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Email problems with correodecuba.cu in Cuba


My friend gave me her email address xxxx@correosdecuba.es, but it doesnt work (I always receive an email as if it invalid). I decided to send it to xxxx@correodecuba.cu and it went through (no invalid email reply). Will my friend actually get the email ??

Answer by Vic havana-guide.com

The correct email address is xxxx@correodecuba.cu
Your friend will probably receive the email,
you have to understand the internet situation in
Cuba. The correodecuba is a state owned email service from the Cuban Post Service. The service is only accessible in Cuban post offices or official internet cafe's. The Cuban citizen, (your friend) has to pay for the access, which is not cheap for Cubans. Sometimes the Cuban has to make choices, buy internet or food? When you send your message, your friend can not immediately reply to your message, so he/she has to return later to read your message, this can take a few days. Note that there are huge queues, and Cubans sometimes have to wait many hours to send a message. Read more
Cuban Internet

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