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Fairytale in Cuba

A few years ago I was enjoying my beautiful vacation in Cuba.
I was visiting family as well seeing that I am half Cuban. The resort I was at was very lovely and peaceful. On about the third day in I was wandering around,when I spotted a very attractive Cuban man, so I walked past his office, he came running out doing his job saying "may I help you ma'am?" I replied saying, "no I am only looking around thank you." Later on I wandered past again, this time he started talking to me, I walked up to him and from there we began talking. We played dominos and ping - pong everyday (because he was in charge of the games room at the resort) he taught me many spanish words I did not know. He was always complimenting me on my looks, and one day I looked down for one second and when I brought my head back up, we were face to face and he kissed me. Every night after that when I would go back to my room I would cry knowing I had to leave him sooner and sooner. Everyday I would go to see him, and we would spend time together laughing and sharing some romantic moments.

The day before I left was Christmas Eve, and I had some reservations in a hotel restaurant that I had to attend, but he told me he would wait for me to finish eating so I could come say goodbye to him. He waited around 3 hours for me!!!!! We exchanged addresses and phone numbers. When I went back to my contry, I sent him a letter and a picture of us. I never received a letter from him for a long time, when one day I got a phone call and it was him. It was short but we talked for some time. Every once and a while he would call me, and one time I even got a letter from him.
A couple years passed, and I went there to visit family once again, but this time for about 3 and a half months. I tracked him down and went to his house. From there on is when the love really started to show. We saw eachother almost everyday. When I left Cuba we both found ourselves very sad. Needless to say we once again stayed in contact, and every few years I would go to see him when I visited family. Even if we only saw eachother for a couple days.

..... A few years later, since he had been saving his money, he moved here to my country were he worked very hard. He wanted to proove to me that he was not using me for a citizenship so he decided to move here himself and become a citizen or at least almost become a citizen before we were to be married. We dated for the time he was here, then on February 14th (Valentines Day) he had preposed to me (This was a couple years back by the way).
We then got married on May 10th, at the same resort we had met at. Our love for eachother is very strong, and for all the years we were apart because of our contries we never lost our love for one another. Now we have been together for 4 years so far, and I am newly pregnant with our first child. (Little baby girl Natalia Emily O. S.)

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Oct 26, 2015
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by: Sadam

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Oct 15, 2015
by: Rosemary White

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Oct 10, 2015
Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

Cuba is an endlessly fascinating place. The archetypal tableau of revolutionary rhetoric, breathtaking beaches, secrets of editing classic cars gliding past faded colonial buildings and a population who dance on an endless ribbon of salsa.

Sep 19, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Jan 28, 2015
Real Love in Cuba? As Rare As Lap Dancing Club in Jeddah! NEW
by: Jeff

With the recent thawing of relations between the USA and Cuba the hookers will have a field day. Just think of the millions of Americans, all those walking wallets landing on their shores from New York Miami Chicago, Palm Beach. Think of all those $$$$'sto be earned.

Prostitution is already rife on the streets of Havana Veija.

One night a deaf prostitute took my hand in hers and traced "20" on my palm with her finger. When I look back on all my nights out, it's a moment more depressing than even a wet Tuesday in Toronto.

I'd bumped into her down on the corner in front of Havana's faded Hotel Nacional, former stomping ground of Sinatra, Hemingway and Brando and host to the infamous Mafia conference in 1946 that Coppola recreated in Godfather II. All I'd done was ask her for directions. I shook my head and tried to mime: "Sorry for wasting your time".

It wouldn't have been the first time a foreigner in Cuba was assumed to be in the market for transactional sex, and now that the USA and Cuba are friends again there'll be a whole lot more of it. Thanks to the travel ban currently in place, only around 60,000 Americans visit Cuba each year.

Jay-Z and Beyonce caused a minor diplomatic incident when they went this summer, and they're the closest things the Yanks have to infallible royalty. The US figure is dwarfed by the 150,000 Brits and more than a million Canadians who are drawn there by the promise of sun, rum and hot, steamy salsa dancing.

Nacional only tell half the story. It's the young Cuban men in the salsa clubs who are getting most of the action. If you take a garishly painted vintage Chevy down the Malecón along the seafront from the Hotel Nacional, after about 10 minutes you'll hit 1830, a famed outdoor salsa club which attracts scores of tourists from the UK, Canada, Italy and Spain who are a long, long way from 18-30.

