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Fat Canadian Women in Cuba

by Kirsty

Fat Middle Aged Canadian Women
Are Denegrading Cuban Tourism.

I have just returned from Varadero and I have to say I feel ashamed to say I am Canadian. Ashamed at my fellow Canadians and how they are turning Cuba into a sleazy bargain bucket destination and turning a whole generation of young Cuban men into male whores.
Let me tell you about one such middle aged fattie. Let's call her Diane. (not her real name)
Diane is a very obese fifty something who works in travel tourism, has a well paid job promoting her city Toronto worldwide.
So large is Diane that she has put such pressure on her knees which have packed up, she now has to get around on crutches.

Did that stope this elderly telly tubbie from returnng to Cuba to bed ever more jiniteros?
Did it hell!.
Diana has gone through at least five Jiniteros in the past five years. There is a negative pattern.

They pick her up on the beach or in the hotel or bar in the town. Woo her, sweet talk her, by day two she is hooked and believes the B.S. They then lay on the sad stories, how their grandfather is sick and needs money to survive. How their mom had to go into hospital.

So Diane will hot foot it (even on crutches) back to Guardalavaca or Varadero with an extra suitcase or two laden with electonic goods, not your worn out pair of sneakers, oh no. We are talking the lastest Adidas, ipods, cellphones. Diane you see is on a good salary and is very generous with her jiniteros.
Diane is in total denial. Her family are so embarrased and keep telling her she is being used but she does not listen.

She is totally in denial about her 18 stone obesity. In denial of the fact that in Toronto she would no more get laid than Susan Boyle would.

Diane is brazen, has more front that Niagara Falls. In fact it irritates me to see fatties like Diane and so many obese middle aged Canadian women who are denegrading not only their bodies and their health, but how they are also abusing and denegrading Cuban Tourism.

These fat female slags are casting a stain on Cuba and driving decent tourism away in droves and that is so sad. They lack self esteem and are so brazen.

They waddle on the Transjet cheapie flights from Toronto to Cuba like the rest of us take a bus. They avail of the bargain bucket $400 package of flight and all they can pig out and swill back all they can at the all-inclusive, while their male whores scoff themselves like pigs, and warp up a ton of food beneath the table to take away to their families.

Middle aged Fatties like Diane waddle off their coach and check in a 19 year old and could not care less about the look of shock on the faces of fellow tourist. They really have an iron clad front and no shame whatsoever.

You see the guys squirm in disgust, and grit their teeth on the beach as these obese women try to cuddle/smother them on the beach. It is so embarrasing to watch, meanwhile Diane brazens it out, it's truly gross and it is widespread.

Thanks to Canada and fatties like old women like Diane, and bargain bucket fares from Toronto, Cuba has been dragged down, and they have created a bargain bucket destination with obese middle aged women like Diane flying there in droves to sleep with young Cuban men. It is disgusting that they are turning a whole generation of young Cuban men into whores.

Something is desperately wrong with a country that churns out so many low self esteem obese women in denial about themselves and how they conduct their lives. Even worse if the impact they are making on beautiful Cuba.

Che Guevara would turn in his grave if he were to see what they are doing to Cuba today, fat old bags  turning it into the Bangkok of the Caribbean.

The Minister for Tourism should put an embargo on the obese who are dragging down his country. And impose a community work sentence on their male whores who are too lazy to work. They have to do something because fat slags like Diane who would never get laid in a lifetime in Canada or anywhere else for that matter are destroying and denegrading Cuban tourism.

Decent folk are now going elsewhere.

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Aug 29, 2018
Agree! NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree 100%. It’s time that somebody said this! Women who do this are just as bad as the men. While it’s true that Cuban men can be very persuasive when they are pretending to be attracted to tourists, this trick is well known by now and the tourists should be able to figure the situation out and should say no if the man is much younger or more attractive than she is. It is very embarrassing for Canada - and it isn’t just happening in Cuba, it’s happening in Mexico and Africa as well. I’m American, and if I saw another American woman doing this I would speak to them. Since this is happening more and more I think it’s time we consider finding ways to make it easier for people to find sexual partners in their own countries (or love, but that can be a lot harder lol). Clearly, the simple act of being accepted (even when the acceptance isn’t genuine) is making these women lose their minds - it all goes back to the unrealistic standards set by the media and the internet. Our men are always chasing that, leaving our women lonely enough to act like fools overseas. We need to understand that everyone should be able to feel sexual, the overweight, the elderly, the handicapped, etc. and then maybe some of these problems would stop.

Jan 17, 2017
cuba is a beautiful country NEW
by: Anonymous

cuba is a beautiful country, the people are warm and the country has a wonderful energy. Cuban men seduce and court- romantic old style poetic sweet words are whispered off their tongues and it melts the heart. Romantic gestures that are no longer done in canada and the states.. its so much nicer to be handed some wild flowers and told you are beautiful then to have a random penis pic messaged on social media.. As for diane playing out her fantasy i dont agree with it but it may be the only thing left for her ego- i dont think her weight has anything to do with the issue either- as young and old, thin and plump, male and female all contribute to the problem..the sex trade is in every country so lets not center out anyone. And not all Cuban-Canadian relationships you see are sex trade related

Mar 27, 2016
not to be a John NEW
by: Anonymous

gineteros and putas exist because there are cients, dont blame them ,blame the clients,you want to stop prostitution dont be a client, has nothing to do with Vacationing in Cuba, blame the tourists, very simple.

