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  • The island is famous for its high quality cigars and Cuban rum both considered by experts as the best in the world.

  • Varadero Cuba's most popular beach resorts are among the the ten most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • It is one of the safest countries in Latin America. The island has one of the lowest crime and violence rates in the Caribbean crime rates.
  • Important to know for tourists, the import and use of drugs is strictly prohibited. The possession of drugs is punished with severe prison sentences.

  • The island is a paradise for scuba diving and fishing Diving in Cuba

  • The country has an infant mortality rate of 5.8 per 1,000 and a 96% literacy. Life expectancy is 77 years, the highest in Latin America. AIDS - deaths are fewer than 100 (2007)

  • Tourism is the country's main industry with a total number of 2,319,000 tourists in 2005. Other important industries are sugar, tobacco, nickel mining, steel, and pharmaceuticals.

  • Cuban major export partners are China (25%) Canada (20%) Spain (6.7%) Netherlands (4.5%)

  • Historical Facts

  • In 1900 the first car in Latin America made its appearance in the streets of Havana

  • Havana was the first city in the world to use a phone with direct dial connection (without the involvement of a telephone operator) in 1906

  • In 1915, the first Cuban Peso were issued with a value equal to the U.S.dollar

  • Cuba was the second nation in the world that made radio broadcast in 1922

  • Cuba was the first country in Latin America to introduce in 1937 the eight hours workday and minimum wages.

  • It was the first country in Latin America to grant the right to vote to women in 1940 together with the official recognition of the right to work for women.

  • In 1950 it was the second country worldwide to make an official television broadcast.

  • The FOCSA building in Havana Vedado, built in 1952 was at that time the second highest concrete building in the world (121 metres - 39 floors). In 1953 the most modern television studios at that time were installed in the FOCSA building.

  • It was the second country in the world to broadcast color television in 1958.

  • In 1958, it was the country with the most cars in Latin America and the second country regarding the total number of radios.

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