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Aid to the stray dogs of Havana is an initiative and a website of a wunderful guy, Terry and his Spanky project (
Often there's a shortage of medicines in Havana and Terry makes a call for help, if you love dogs read his appeal:


Street dogs and house pets need your help. Fleas ,ticks, mange and internal parasites are a huge problem for these creatures.
I have met with two groups in Havana who are working very hard to help the dogs and cats too.
One group operates rotating clinics where pets and street dog are brought in for check ups and spaying (desexing). This not only maintain the health of the dogs but helps control over population of unwanted animals.
The other group is also involved with health care but the goal is to bring into being laws for the protection of cruelty to animals.

How can you help?

I have been in recent contact with both groups and they have expressed a need for the following:

  • Flea and tick collars
  • Flea and tick drops
  • Pills for ridding worms.
  • Products to combat mites that cause RED MANGE.
  • IVOMEC - actually a product for cattle but if used in the correct dose is low cost effective parisite control agent for dogs.
  • AMITRAZ - sold under the name of Mitaban
  • Benzoyl peroxide shampoo.
  • Syringes
    For the latest list of Veterinary needs check out Terry's blog.Spanky Project
    Spankyproject the BLOG

    Street dogs in Havana Cuba

    I am (Terry) in the process of putting together a package for Havana. If anyone has room in their weight allowance and is willing to transport supplies please let me know. I am located in Ontario Canada.
    If you would like to deliver supplies of your own I can provide contacts in Havana.
    If you are not going to Cuba and would like to help I would happily receive any supplies you offer and package the items for someone who is willing to transport this much needed aid.
    We in Canada are coming into the flea season. When you pick up supplies for your dog or cat perhaps think of picking up an extra pack for the four legged friends in Havana.
    If anyone can help I would be pleased to hear from you.

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