Mar 27, 2016
No Not Been Back ! NEW
by: Kirsty

In reply to the last comment No I have not been back in five years.

Cuba has descended into a sleaz pit of prostitution and male whores funded by the likes of Diane who heads up Ontario Tourism and has the funds to finance her various Jiniteros.

For me no, Cuba is not my destination of choice.

I will leave it to the dysfunctionals like Diane the obese the overpaid the low self esteem.

Not my coice of destination. And Cuba Touris is aware of this and shamefully has done nothing to reinvent or target a cleaner more wholesome type of tourism when clearly the country has the basis to attract a decent tourist.

Birdlife, nature, ecology. But no, it still sells itself as this grubby whorehouse of prostitute worker in resorts and carries on attracting the obese Canadian.

Jan 08, 2016
Sound jealous NEW
by: Anonymous

So I take it that you are still going to Cuba then?

Oct 24, 2015
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Oct 19, 2015
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Jun 06, 2015
Cuba Issues NEW
by: James T

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Jun 02, 2015
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Apr 07, 2015
outragous NEW
by: Anonymous

very very bad, you should be ashamed of your self, just like all the men who goes to cube, for fun (sex), so too these women go to cube for fun. so what if they can't get sex at home, they can get it there, and if the cuban men is willing great. I am happy for these women, they deserve to have sex. I am a male, who has a birth defect, and knows how difficult my life is, I never get sex, even if i want to pay for it, women dont want to be with me, maybe it might be different in cuba. (i wont be going). no one should ever talk down to another person, if you live a life like mines, and those women, only then you will understand, but because sex is easy for you, and you have a good life, you could put-down others.

Mar 11, 2015
going down NEW
by: margret

This is not the story of a single woman. There is lot of women who work as the Diane (not the original name) does. I feel so ashamed of this Cuba. Whenever I read an article about Cuba there is nothing good about it to read. Everything will be negative. When will there be a change in the Cuba.Beverly Diamonds Complaints

Feb 13, 2015
fatty NEW
by: Anonymous

enjoy, Cuba is a great place, try to respect yourself and the Cubans around you, dont be a desperate fatty

Feb 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am sorry but by reading these comments all this has done is make me NOT want to travel to Cuba the plan was to enjoy a week in the sun, taking in the culture, and spending quality time with my soon to be husband, I am a 200lb plus size woman I am tall so I am not horribly over weight but enough weight to make me a bit self-conscious and I am not ugly, by no means, I am an attractive woman, but comments like "not allowing woman over 150lbs into Cuba" just makes me want to stay home in Canada with "the rest of the fatties".... way to try and ruin my trip before I even go, so what I plan to do is, I am going to raise my middle finger to all you horrible, rude, small minded, haters. I am going to strut my FAT ass across that beach (in a fucking two piece bikini) and enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. of my vacation...say whatever you want none of your opinions truly matter just remember while your trying to fat shame woman around the world the average size woman is A SIZE 16 an your opinions could discourage people all over the world to travel to Cuba therefore affecting Cuba and its people!

Feb 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am sorry but by reading these comments all this has done is make me NOT want to travel to Cuba the plan was to enjoy a week in the sun, taking in the culture, and spending quality time with my soon to be husband, I am a 200lb plus size woman I am tall so I am not horribly over weight but enough weight to make me a bit self-conscious and I am not ugly, by no means, I am an attractive woman, but comments like "not allowing woman over 150lbs into Cuba" just makes me want to stay home in Canada with "the rest of the fatties".... way to try and ruin my trip before I even go, so what I plan to do is, I am going to raise my middle finger to all you horrible, rude, small minded, haters. I am going to strut my FAT ass across that beach (in a fucking two piece bikini) and enjoy EVERY. SINGLE. SECOND. of my vacation...say whatever you want none of your opinions truly matter just remember while your trying to fat shame woman around the world the average size woman is A SIZE 16 an your opinions could discourage people all over the world to travel to Cuba therefore affecting Cuba and its people!

Dec 21, 2014
Sad Puppies Indeed! NEW
by: Anonymous

To the poster who mentioned 'sad puppies', I could not agree more.

Difficult to know who is the saddest The old wrinklies in their 70's who book the young Cuban girls into the 2 star hotels or the 240 lb. obese plain Janes from Ottawa Montreal and Vancouver, who fly there five times a year laden with presents for their 'Cuban man' who is already happily marr4ied to his Cuban wife and who has no intentions of joining fattie in Canada but will be more than happy to accept her regalos which he can sell to help feed his family.

These obese women and old wrinkled men are living in a fantasy world, cloud cuckoo land, in the belief that their Cuban man or woman loves them.