It's a weird sensation to go halfway round the world to wind up seeing someone who could be your nan grinding up against a guy who looks like he's auditioning for a part in a Step Up sequel. It's probably not just a fling, either. In Canada, where most of the country's tourists come from, the majority of applications to bring their new Cuban spouse back home with them are filed by middle-aged women.

The phenomenon has become so widespread that, earlier this year. Canada's CBC broadcast Love Under Cuban Skies, a documentary which followed the relationships of several older women with young Cuban lovers. Paula Warren, an American in her 60s, married a 23-year-old Cuban called Andy.

"This is like the second chapter in my life," she told documentary maker Wendy Champagne. "I mean, I was a professional, I worked hard ... everything was all this intellectual stuff and I did that and I did it well but I'm through with that. So now it's time to go out and enjoy life.

To some women they have to have a man who's educated. Whatever. To me, in my heart of hearts, it had to be a Cuban."

A Canadian Women's Studies professor named Jill Arnott summed up the appeal of the men who refer to themselves as jineteros ("jockeys" or "hustlers"). "Cuban men are notoriously charming," she says. "They're very good looking, as a generalisation, and can dance like nobody's business. They're very appealing, but they've got game. They've got game like I've never seen."

Unlike male sex tourists, women rarely just straight-out pay for sex. It's more common for holiday romances to start off with long, moonlit walks on the beach and end up with the women paying for posh dinners, mojitos, cigars, new clothes, household repairs, visas, flights, subscriptions to Sky Sports and pretty much anything else the jineteros can't afford on their local wages, which average $20 a month.

Then comes the long-distance relationship and, often, marriage – despite a lengthy immigration process which can take up to two years. Champagne's documentary concludes with several women who fly their Cuban husbands to live with them in America or Canada. Some – but not all – of the couples end up separating shortly after the jineteros arrives safely over the border.

At 1830 I get talking to Aleida, a dancer who makes the mistake of hauling me onto the dance floor and consequently has to suffer my painfully bad attempt to salsa. A single mum whose daughter has a European father, she's well versed in the pitfalls of long-distance relationships. She points out that in a country as isolated as Cuba, where both foreign travel and internet access is severely restricted, Europeans and North Americans can be seen as rare tickets to the outside world. There's a lively contradiction between how trapped Cubans can feel on their island with the pride they have in their country. Her eyes light up when she mentions that she's met Fidel. She calls him "the most beautiful man in the world." I bet he can salsa better than me.

So, while Obama probably wasn't imagining himself rounding up an old folks' home into Air Force One and letting them loose at the Mustang Saloon, his decision to normalise diplomatic relations with Cuba could pave the way for a lot more international relations than he bargained for.

That'll make a lot of jineteros in Havana very happy. And, if your American aunt takes a sudden interest in salsa lessons, you'll know why (lol)

Feb 17, 2012
To the last lady thank you for your honesty.
by: Anonymous

It's so refreshing to read an honest comment, not a flowery fairytale.

To the last lady who posted I would like to say thank you for your honesty. I sincerely hope your relationship works out for you and hope your man is sincere, worthy of your love.

All we have left in this mercernary age of greed and grab is our integrity our honesty.

The ability to love and hopefully not be abused, conned by the recipient of our love.

'Te Quiero Mucho' is the biggest scam today in Cuba.

Their government has to be aware, to be on to it. Are they allowing these losers to con us? play us? because they have become a burden on their welfare state?. It would seem so.

They are happy to offload the losers, to Canada, the UK, Europe. and allow the victim (us) to suffer the consequences.

A Loser, a User is a liability in any country, any culture.

Ladies, be careful!.

Jan 17, 2012
Fairytales are just that - a fairytale!.
by: Anonymous

Sorry, but your stroy does just not ring true.
I can believe the romance part since Cubans have a master's degree in romancing foreign women, they are skilled in the craft of 'Te Quiero' mucho.

The part which I find hard to believe is that 'He saved up enough money' to move to your country.

In a country like Cuba where the average salary is 15 CUC a month, that is an impossibility.

You either funded his flight, visa, lawyer's feees etc. or another foreign woman did.

So you're either lying or this fairytale was spun by the Cuban Tourism Authority in an effort to dispel their bad image with so many foreigners being scammed into marriage by Cubans.

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