the outside world, and I keep hearing that they are supposed to be educated, and no offence meant here, but I dont think the majority are that well educated, if they were, they would be a little bit more clever in the scamming business for a start.

Nov 04, 2010
Many Homeless Have No Choice!
by: Celia

Sylvana you say many chose to live that way in Canada, and talk about those who chose to prostitute themselves.

I am not talking about prostitutes.

As far as I can see Cuba is Full of prostitutes. Male and female.

Your man is a prostitute.

Would he seriously be contacting you or spending time with you if you stopped giving him money and presents, and wining and dining him ?.

I doubt it very much.

I am saying that we have real need and poverty here, folks who have lost their homes through foreclosure, loss of their jobs. Women who are destitute.

Former solders who have lost their way, ther minds through Post Traumatic Stress who live on the streets or in hostels.

I have absolutely no sympathy for well fed well educated Cuban parasite prostitutes who prey on foreign women purely for finanacial gain and material gann, clothing cellulars ipods etc.

We have to fight back, report the hookers and prevent them from conning their way into Canada through fraud and deception.

I have absolutely no sympathy for. No time for lazy well fed parasite men, who prostitute themselves to women like you for financial and material gain.

Nov 04, 2010
Our Government Is On To Them!
by: Margaret.

Sham Cuban marriages are an increasing concern in Canada, and two Vancouver-area women are taking the campaign to protect victims very personally.

Sally Santiago has been writing letters to every minister of citizenship and immigration since Minister Elinor Caplan ? that's five ministers and around six years ago ? about her former husband who she says only married her to get into the country.

She sends exhaustive letters detailing the circumstances surrounding their marriage, his physical and emotional abuse, proof that the marriage was a sham all along, all her past communications with government officials and a laundry list of other victims of sham marriage in Canada .

The goal of my organization is to educate women from all walks of life that the IRPA was put in place almost 30 years ago

Our aim is to help in lobbying the federal government that those who abused their sponsors should be deported, especially if there was a conviction, and enough evidence that the sponsored spouse gained entry in Canada through the sham marriage category.?

Deportation aside, victims of sham marriages have also been fighting to ensure they won't have to repay any sponsorship debts incurred by their fraudulent spouses. Under sponsorship agreements, sponsors agree to repay the government for any social assistance the sponsored person receives.

But is it fair to make a victim of a sham marriage or spousal abuse repay such debts?.

A recently formed group called the Canadian Marriage Fraud Victim Society has proposed a three-year probationary period for immigrating spouses, i.e., if they are no longer in the marriage when that time is up, they would have their permanent residence status revoked.

But certainly there are people who want to come to Canada badly enough that they'd be willing to keep up a marital façade for three years ? that's probably still faster than a regular application!

Clearly, there is more work to be done to protect victims and punish perpetrators.
Help for victims
Women Against Abusive Sponsored Spouses (WAASS):

Nov 04, 2010
Thier cards are marked.
by: Grace

When I went over last time to see my man, I printed off some stories from here, and showed him, I also told him that there is also a 'name and shame site' as well lol, that we plaster thier names, descriptions, where we met them, or what club we met them, hotel, barman, waiter, animation etc and we all give out warnings.

To say he was in shock was an understatement, when I went round to see his family, they were all there, brothers sisters etc, he told them what I told him, also showed and translated what some of the stories were about, a bit later some of his friends turned up, and again it got repeated, they could not believe what they were hearing.
They were all talking at once, asking this and that, so of course, I was adding on arms and legs to the story, but I just wanted them to be aware that our goverments are aware of whats going on, that there are sites where we can come on and talk, and of course names, dates and places are mentioned.
They were taking it seriously, as I had printed off some stories, (names were deleted), so they know now that we are getting more aware of thier little acts.

Ok, I lied about the name and shame lol, but they dont know that, and hopefully word will get round, and the chancers might think twice before they pounce on some unsuspecting female.

Nov 04, 2010
Bitter Sweet-Charity
by: Silvana Teresa

Yes Celia I could feel your anger and pain,and you are correct many of our own need this help.
But do not forget the billion's of dollar's our Govn't rake's in every day of our hard earned money,and I know that a % is going to help all Canadian's in need,many Canadian's choose to live on the street, many women want to prostitute themselves, we all have "CHOICE'S" in Canada, and human right's.
Now, this morning I received an e-mail from the Cuban Ass after 2 week's of total silence, saying he was looking for a casa for me in La Habana.
Well, having been around the corner, and reading these post's I was polite and replied that there is new's here in Canada of many Yuma's being defrauded of their home's and money on false pretence's, and of a possible Government intervention, this activity is way out of control here in Canada, and we "YUMAS" are now on high alert system.
Will be interesting to see his reply, if he even dare's to reply--lol!!
Yes Celia they are well fed and clothed,I never seen a thin or naked Cuban either, but we caved in and gave our all to find some happiness, and it backfired.
It is bitter - sweet we must go on, I might even go back to face him again, but just to recover some of that 10% lust and tell him to move on.
Take care,my friend,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 04, 2010
Great Advice - But!.
by: Celia

Great advice from a great lady.