If only they took the time to learn some Spanish they could begin to understand what their purchased paid for lover really thinks of them.

But they live in denial it's safer that way, and the truth could hurt real bad.

Dec 17, 2014
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Dec 16, 2014
sick puppies NEW
by: Anonymous

to all of you, i would not walk around hand in hand in Canada with a hooker in a hotel, why would i do it in Cuba? I guess you puppies have no shame, take a woman or a man to bed, because of your values and her values, it makes a better lay.

Dec 16, 2014
Embarrassed by my fellow Canadians NEW
by: Anonymous

Boy was i embarrassed by the actions of as very large Canadian woman st the Don Lino hotel in Rafael Fereyes Holguin province.

She is at least 200 lbs and travels regularly to the Don Lino as she is in love with the hotel handyman/gardener who is happily married to a Cuban lady with whom he has four kids and has been married to his Cuban woman for 18 years and no intention of leaving her.

Tamara is 46 and 200 lbs.

She travels to see this man regularly. In her fantasy world he is her man and will marry her but he has another idea entirely.

It is sad to see this fantasy being played out.

Clearly he will use her for all that he can extract from her by way of 'regalos' Sheplays along with the fantasy.

She rarely moved from the sun bed all day where she flops like a very large beached whale.

So sad to see an example of womanhood gone wrong from my country

Has our society been so tainted that we have women who no longer can see the reality from the fantasy and feel they need to buy 'love' no matter how fake warped or tainted her fantasy of 'love' might be.

Dec 15, 2014
lost Canadian puppies NEW
by: Anonymous

very true,I also travel to Cuba 5 times a year to visit my son wich immigrated to Cuba, he was born in Canada, He is Canadian, in Cuba he does not claim to be Canadian, He uses my birth nationality because he is ashamed of the majority of Canadians that visit Cuba, pay attention, see a Canadian in Cuba than pay attention when he arrives in Canada, he/she is a lonely puppy lost at the airport, I too do not use my Canadian citizenship in Cuba.When we think we are someone that we are not,we have a diseased mind, those are the majority of the Canadians I see in Cuba.

Dec 15, 2014
You Do Not Have To Justify Obesity By Being Used NEW
by: Anonymous

Its so sad to see overweight obese women trying to justify their obesity by being overly generous to Cuban men who use and abuse them.

I have seen women of 200 lbs falling for unscrupulous resort workers who play them big time. The obese women bring them laptops smart phones, give them money believe the b.s. And it is all due to their very low self esteem.

They travel five times a year to Cuba. Spend every dime that they work for on worthless Cuban men Lie on sunbeds all day like huge beached whales, only getting off it to eat and drink.

They do nothing to lose the excess weight but lie in a fantasy land that the gardener really does love them, really wants to fly to Canada and marry them and live happily every after.

The reality is the gardener is already happily married in Cuba to a Cuban woman He will never leave his children whom he loves.

So ladies please stop living in fantasy land and wake up. Stop spending your dollars on men who do not love you.

Go to the gym instead.Go on a diet Eat healthily and less food.

Stop dreaming that he loves you. He does not.

To the 200 lb woman who regularly travels to Don Lino in Holguin. The gardener you are in love with is happily married He has no intention of leaving his wife and kids

He feels sorry for you. But he will keep using you and your generosity so long as you keep giving. He sees it as some warped form of therapy for you and does not mind being on the receiving end of your incredibly generosity.

Jun 25, 2014
I strongly agree NEW
by: Anonymous

wow,I strongly agree with you, I am a proud citizen of Canada but when in Cuba, I use my birth citizenship as I am ashamed of the Canadians I meet in Cuba exactly for the same reasons.

Oct 03, 2013
Those who attack and overreact are the ones most guilty of exploiting poverty
by: Kyle

I am shocked by the amount of nasty comments and hatred being spewed out by those who have replied to the original post which is truthful, it seems many who are guilty of the behaviour described just cannot take the truth.

I agree with the poster 'I think therefore I am' who's calm rational comments speak volumes. It is clear that the lack of opportunity in Cuba drives many young men and women into prostitution, and no matter how you try to wrap it up in fancy words, it is prostitution and many older men and women are exploiting this poverty which drives the participants into this seedy game.

Offering expensive gifts such as laptops iphones etc does not hide the fact that you are paying in kind for services renderend, and Kirsty is right in her observation that Cuba has been denegraded by the many elderly men and women of a certain girth who fly to Cuba for fun in the sun and treat a roll in the sack like a trip to the gym or a visit to Starbucks. It's denegrading and disrespecting to the people of Cuba who deserve better. Why not give to the really deserving, the poverty stricken people far away from the resorts, those with the dignity to not resort to selling their bodies and souls for a lousy cellphone or laptop.

Jun 28, 2011
The beauty who speaks of Diane and all the Fatties!
by: Anonymous

Shut up and mind your own business JEEEEEEESH!
live and let live! Turn your head and enjoy your perfect body and shut the}}###%^^ UP!
...Life is short and we who cares what people do with their own lives? You seem to care? Why? You know Diane? Really know her? Talk to her? Whats wrong with you? Lol how old are you to talk such ignorance and bullshit? Please tell us you're in your 20's (no offense to all you youngies! My twins are 18 and my son 20 and they are great, don't judge thank god). So miss perfect, look in the mirror and try and look deeper inside than the face looking back at you! You might like that reflection on the surface but look deeper sweetheart...YOUR SOUL! You just have a sad lonely and very empty life!!!!

