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Enlightning in Havana Cuba

by Angie Jewel
(Brisbane Australia)

I visited cuba and knew of all the scams because of the situation and lives of the country. I was introduced to a family through a friend of a friend and stayed with them for near to nothing. There was a family nextdoor and I ended up meeting them and there son and I started a friendship it developed into a relationship and we fell in love we both did not expect this we were both just hanging out as friends. We ended up travelling to Santiago to his grandmothers 99 birthday, I met at least 200 of his family we then returned to Havana and I moved next door with his family, they never asked me for money and even tried to feed me constaantly always worrying about me. I am vegetarian so this was very difficult, I ended up getting an extention on my visa and left 2 months later. It was my dream to go to Cuba and I always fantasized about retiring there and writing like Ernest Hemingway. Anyways I had to leave when my visa ran out and my savings too, it was devastating I have travelled alot im my life and have never cried even leaving my own family, I cried all the way back to Australia and want to return every day, now I am working loads and are going through the process of trying to bring my man to Australia on an invitation this is a very long and loads of red tape and Cuba makes it very difficult and once we even have the visa they may nnot grant him the permit. It is so unfair as we genuinely love each other and he never asked to leave Cuba or asked for any money. He said he will wait forever, this is one of the most hardest experiences I have ever lived through as I just want to return but cuba will not let me live there, I just hope that we will be reunited soon. His family were the most genuine loving people and the grandchildren and everyone cried so much the night before I left, I've never felt so loved, I've never been so touched by the pureness of these people, even the neighbours constantly made sure I was okay and everybody came to say goodbye. The cuban people are an incredible race and taught me and enlightened me more than any other culture has and I have travelled through many Latin and European countries and the love and care for me that my man showed me was overwhelming, I will continue to do everything in my power for us to be together and live our lives out to the end.

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Oct 15, 2015
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Feb 27, 2015
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Nov 08, 2010
Cuban Wannabee's!!
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola AngieJewel-& Lucy!
You two sound like Cuban Wannabee's,remember you will never take the place of their Cuban puta's,which they have at their disposal,and your money will eventually go to them and their illegitimate kid's.
Did their soft warm kisses melt your heart? did their love making make you feel wanted and needed, and beg for more?
Wake up "estupida's"you were not the first or the last extranjera that they F#$%ed.
Yes that's what it is to them a cheap F@#k no meaning,no sentiment ,and boy do they know how to use their body part's well-hey!!
Remember you can take a Cuban out of the country,but you will never take CUBA out of your jinitero's.
You two are so imature it make's me wonder if your still in diaper's,which you will be wearing when you find out he is supporting half the village in Cuba with your DINERO.
Now remember-kid's we here are not in a dark black corner venting our grievence's, we are simply stating an experience,for which we hope no one has to encounter.
Remember you gal's have to pay for everything approx.$15,000.00 by the time you get him settled in your Country,he will F$#k you another 2-maybe 3 week's and then it's over he is cold,he misses his mom his puta's,his kid's,and guess what you might even have to deport him after he get's abusive and call's you a cheap WHORE,now live with that.
I only use my Cuban for his body part's and then i send him home to his mom.
And by the way girl's an update would be nice to see how the happy couple's are doing--cough-cough!!
My basic knowledge of Spanish and getting informed about Cuban's,saved the day for me.
Recuerda non existe hasta la victoria siempre!
Esta cuidado con esto,que ere's todo realidad.
Silvana Teresa

Oct 19, 2010
Love In Cuba
by: Jorge

There are always exceptions to the rule, and reading this section was very entertaining.

I go to Cuba alot with a friend and we are constantly "hosed". In fact we bring an extra 10% of everything we intend to spend knowing we have to to take this in consideration, but we love Cuba and we go back time and again.

What amuses me most is the person that posted her money was returned by her "fiance". These guys aren't in it for the short term, they know that its the long term benefits that count and if they look much better by refusing the "smaller" amounts to begin with it makes the relationship and them more credible.

Dont be mugs and believe anything else, Cubans are out to get as much as they can and frankly I would too if I lived there.

Amazing country and people though...love it.