Sure we should move on, it's constructive.
However no one likes to be taken for a complete mug. To be had.
You say look on it as a 'Charitable Donation' An act of humanity.

On this point I disagree.

The Cuban men are all very well fed (some quite chubby, I've yet to see an emaciated on )

They are Extremely well educated and well clothed, many in the latest styles.
So to say it's a charitable donation is to dismiss their scams and thievery as unimportant or trivial. And it is not a Trivial matter.

What they are doing i.e. Lying, Scamming stuff, and in some cases extorting money from hard working tourists while leading them to believe they are in love with them, is a con trick, it's deception and it's cheating.

If I want to give my hard earned cash to charity I can take my pick here.
There are many homeless on our streets. They are hungry people on our streets who sleep out in all weathers.
Ex military on our streets, who suffer from PTSD and our govt. has washed their hands of them. Young runaways. Orphans, you name it. Those who've become homeless as a result of the recession.
Why should I be scammed out of my clothing or as is the case with some women, their money by a fat well fed well educated Cuban?.

It is not right. I would advise women to be very wary. And if you have been conned, lied to tricked into giving away your personal posessions contact the Cuban Tourist police through the Cuban Embassy or Cuban tourist Board. Pass on his name, details.
Because if they have conned thieved, and tricked you, they are doing it to others and they should be stopped.

Nov 04, 2010
Buenos Dias Desde Cuba!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Well ladies my experience in Cuba was not the best,on my first trip there I went with my Canadian friend's to escape my continuing destructive grieving after the death of my hubby, being married for 41 year's is not easy to forget.
What happened in Cayo-Largo,on Feb./23/06 was a total unexpected encounter, since the Cuban was the spitting image of my hubby at his age, I was completely floored over,the rest is history.
Now ladies and gentlemen, to soften the blow of being taken for a fool,consider your "DONATION'S" of money, clothe's,food, time, and emotion,as an act of 'CHARITY" for the poor.
When I get asked to give donation's for charity's,I say I already gave to the Cuban Humanity Fund".
At first I to was upset and cried myself to sleep every night, but then common sense prevailed, I did indeed help a Human Being live a better quality of life,even if it be for a short time.
The look on his face when I gave him 50 cuc's before I left said it all, we were alone in our room when I said Alberto this is for you from my heart, not because you asked for it, but because I want to see you happy. He cried so hard he could not catch his breath.---Well guess what! as I am writing this post I'm getting an e-mail from the Cuban, must read it later!!!.
I have been blessed in some way by this experience, and all monies have been recuperated, by a tidy wind fall, and good financial planning.
Ladie's,do not let past negative experience's keep you from enjoying the natural beauty of this island, next time you go,you know the rule's and stick by them--Good luck to all--
Silvana Teresa-Ciao!!

Nov 04, 2010
It's True - They Are Selfish Pigs!
by: Kelly

What an interesting thread.

I totally agree with Silvana and the other lady's comments.
They are all in on a scam, even the police.
I remember mine yelling at me..

"Would you pay the large fine if the police caught us making out in my room. Would You"??

As though it were some kind of crime that we made out.
To be honest I did not even want to have sex in his horrible room, I've seen better bomb shelters, better prison cells!.

In hindsight, I reckon he was a seasoned jinetero as he did not want to sign the register. He did not want police attention.
Seasoned jineteros never sign a register they want to stay below the police radar. They're clever.

No, he could make a lot more money from me by being in cahoots with a bent policeman who 'caught us in the act in his home'.
Such a fine would have wiped out my holiday money and more, and they could split it.

And for what?

The sex was lousy, as someone previously said. A selfish pig in bed and out of bed.

Ladies, you have to be very careful.

They are out to screw you literally, financially, materially any way they can.
All the sweet talk on the last night is a means to extract as much of your stuff from you, before you leave. All of which they sell.

Lol even the full moon is even conjured up as if on cue.
They set the stage for you to melt and hand over all your good stuff.

