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The Cuban power outlets are suited for use with the US American flat pin type electrical plugs. In general the voltage in Havana is 110V AC 60Hz, but some new hotels have 220V AC 60 Hz too. 

Travellers from Europe need a plug adaptor to use their electrical equipment. 

It is recommended to use a surge protector for electronic apparatus, laptops, portable videoplayer etc. 

Cubans use surge protectors on every electrical equipment of value, TV set, video, fridge to protect them against the frequent electrical surges and spikes.

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Electricity on the Island

The complete power grid in the country is an aging and deteriorated structure. 

The Cubans are facing repeated black outs and power outages, the so called APAGONES that can last several hours and sometimes even days, it's a part of the life in Cuba.

Each family that can afford it, has a fluoresent battery powered lantern in the house, the less affluent citizens use candles in case of a power outage.

Repairs to the electrical power grid have been made, but the energy problems are of such a magnitude that it will take billions of dollars to make all repairs and replacements.

Electricity - Investing in Cuba

Update March 2010

The Russian Electricity Company, Inter ROA, will participate in the renovation of the Maximo Gomez thermoelectric power plant, including the renovation of four generating units with a capacity of 100 MW each and the construction of two others with the same capacity according to the Cuban News Agency ACN.

Update November 2010

Havana announced the start of a 6 billion expansion project of the Cienfuegos refinery in 2011. The project will also include a 150 Megawatt electricity generation plant.

An electrical "installation" in the Old City

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  • To save energy, hundreds of thousands incandensent light bulbs were replaced by low-energy bulbs imported from China.
  • Venezuela supplies fuel oil at cut rate prices to help Cuba.

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