Jun 05, 2010
by: ross

Hello, I must say I am surprised at how quickly sence and reason go out the window when some of you people men or woman go on a trip whether it be cuba or mexico or the philippines etc.
You know, here in toronto there are litteraly tens of thousands of filipinas and I can guarantee you that not one would give me the time of day but if I go to manila I would be approached every few minutes especially if I go to a club or any other place where there are lots of pretty girls. Now why is that? Why is it that here in toronto where they are now here and making a comfortable living they ignore me like any other girl but in the philippines I am treated like a rock star? Come on people.... wake up and smell the coffee.

I know we are talking about cubanos and not filipinos but the moral of the story is the same....if you cant find love in your own country and then miraculously you are a sex symbol to some hot guy or gal in a poor country do you really think that the basic desires of a cubano are any different in those country than in your own? You have something they want and to be honest I dont blame them as if I was in their shoes I would probably do the same.

A quote I heard once...if you are drowning and a helping hand offers to get you out of the water do you really care what that person looks like? Its a life saviour right? But once you are out of the water and on dry land all of a sudden now you do care what that person looks like....GET IT? You have something they desperately want....plain and simple!

Apr 10, 2010
Lucy and Anjie You're Both Being Played You Silly Silly Women!!
by: Donna from Toronto

Lucy and Angie. I find it incredible that you are both so desperate to marry men you have known so briefly and spend so much money on flying them to your country.

From you posts Lucy you sound infatuated by this man you only met briefly last year. You're not thinking rationally. He is playing you and you are being swept along with it. You will spend a fortune and be put under pressure by him and his family to fly him to Canada where he will be miserable as all Cuban men are. His character will change and your life will be hell.

AngieJewel you sould like a mature woman who should know better, you've travelled a lot you have men years under your belt but you have yet to gain any semblance of common sense. You are bviously being played. Older women always are in Cuba.

Try to learn some Spanish and you will hear the phrase when they are referring to you as a 'Vieja'. An oldie.

An old woman is seen as the jackpot in terms of marriage and a passport out of poverty.

Especially an Australian whom they see as being very wealthy. And you are when compared to them.

They think that as an older lady you are flattered by all the attention, that you are easily pleased, you'll be swept along by his manipulation and his family's manipulation of you.

I feel sorry for the both of you. You should read through the posts of what other women have written and open your eyes, get some sense.

You will regret your decision one day believe me, a day when you willl have been bankrupted financially and emotionally.

I feel especially sorry for Lucy who seems blinded by love, breathless in her eagerness to marry this man asap.

Why is marriage relevant in this day and age? Ask yourself this.

When most of us see marriage as an outdated irrelevant institution you are being rushed in marriage with a con man who wants to use you.

Mar 05, 2010
Lucy Your Fantasy About This Man Is Hilarious!
by: Javier

Lucy who are you trying to kid when you say this man did not want your money. Despite the fact you had his account details.

So he loves you not your money. Hilarious!.

How man times have tourists heard that line. How many times has your Jinitero said that line. He has admitted to you he dated lots of Canadians who wanted to fly him to Canada. But he is 'not that kind of Cuban'. Yeah Right!

And pigs can fly, and I belive in the tooth fairy.

The Cuban workshy know about these forums, they are online, and computer literate. They know the script to convince you it is 'real'. They shift the goal posts.

They know all women are n to them and their 'Te Quero Mucho' B.S. Script. So the new line is I love you not your money. I want to stay in Cuba and marry you, let's get engaged. Which is the same as saying I will have access to your assets, bank account a possible ticket to Canada Australia etc etc.

If this many truly loved you he would not put pressure on you. He would bombard you with the BS 'Te Amo' 'Te Estranjar' script. He would want nothng from you. Least of all marriage or engagement.

Think about that. And get some self esteem. Something that most North Americans and European women lack. Hence the mess they get themselves into with these Cuban parasites.

Nov 17, 2009
hey lucy
by: angiejewel

HEy, thats great Lucy so you are sending papers there to marry can you explain? I am trying to get him here on a visit as Cuban embassy told me it's an easier way to start the process and then marry him when he is here but he still has to return, we are waiting on a visa to be approved by Australia, I was wondering do you know if he will need a visa to fly through Canada on the way here as now I am having probs trying to sort out which way to fly him and what way is easier and if he only needs a transit visa, Australia being so far away he has to transit through at leas6t 2 major countries before arriving here which makes it difficult, we also have to wait for the permit from Cuba for him to be able to visit, I wish I was Canadian I think it is a lot easier for you guys to bring Cubans over but we are both under the Commonwealth so I don't understand why it's so difficult any info would be great thanks angiejewel.