They even want that precious gold ring, family heirloom given by grandmother if they could.

Mine has tried. I refused.
I too have been insulted. Told I would be left on the shelf and die alone if I did not marry him. That no man would have me.

Despite being an attractive 28 year old blonde not short of male attention.
Their friends who send their emails are in on the scam. Their mission is to get you to marry them and fly them out to a new life, passport, visa.

Never mind they treat your like crap are lousy in bed and are desperate to relieve you of every piece of clothing, every pair of shoes, sandals, thermos, towels even, before you depart.

This gal is not going back to Cuba.

Nov 04, 2010
I agree
by: Grace

Your right Silvana, its not all old Italians, but the ones I have seen have been mainly Italian.

Your right jennifer, as soon as you mention police, its suprising how they change, the casa owner could risk losing a lot, but then again, she probabaly gives them a back hander, or lets them stay there with a girl for free.

I was out one night with my GF at a Cuban Bar, and along comes the Italian with a young black girl, he started speaking to me, ignored her, didnt even buy her a drink, I didnt want to speak to him, but he was trying everything to get my attention, why I dont know, as I am too old for him lol, he treated her like dirt, she could hardly speak english, i tried to talk to her and tell her to go home.
Its everywhere, not just in Cuba, I know i keep saying this on a few of my posts, but i have travelled to other 3rd world countries and its just the same.

But Cuba is the worst for picking up Cubans, specially black ones, and yet Cuba is supposed to be equal, what a load of C"^P, infact nI was so incensed of what I saw one time, that I actually marched into the police station, it was a waste of time as they cant speak any english, but some friends of mine got arrested, and I was not happy, but it didnt do any good.

Getting back to the jiggy jiggy ;-) I cannot call mine selfish at all, he is very thoughtful, and knows what to do, but still not the hot latin lover that is the sterotype, but I cant complain that much lol

Nov 03, 2010
by: Silvana Teresa

Well after having said that my Cubano was and is a total pathetic loser, I can honestly say that in the intimacy dept.he was real good and worked it well,alway's putting my feeling's first.
From taking shower's together-hygiene was our number one priority, and fore play you wouldn't believe,just soft warm relaxing,enjoying each other to the fullest.
He would bring me orange juice and coffee in the morning,and do the daily shopping,we would cook together and have fun.
That was when he was sober!!which was 10% of the time.
When he was drunk,or when his mother popped in, it was pure hell.
Well life does go ,and if I could relive that 10%,well I'm out of here-lol!
Silvana Teresa--Ciao!

Nov 03, 2010
But We are Only Being Honest!
by: Anonymous

Let's face it we are only being honest here.

Very very old Italian men have a thing for very young black Cubans...


Everywhere you go in Cuba...Santago, Vadaero, Guardalavaca, Playa del Este.
You see Gennaro Giovanni, 70 something from Napoli or Reggio Calbria.

Left the grandma the wife the Senora at home in Napoli.
"She does not like the sunshine"
Gennaro and Giovanni is in Cuba to sleep with as many young black chicas as he can.

That is fact.

Just go to any town in Cuba, any resort, you will find him.

Always with a very young dumb black chica beside him.
Never conversing with her, never buying her a drink. He's tighter than a duck's ass.

Her useage is purely confined to the bedroom ..La Cama.

Nov 03, 2010
by: Silvana Teresa

Now let's be fair here,the Cubano I was with had more moves in the bedroom,then in a salsa dance.
Now I have seen many reference's and nasty description's of old"Italian men"which is basically true for I am Italian.
But what about the "old Spaniard's,German's,Canadian's,Frenchmen,Uk.Brazilian's,Venezuelan's,Dutchmen,Denmark,and so on.
They all go to Cuba to taste cheap Chocolate puta's.
I asked a business man why he goes to Cuba 4x a year,his reply "Dolar whore's,Dollar beer".
It's not fair to single out a particular country,for we all know that dirty old men from all over go to Cuba.
I to have seen young puta's being arrested and young Cuban men being harrassed by police for not carrying their ID card very sad indeed. The local police turn a blind eye to child prostituation because it bring's in revenue, and they themselve's use these young one's whenever they want.
When we were travelling to Matanza's I seen a police car pull up and stop a young Negra woman, on the other side, she was just walking along.
The police stopped and handcuffed her and walked her into the bushe's which were near the parked car.I asked my friend what happened?
He said they are going to "singar"-have sex whether she want's to or not, and no use complaining because she has no right's, happen's all the time.
This is what we are supporting when we go there,so let's think twice B4 we go again.
Silvana Teresa

Nov 03, 2010
They're Not Great Between The Sheets
by: Jennifer

Jen, you are right.