Mar 06, 2011
Re: Not Black And White !!
by: Karla A

I have to agree with your post that this thread is full of assumption's, hate, ridiculou's stupid innuendo's of other people's live's that the poster doesn't even know,it's all based on imagination,and that is immature and cruel behavior,by these so called adult's.
I am also thin and have enjoyed good health and attractive look's all my life,so I take extreme offense when the poster assume's the opposite.
I write on this thread to tell of my experience's in Cuba,and to maybe reach out and teach or learn of my success or downfall of my life,not being bombarded by name calling idiot's.
I hope people reading this post realize how your name calling is unacceptable,and stick to positve feed back by posting your own experience's and maybe we can offer positive advice or input to those who have been hurt in a relationship,and try to prevent further people from being hurt.
Have a Nice Day Every-One !!

Mar 05, 2011
Not black and white...
by: i think therefore i am

While reading this thread makes for some great entertainment, it also highlights inability of some posters to debate in a civilized manner. Verbal aggression makes it difficult to support one?s viewpoint even when if it is valid and deserves consideration. I will try to summarize mine as objective as I can:

1. Sex tourism exists all over the world. Cuba attracts sex tourists of both sexes, male and female. Male sex tourists dominate in Cuba while female sex tourists dominate in other countries (European women in Bali, for example).
2. Since Americans can't travel to Cuba freely, Canada is the largest tourist market for Cuba due to its close geographical proximity. Behavior of Canadian tourists is highly visible simply because they represent the majority. Tourists from other countries (England, Italy, Russia, etc.) act in the same manner, just on a smaller scale.
3. AI packages from Canada are remarkably cheap. It attracts lower income population. While lower income does not always indicate lower refinement, it is certainly feels that way in 3 star hotels all across Cuba. People with higher income prefer different destinations since Cuba?s hospitality service is rudimentary.
4. The original poster is crucifying and ?old and fat? sex tourist, but neglects to mention that many young and thin women flock to Cuba to spend time with their ?boyfriends? and carrying ?an extra suitcase or two laden with electonic goods, not your worn out pair of sneakers, oh no. We are talking the lastest Adidas, ipods, cellphones.?. Don?t both deserve the same disdain? Or is it ?love? for the young and thin and ?sex tourism? for the old and fat? How do we draw a line between the two?
5. It is not the despicable tourists that push Cubans to the sex trade; it is the lack of opportunities to earn hard currency in a legal and dignified way.

I was surprised to read some of the comments and how quickly people jumped to conclusions and accusations. While I am not advocating behaviors described in the original post, the issue did not seem that black and white to me?

Feb 13, 2011
Why is everyone so hostile??
by: Jenny

I can't understand why everyone is so hostile here. We all have a right to express our opinions but can do it in a civilized way. I agree with SnowAngel and Pilar's comments. And why are you picking on only Canadian women and insulting them for being "fat" and "ugly"??? There are a lot of fat and ugly men and women from other countries who engage in the very same kind of behaviour. And before you start in on me and saying I'm fat, no I'm not fat, nor am I ugly, I have many Cuban friends who have continued to stay in touch with me over the years even though I've never once had to have sex with them or bring gifts. Why can't you people express your opinions without being hateful and insulting? You lose any credibility you may have had in your posts. And by the way, most of you should learn how to spell properly and learn the proper use of grammar. Just my opinion.....
Have a wonderful day!

I can only agree, let us debate in a polite manner there's no need to offend other people.
Opinions may differ.

Jan 13, 2011
Why Mulatto's?
by: Azila

I can't understand why you people are so harsh in criticizing women or men's preference in partner's.
I myself find the Mulatto very attractive and appealing,you get the best of both race's-black and white,and that is so ---cool!
I have a Mulatto in Cuba I see him twice a year and he is the best,good at everything he does,very attentive,and take's good care of me.
I do not like people judging other's in their choice of mate's,for it is strictly a personal decision.
People who judge other's do not have a life, if they did,they would not bother to see who is going with who and why.
You say the Cuban Govn't should monitor "old selfish women"!!--helooooooooooooo! most women looking for Cuban Sexcapade's are under 30-.
And they come from all over the world, and the most desired is the Mulatto male for the women and the Negrita for the men.
So take a chill pill and mind your own life--Please.

Dec 13, 2010
Why has Angel not replied to your comment?
by: liza

To Anonymous you have raised a very good point. Why does it always have to be a 'Mulatto' that is purchased by the likes of Angel, I find this to be racst and offensive to a segment of Cuban society wh are of mixed race heritage.,

Why should be be seen merely as a body to be purchased for sex,
i.e. sought out merely for prostitution.

As a Canadian born and raised here, of mixed race heritage myself I find this to be deeply offensive and racist.