Nov 17, 2009
well said
by: LUCY

Well said Angie Jewel... I too have a fiance in Cuba.... we are to marry soon.... just working on my papers to get them over there.... I have also offered him everything possible.... I have tried to give money, he will not accept,.. I got his transfer card number from his uncle that lives here and transfered money onto his card and he got upset with me and the last time I visited, he pulled out that money and said: 'here', I told you I do not need your money I don't want your money and I don't want you to think I only want you for your money, all I want is your heart that's it, I love my man, truly, sincerely, and genuinely! honestly, he told me, Cubans have a bad name because a lot take off from their spouses, but a lot of them take off from their spouses because they treat them like objects, for instance when the Cubans get here, their spouses don!t treat them like partners, but treat them like they are owned (maybe cause they think they spent so much money and time on them) and everyone knows Cubans are such free spirits, we can not keep them hostage...so my Cubano told me... " I'm not going to lie to you, I have had tourist girlfriends before that try to bring me to Canada but I said no because I can tell they will be one of those girls.. and I am not going to be known for one of those Cubano run aways" so I don't know there might be some bad ones in the bunch but in the end, it does take 2 people to make a relationship work....

Nov 17, 2009
by: angiejewel

If all Cubans were as bad and knieving great actors as these people say why wouldnt they all be movie stars, you know if i was a cuban and i met a foreigner and realised how easy our lives are with choice, ide be asking for help. I can remember my man telling me how his family had no food so they ate pigeons. He works 40 hrs or more a week for $25 a month he then helps his sister who grows vegetables to help all the family eat and survive, a simple thing like shampoo soap toilet paper is a luxury, we washed a in a bucket in havana, when I spoke about wanting to take him to Australia for a visit, his family asked me not to take him away, they wanted me stay with them and look after me, Cuba does not allow this and I am working class I have nothing to offer Cuba or his family I work many hours to afford a holiday. I live good as we all do in western society but I know realistically I could not live like a Cuban I would need money, so what is he actually acting as? I found out about the invitation holiday visit, some hope for him, I'm doing this selfless because wont to give to a good man, I sponsor a Columbian child which I pay 50 a month, I have never met, I don't send my man or his family anything, I wanted to take tham out before I left but they wouldn't let me the family all brought food and cooked and we had a party. As they said to me that I have worked very hard to visit Cuba and I have to return and needed to keep my money for my journey home .. so what did these people ever take? Nothing they gave and gave and gave and never expected anything and still don't ask or expect anything, they just told me they hoped that I would return to see them all again oneday and that they loved me and would never forget me ... so you people that have bad experiences in Cuba I am sorry for you but we only attract to ourselves a mirror of ourselves, my daughter lives in Panama with her man and his family are the same ..my sister is married to a Brasilian and has a child and lives in Rio and their family are the same and I have many Argentinians, Chillian, Ecuadorian and Columbian, Venezuelan, Spanish speaking friends that all have this beautiful Latino caring family togetherness and love and are so welcoming and warm.

Nov 17, 2009
a reply- to all-you negative commentators
by: angiejewel

Thanks lucy, yeh I know the world is full of people that are so negative, what I think is they will always be bitter and lonely and have obviously nothiong better to do than sit in front of a computer looking for a way to force there spiteful thoughts, on others ... we can only pity them as they sit in their little dark corner of lonliness and despair day after day night after night waiting to pounce there with their dark negative energy on any opportunity they think they can take advantage of , as they are only cowards who comment with such vicious tongue lashings only brave enough on the internet as an anonymous being ...,as that is all they will ever amount to, exactly what they call them selves, an anonoymous niche in the cyber world of nothingness... so for all you lonely negative commentators crawl back under the rock you sporned out of and die alone and bitter with your evil thoughts in your lonely dark existence ,you pitiful excuse of a human you are just an oxygen thief .... end it now and give us all a break we could use you for fossil fuel at least then you may finally be an assett in your pathetic existence on earth ..... hasta la victoria siempre lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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