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Email fail to deliver in Cuba

by sylvia
(Montreal, Canada)

Hi I wrote to a friend to a correo de cuba's email address, from my yahoo.ca address but it doesn't work, all my email, long or short, fail to delivery, please help us to connect. I wanted to create myself an email address in the correo de cuba, thinking that would be the solution, is it possible from canada ?

Answer by Vic webmaster

First this:
How do you know de correodecuba.cu doesn't work?
Did your email bounced and returned? What was the reason the mail bounced?
Did you write the email address correct? Often people write errors in the address. Common mistakes are correo with one r, space between the words, omitting the .cu in the address etc.

Note: You CAN NOT make an email address (as a foreigner) in the correodecuba intranet sysytem. The correodecuba.cu mail service is a private INTRANET of the Cuban State.
A Cuban citizen can open an account in a Correo de Cuba office. He/She has to show the Cuban identity card and buy access time. The Cuban citizen can send and receive mails in this account from abroad (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc.) A foreigner can send mail to a Correo de Cuba account, but can not open an account.
Imagine the situation of a Cuban, first they have to open the correodecuba.cu account in a State office. (pay for access time = often the first problem). Waiting for their turn, sometimes hours. Send or read their mail (while their time is running) later return to check if they got an answer. This is a problem don't expect that the Cuban can check his email account each day, he/she has to return to the correo office each time. This takes time and money. Very, very few Cubans have internet at home. Some Cubans buy access time on the black market, but sending a message by mail will cost them normally 1CUC (a lot of money for the average Cuban) Does he has a cellphone try to reach him by sending textmessages SMS.
Do you have his (home)address send a registered letter by mail, (this can take 4-6 weeks) and always ask for a second address where he can be reached.
Note, sometimes there are power outages or system failures. So you have to wait, and try again.
Cubans know all about patience!

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Oct 18, 2013
Even when it works...
by: Anonymous

Even when it works, it might take a day or two for an email to travel from the US to Cuba.

Most Cubans have no regular access to email, or they have to pay dearly to log on for a few minutes.

Sep 20, 2013
Same problem
by: Anonymous

Hello, my friend from cuba gave me her adress but the always send me a delivery mail that says that it failed, I don't have her home adress nor her phone number and I really want to get in touch with her, is there anything I can do?

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