Women like Diane are denegrading dragging down Cuban tourism when they fly there purely for sex.

They have turned it into a sex tourism destination in the same way that Thailand or the Dominican Republic has become.

Decent tourists, familes are chosing not to go there, so these fat old women are destroying, harming Cuban tourism.

Dec 05, 2010
by: Snow *Angel

Hola Anonymus,
If you don't like x rated shows why do you keep on going back time and again?
We have another hypocrite here,know that the young Cuban's are already corrupted by the Govn't and their parent's and that is a known fact,take your head out of the sand.
And another thing smarty it's the Cuban's that alway's approach the tourist's and if they arrange to get together so be it--.
The only circus here is people like you bad-mouthing other Canadian's,and then go back to the same place and start up their condeming machine.
If you feel so strongly about these young people being corrupted into Jinetero's,I challenge "U TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT".
Like saying to the Cuban Government" do not let tourist's enter Cuba who weigh more then 150-lb's.
Refuse all Canadian's especially fat one's for they will corrupt your youth.
You could also open a centre for Young Cuban's to keep them off the street's and out of resort's.
You could teach them your version of sexual etiquette-if you have one.
One thing to remember that the Cuban at a very young age know's more about sex and the experience then you or I will ever know.
Buena's Noche's,

Dec 05, 2010
Are you Canadian??
by: Snow *Angel

Hello Brian,
If you are a Canadian and know how to read and interpret an article,you are proving to me that you are a really dumb person.
First of all,I'm commenting on the sex tourism in general and secondly,we are not discussing the subject of "what if it was your son or daughter".
you say I used vulgaritie's.
Does this sound familiar"old elderly slapper",
"bitche's in heat",shagging Mulatto's".
I guess like all the other's you were rejected too-what a shame.
I do not have to justify anything to you or anyone else,if you think my post's are a justifiction of my living my life,look again for you are WRONG.
how sad to think that people like you alway's think that people go on vacation for sex--is that what you do??
This time put on your reading glasses when you are analyzing my post's.

Dec 05, 2010
Shame on the previous poster!
by: Brian - Edmonton

The person wh calls herself 'angel' should be ashamed of herself. She has been trying to justify her promiscuity throughout this thread.

She uses all kinds of vulgarities and obsenities, accuin others of 'banging' etc. Her obvious anger is apparent from her comments. People become obese throgh anger and denial.

How would 'Angel' feel if elderly obese Cuban men were to fly to Toronto or Montreal with the sole intention of having sex with teenage Canadian girls, her grandaughter for example.

She would, if she had any sense of decency (which I doubt) be enraged.

Why then is it ok for an old slapper like her or Diane to fly to Cuba like elderly bitches on heat to shag as many 'Mulattos' that they can get their wringly old hands on?.

Just a thought.

Dec 05, 2010
Repetitive-Blah-Blah Blah!
by: Snow*Angel

Hola Agnes,
Your repetitivnes is annoying,just look at the fact's and the law,anyone over the age of 16 is an adult and could engage in any form of sexual behaviour he or she pleases.Age and sex has no barrier,and by two adult's being consensual it is "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS".
But you are entitled to your opinion,no one is forcing you to have sex with a young adult,you keep on implying that I am old and fat and discusting how about yourself? what make's you so perfect?.
Are you angry because you do not get the same attention--how sad you must be--Pinga!
You could send all the letter's you want to any Tourism Agency in the world and they will laugh at your assumption's and shred your dumb=ass letter,for they know full well the law and about sexual tourism ,and you are not going to "STOP IT"
As for your Cuban's letter,he must be the one who you banged because I could send you 100 e-mail's from the Cubano's I met who enjoy and have the most fun with Canadian and European men and women.
Go ahead and be Steffan's directoral assistant in filming and degrading the people of Cuba and have a perveted sense of accomplishment watching consensual adult's being to-gether--you too are one sicko-puppy!
If any one is a "clapped out old tart" it's you Agnes,who has nothing better to do then critize people for living their live's.
In case you don't know Agnes Europe has a lucrative sex trade going on worse than Cuba or the Caribbean--why don't you and the other PERVERT start in Europe filming your perverted exploitation documentary and work your way down.
It seem's you have a closed one track mind and that is so sad,for your experience with the Cuban must have deranged your brain.
I myself am going to spend xmas and the hoilday's with my Cuban Family ,and will be touring all over Cuba,and it won't cost me anything because my Cuban work's for a travel agency--so there!!
I am an attractive slim European with long brown hair-weighing in at 128Lbs-being 5'2"-intelligent-free -independent-financially stable--a far cry from the "old tart" that you must be.
What ever you think that your pervert friend will expose,will have no impact what so ever in fact the reverse might happen and attract more sex tourism which will make the Cuban Tourism Agency very happy indeed--so go ahead and prove me wrong!!
All in All I think you Agnes should get a complete make over and maybe this time you might attract more men and not be so bitter about being rejected.
Merry Xmas<

Dec 05, 2010
Ashamed Of My Fellow Countrywomen.
by: Agnes

'Angel'/Pilon it is ridiculous to claim that Krsty 'is jealous' of what the likes of you are Diane are getting up to in Cuba.