I would have to say my Cuban man is the worst lover in the world.
We did not sleep together all week.
On my last night we did, and he was a total disaster!

A selfish bastard who only cared for his pleasure.Getting his selfish rocks off.

A case of Wham! Bam! thank you mam. A sorft of self masturbation...for him.

So if or when I return it sure as hell 'aint for the sex.
That is for sure!.
I can honestly say ladies that,
from my singular experience ...

The Cuban man is the worst the lousiest
lover in the world!! Hopeless!!

And certainly the most damn selfish!!.
A woman feel defiled!.Used.
Felt like an unpaid used whore.

Thank Christ I wore a condom though!,

The last thing I would want is to be pregnant with that selfish bastard's child.

Nov 03, 2010
Rattling What-lol !
by: Silvana Teresa

Well Jennifer,thanx for that much needed laugh,the description of your post was hilarious and I enjoyed it.
Know that these mature foreign gentlemen have not got the slightest intention of having sex with these jr. puta's.
For they know dam well that if they engage in hot monkey sex they will DIE on the spot!!.
Now what they want is a lot of fondling,touching,some oral sex,maybe,that's it.
There is no need for any stimulating conversation here,because the puta's are dumb as a stump,and these men are all talked out.
No time for idle talk just a little action B4 they croak.
If you notice these men want the pitch black puta,just to taste some black meat,then they spit it out,and go back to their white honey's who are probably out banging some real hot young Mulatto.
So you see if anything rattled that day it was when they were taking out some spare change to give to these puta's,and if they were indeed Italian's ,for sure no more then .25 cent's-lol.
When I was in Cayo-Largo,I witnessed a woman who had so many wrinkles she could have held in 3 day's rain,she gave the 20 something bartender 50 cuc's and her room number,he gave her back the 50 cuc's plus an extra cuc,and told her to go away.
Now I say if you have more money then what you can do with,why not spend it on cosmetic surgery and maintenance to minimize age.
She was dressed in black,and looked like a walking corpse and she was from Montreal.
Well enuf said,I hope you get a chuckle out of this one.
Take care,
Silvana Teresa

Nov 03, 2010
So Right Grace!
by: Jennifer

You are right Grace.

It's not just in Varadero these vile old Italians are all over Cuba like a malignant cancer. Old vile and mean. All Mafiosi clowly creeping back into Cuba.

They have a fetish for very young, black Cuban shoogirls. The grubby old mafiois dirty perverts.

A few years back I was in Santiago and saw the same nasty old stuff. Geriatric Italian man checking in pre pubescent teenage gijrl into a casa.

She was crying because he had not paid her. The bastards are not just having sex with very young Cuban girls, they are doing their best to not pay them either.

Screwing them over. The poor girl cried in said she had no means of getting home. I had to give her the price of a guagua home.

I spoke to the hypocrite runnning the casa that unless she gave me a refund I was going straight to the police. Madam Vivien was running a Bordello! Pure and simple. The sly bitch was dressed in white as if to say she was into Santeria.

Her bloke/lover was a slimey married Cuabanacan employee, a white Cuban called Jorge who was clearly pimping the girls for the dirty old men he met at the Cubanacan Santiago hotels.

I said to Madam Viven that I was checkng out and needed my deposit back, could not bear to be in her grubby presence any longer, I mentioned tourist police.

That she was running a grubby dodgy casa.

Whoredom more like!

Soon as the words Polcia was mentioned she instantly refunded my money and I checked out.

You're right, an example of the discrimination re. the Yuma.

Two days later I was dancing on the beach in Guardalavaca, with an innocent guy, a local engineer, who simply liked to dance.

The police arrived pounced on him, took him away, arrested him.

An hour later on my way home they were still interrogating the poor sod.

Nov 03, 2010
Dont give them big heads lol
by: grace

Silvana wrote.<<<<< As you know Cuban's are somewhat export's in Sex,they have perfected that aspect in human nature.
Having said that the Cuban is no good at any thing else.>>>>>

Cough! Cough!, eermmm, Are they that good? I'v only had the one, but have had better lol <<<< grace blushes furiously >>>>

Jennifer wrote... (very wise girl)

<<< Jowlier than a pair of geriatric bloodhounds these old boys sure did like their girls young,very young, and very black, so young, we're talking gymslip here. >>>

This really pi55es me off, the country wants to get its priorities right, they will stop a cuban if he is seen with different Yumas and bang him up, but they turn a blind eye to these dirty old barstewards who prey on young girls.