How could anyone be 'jealous' of fat elderly women behaving like whores and dragging Cuba down creating more whores by paying for sex.
Ten years ago Cuba was a decent destination, an island you could take your family to. Today it has become a sex tourism destinaton thanks to fat old women like Diane, and yourself thought you could be the same person since you are so defensive.

The majority of tourists to Cuba are from Canada and over the years their behavour has gotten worse. They are drinking all day, and sleeping with young Cubans turning them into prostitutes.
Here is a copy of an email from a Cuban friend hotel worker, who has expressed disgust at their sleazy behaviour

Dear friend
I ´m feel very sad of those things I ´ve reading in yours emails, that´s too bad!!!! Even for our image!!!!! I really feel bad!!! I agree with you that these persons make us a wrong image!!!!! We hate them here. They disgust us too.!!.

And the honest workers we suffers the consequence!!r of those fat old women..
As you can see the staff are equally disgusted. And Steffan is right, women like Diane and yourself should be exposed in the Canadian, Cuban and European press. Far from being a 'pervert' he is right.

He seems wide awake, a damn good producer/journalist, well aware of what is happening and it is a story of exploitation that needs to be exposed. He would be helping Cuba and it's tourism in doing so.

I personally will be contacting the Minister for Tourism in Cuba and sending him a link to this thread. I will also be contacting Ontario Tourism to let them know what their employee gets up to in Cuba. She should be ashamed of herself.
I have seen so many posts by 'Pilon' and yourself 'Angel' you could be the same person , clapped out old tarts whining about how bad you've been treated.

Well you do seem to return for more punishment and keep paying for it.
What does that say about you?

And please do not trot out the old 'Consenting Adults' line. Sleeping with a lad who could be young grandson and paying him for sex is hardly 'Consenting'.

Dec 04, 2010
Ditto-Right On!!
by: Snow *Angel

You are O so right,if you don't like what you see in one place just go on to the next.
And you are so right,when a Canadian of any size touche's down in Cuba,if she or he is alone she or he will be bombarded by anyone that is Cuban.
If Diane got to pick and choose her man well good for her.
If all the other people posting on here were not so lucky,well to bad for you.
But as we can see,these people keep on going back again and complaining about poor old chubby Diane who is bedding all these stud's in Cuba,or the fat old Italian banging a Negrita.
And by the way most Cuban's like their women nice and plump and if their Canadian all the better--Si!!
Snow *Angel

Dec 04, 2010
The Hunted!
by: Snow *Angel

Hi Steffan,I am not hunting anyone,but it look's like you are,and with a video camera too!
What a sad human being you are to film poverty and misery just to make yourself look good.
When you meet people on your travel's does that make you a XXXXXX too!
Do you get turned on by watching and observing the mature man with a younger girl and wish it was you?? is this what you are going to be filming? you are a sick puppy-worse then the tourist looking for sex.
Well you could leave your wife behind and do the same thing--LOL!or maybe your wife would enjoy some young stud if she pay's him well!
The European's are known for their explosion of sexual appetite and especially their underground-orgies- that is why you are obsessed with going to Cuba and exploit the people and the tourist.
Just remember some one could be filming you too, and if you get caught filming in Cuba a documentry that is negative to the Communist Govn't you will be interrogated and put in Jail.
And I would never participate in your sick adventure, maybe you should ask other's on this thread.
AS obnoxious as you think that the Chubby Canadian is going to an Island to have consensual sex, you are more obnoxious for filming it.
As for financial renumeration
-no thank-you,I do not sell myself to no-one,nor do I pay any one--sorry to dissappoint you-but if you do exploit the Cuban people on your documentary pay them well and give them my share.
As for my Cuban friend he work's two job's and take's care of his business he does not need me or any one else to buy designer clothe's or shoe's.

Deleted one word Webmaster

Dec 04, 2010
Life's Adventure
by: Snow * Angel

Hi Steffan& Anonymous,
Well I hate to dissapoint you Steffan but I am not going to be with you in Varadero,but will be 200 miles west of Havana.
And why are you doing your perverted documentary in Cuba,are you not exploiting the people there??
Please note that I will not be engaging in any F@#%ing adventure ,sorry to dissapoint you, but i'm sure you will.
Unlike you ,the Mulatto's, Negro's and white Cubano's were very civilized and courteous and helped the local tourist with respect.
They do not go around documenting,poverty, hunger and greed like you do but simply try to help each other in order to survive.
It's people like you who exploit poor people around the world in a public forum.
You say that you wish to film my F@#king adventure,are you by chance in pornography filming??
Are you a jinetero filming poor people,and their misery for money--what a hypocrite you are--get real my friend.
For-Anonymous--being sexually active by mutual consent is not being promiscuous,it is excercising a bascic human right,also know that when travelling around Cuba or anywhere in the Caribbean you are bound to meet many Mulatto's--is there anything wrong with that??
Canada will never be brought down ever because it stand's on it's own History and Merit's and the Cuban's know this--the only people who bring down Canada is people like you who degrade it's own people.
The only people who are degrading Cuba is its'own un-elected Govn't-not a few chubby Canadian's who go there for their own pleasure.
I hope you and Steffan find peace in your own bitterness toward humanity-and remember what come's around goes around--one day someone will tell you "stay home old woman"you are not needed here"

Dec 04, 2010
Why 'Look The Other Way'?You Are Denegrading Cuba and It's People.
by: Anonymous

'Angel' now wants us to 'Look the Other Way'. Why ??

When you are denegrading a beautiful island, a country and it's people.

Some posts back you stated you wanted to 'travel around Cuba in search of Mulattos'.

Now you want people to 'look the other way'?.
I think that old women like you need to be exposed, you need to be shown up because you are instrumental in pissing on, destroying a beautiful culture.

From what I can see, Canada has already been brought down by greed, crap food a greedy souless Gordon Gekko type culture of grab all you can and screw everyone else and created monsters like you, fat, greedy and ready to f....k anything in pants. Your prefernece being 'Mulattos'. Just like your Northern American neighbours and your pal Diane in Bufallo who earn a fat salary promoting Ontario while she sh.its on Cuba.
Stay at home old woman, you are not wanted in Cuba.
NOTE Webmaster
Edited - Deleted harsh language

Dec 04, 2010
Look the Other Way!
by: Snow*Angel

Hi Agnes,
When I travel to Cuba or anywhere else I mind my own business,and let people live their lives accordingly.
I am travelling to Cuba in a week to visit,my extended Cuban family and take a break from this cold weather.
I do not have to travel to find a Mulatto,for there are plenty here in Canada.
I am single and independent and make my own decisions based on my want's and need's.
I am not "FAT" as I said I weigh in at 128Lbs,and am 5'2.
This is not a defensive posting,for reality does not need defending.
If you go to Cuba for sunshine and relaxation then do so but keep your eye's on your own family and your business.
If you are ashamed to be a Canadian citizen then by all mean's revoke your citizenship-please.
From my experience in life I know that many women and men are very shy and inhibited,and when they travel to the tropic's they vent off their inhibition's by taking advantage of the tourist sex trade--the Cuban Govn't is aware of this and so are all the travel agency's.
My Cuban friend is 35 year's old and very much aware of what is going on,and we both respect each other's life style and law's of the land.
Canadian's or any other nationality did not bring shame or embarrassment to Cuba,it's the Communist Govn't who did an excellent job of doing that.
As for older women and men hitting on 19 year old's,that is an old story and is not new's any more---.
So my friend, when you go on vacation enjoy the sunshine and relax--and please look the other way,for nobody care's what you think,not even the Govn't.
Snow*Angel--{ps.if you are so concerned about young teen's engaging in tourist sex why don't you start a petition,for in Thailand the parent's pimp out their kid's at 5 year's old.In Brazil a gypsy girl 10 year's old gave birth to a daughter,so you see to each his own.}

Dec 04, 2010
To Javier a question
by: YIKES!

THank you Javier for your comments. I agree with you. People who go to Cuba to pay for sex should indeed be on a list as the Jineteros/as are. I am also an older women of 53. I am in good shape and still attractive and in a very happy healthy relationship. I have travelled often to Cuba for the sun beach and because I fell in love with Cuba..its people music and dance. I learned to dance in cuba and in the beginning went 2 or three times a year registering in schools in Havana for lessons each time. I was passionate about it because I wanted to dance properly not like tourist looking stupid. Now I have taken my dance instructors out dancing many times and do not like that anyone might assume I have a young lover which I am paying for. Only paying for entry into club and some beers which is far less then a single 1 hour dance lesson in Canada. Please reasure me that cubans can spot the difference??? I do not touch nor flirt nor encourage anything like that and once in the club dont expect my instructors to stick beside me all night but to enjoy his evening. WHen I leave I leave alone by taxi to my hotel. If you tell me that cubans can't tell the difference and assume every older woman hanging with a young man is paying for sex I will wear a sign on me next time saying ... I am happily married in Canada and solamente aqui para bailar!!!!

Dec 04, 2010
wow guys lighten up!
by: jan

Wow this is a very cruel thread. I agree with snow angel in that people have a right to do as they please and if fat canadian/swedish older women choose to pleasure themselves by paying for sex that is their business and none of yours. It is disturbing to see I do agree I dont like it and feel grossed out but as Angel said it is a free world.
My beef is keep it private dont make it public.
To note. These women can buy sex here too by the way and it doesnt sound like its any cheaper in cuba with all the gifts they bring. Maybe they are more comfortable buying it away from home. Who cares.
If these young people choose to make their living selling themselves for sex that is not your business either.
I often wonder why it bothers me. Something to think about for sure.
I see as many old disgusting men doing this too. I am more baffled that a young cuban man or woman can even pretend to enjoy it. Please someone explain how a beautiful 19 year old man can get an erection at all or kiss and pretend to enjoy it.?? But that is just me being curious and not my business.
I saw a very fat man from montreal ( so fat that his belly button was stretched to capacity that it looked as though it would burst)and who wheezed and grunted with every step as he hacked a lung up with every inhale of his cigarette. There he was with a stunning young cuban girl. SHE was all over him rubbing his belly etc... not him all over her. I dont get any of it but whatever... I say just keep it in your room.