When I was over last time, I was with my man, he is of the same age as me, but obviously I am a Yuma, even though with my colouring and a half decent suntan I could pass for a Cuban, till I open my mouth.lol
We got looks from the staff, other customers,and the odd time a bit of rudeness, but yet there was this dirty old Italian with the most gorgeous light skin cuban girl who could not have been more than 15/16.
I said to my man, 'do you think this is right'?, he shrugged and said its normal, I asked him how he would feel if it was his daughter sitting there, it took a while to sink in lol, but he then realised what I was getting at.

I have seen it too jennifer, and it turns my stomach.

The worst was a couple years ago at the hotel I was staying in, again 1 old dirty git with two black girls, but OMG they were the ugliest creatures I had ever seen, but they were swanning around, jumping ahead of people at the buffet, looking down thier noses at people, snapping thier fingers at the waiting staff, they were so bl00dy rude, but the old git was oblivious to it all, as he was half asleep at the table.

I havent a problem with working gals or guys making a buck, they do what they have to do, at least the genuine jinteras tell thier punters what they are and get the money up front, but the problem I have it that some are so very young, and yet the goverment turns a blind eye.
I have seen Cuban men being arrested just for talking to a Yuma, I saw the police round them up, and slam them in the police car, thier crime?, saying hello to a yuma, kissing her on both cheeks, shaking hands and smiling, and bang! the police were on them like a ton of bricks, its so wrong.

Nov 03, 2010
by: Jennifer

Sylv. That statement is sooo true.There is zijlch communication.

Last year I stayed at a busy resort hotel in Varadero. Two elderly (and I mean very elderly) we're talking geriatric, Italians checked in with two very young Afro Cuban gals, who could not have been more than 17.

These guys were not Italian Stallions by an means. We are talking Berlusconi before all the embalming and nips and tucks. Or Boris Karloff, walking corpses.

Jowlier than a pair of geriatric bloodhounds these old boys sure did like their girls young, very young, and very black, so young, we're talking gymslip here.

The hotel did not bat an eyelid. After all proprios had crossed palms at reception. No questions asked.
Did this merry foursome have any modicum of Chemistry? Was there are close touchy- feely- body language? Animated conversation taking place?.

Like hell there was.

They sat in stony cold silence throughout their meals. The old Mafiosi goats exchange cynical asides about the Cubans and their little chocolate Jinteras giggling together and looking bored rigid.
Even at the poolside there was no exchange of converation, the old wrinklys sat surveying the poolside talent, too tight to buy so much as a refresco for the gals.

They were there merely for 'ziggi ziggi', to use their vulgar terms of the Octegenarian Napolitaons. Purely to shag, no more, no less. They had scant regard for the Cuban people, said they were lazy and drank cervecas all day despite "moaning about earning 10 Pesos they knocked back 10 cervesas a day then went for a siesta" was the standing joke of Gennaro and Gianni closer to death's door than they thought but making the most of what they had left on this planet with the help of their teenage jinteras.

So yes Sylvana, not a word was exchanged, other than the language of the Cama,... the bed springs rattled later on.

Nov 03, 2010
Out numbered-1000-2 -1
by: Silvana Teresa

First I have to thank Vic for helping us vent our our frustation on our failed and sorry experience's in Cuba,this format helped me immensely in dealing with my own demon"s,this "electronic therapy" hopefully will help prevent future heart-break.
Andreas,I have to agree with the former post it is very difficut to access internet, let alone porn in any hotel in Cuba.
If the Canadian did not want to be with his Cubana there is a reason for it.
As you know Cuban's are somewhat expert's in Sex,they have perfected that aspect in human nature.
Having said that the Cuban is no good at any thing else.
Cuban women cannot stimulate an intelligent conversation, know nada about new's, finance's ,famlily value's or fidelity,no matter how good looking they are. They are just good on their back's--PERIOD.
Canadian men appreciate a strong intelligent, independent woman, with strong value's.
Why this man married this Cuban is beyond me--I guess the sex part fizzled out,it usually does,it actually get's boring, and that is what she was.
All the Cuban women put together, could not compare to the Intelligence of one Canadian Woman, even the Cuban men will tell you that.
This Cubana sitting by the pool was waiting for her chance to meet someone else, you were not her type, or I guarantee you, she would have played you over.
I seen this happen over and over again, you did not witness disgust, just life in progress.!!
Take care my friend,Ciao.
Silvana Teresa

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