May I ask you , if it was an older attractive woman or man with a younger person would it disgust you so much?
For me the biggest embarassment about being in Cuba and being Canadian is the low class people that go to Cuba. They make canadians look like ignorant disgusting people in general. Everytime I go I cannot beleive that almost the entire plane is filled with a certain type of person. I wonder what cubans must think... that our entire Country is filled with fat ugly loud ignorant people?
Perhaps raising the price of travelling to Cuba might take care of this.

Dec 04, 2010
To the Very Bitter Defensive 'Angel'
by: Agnes

I have been reading through this thread and it is understandable that 'Angel' would get defensive about the truth, that there are a lot of Canadians women of ample girth who travel to cuba for sex with young men, in your case you referred to a 'Mulatto' and that you were going to travel around Cuba looking for some.

Now I get the feeling you are an older larger lady, but at no time did the Original Poster state that all Canadians are like you or Diane, so please do not fly off the handle. I understand you are angry, many obese people are. They overeat because of anger and denial issues.

I am a middle aged Canadian from Novia Scotia and I have to say I agree with Steffan, Javier and Kirsty who say they care disgusted by the behaviour of some Canadian women who bring shame on our country and to themselves by their promiscuous behaviour.

I was in Varadero in September and witnessed the behaviour of women like Diane, they had no shame at all. Women in their mid to late 50's checking in Cuban boys as young as 19, young enough to be their grandsons, and they had no shame at all, not even shame about their obesity level.

I also witnessed the unruly drunken behaviour of a group of young women from Ottawa who stripped off in the pool and in the dsco on their first night, drunkenly seducing the animation team and they did not care who was watching or who their yelling and screaming in the pool at 4am was disturbing.

I go to Cuba for relaxation and sunshine, I love to see my teenage kids enjoy themselves but in a civilsed manner, sadly unlike the many middle aged women who set them such a bad example.

Like Kirsty I too am ashamed to say I am Canadian whenever I visit Cuba, because some have brought our country into direpute by their disgusting behaviour.

And it's the cheap bargain bucket fares which are attracting them.

I thank God for this excellent site so that we can air our grievance and speak the truth. You cannot always blame the Cuban men, our own women are truly like dogs on heat in pursuit of those young Cuban men.

Dec 04, 2010
Thank-you Vic!
by: Snow*Angel

Hi Steffan,
Your lack of maturity show's in your post,and if you were any kind of gentleman you would not have degraded another human being by your harsh word's.
Know that you are one of the least to judge another person's behavior,what you witnessed in your travel's happen's all over the world by many people.
You critize Canadian women for being "fat& slag's"
well I could describe,Italian's ,German's, Polish,and a lot of women from Latin america who would fit the same description.
For your information i'm not fat i weigh in at a healthy 128 .lbs,and I am not interested in picking up anybody,but if i am enjoying a drink and a man wishes to start a conversation with me,and I make the decision to do so,what business is it of your's??
Also it sadden's me that you and other's on this thread are so crude in analizing "Diane" or other people in her situation.
She does her own thing and pay's for it herself,people like you are likened to people who like to spy on other's activities and then verbally abuse them with no shame.
Diane could fly to Cuba and anywhere else she pleases,just know that she will be the only one to suffer any negative fallout from her behavior.
Also how dare you critize her pregnant daughter and any one else,whose life is not as perfect as your's!!
Canada has given everyone an opportunity to live our lives the way we want to,but no one can control our free will,therefore you have people behaving out of the so called norm and end of destroying themselves.
Having a good sexual appetite is not promiscuity,it is a natural phenomenon,and when performed by consenting adult's over the age of 16 it is normal and "Legal"in Cuba and anywhere else in the world,weather it be for money or love it apply's both way's.
I'm wondering why does it bother you so much?can't you just enjoy your vacation and let people live their own live's??
Also it was "El Che's" and Castro's policy to bring Cuba down to it's knee's and destroy the Island and it's people,all the abusive behavier going on in Cuba to-day is going on with the blessing of it's "Gobierno"-Saludo's desde Hamilton,Ontario.

Dec 04, 2010
To Varadero Slags, including who is no angel.
by: Steffan

I am a young French man and I agree with what Kristy and Steffan have said. It is clear you are doing your best to hijack this thread by turning it into a slag off Che Guevara thread.

This has nothing to do with Che. This is about fat self indulgent all bags like you fly down to Varadero for as little as $400 for a flight and all you can pig on and slosh back for a week, and you prowl the resorts for young men whom you disgust. I mean you disgust not just Cuban men but all men.

You weight 18 stone, you drink like fish you smoke and stink like a stale ashtray. You are ugly people, and I mean ugly in character. I have seen your type at Cluba Mambo and other bars in Varadero desperate to get laid when you know you are well past your sell by date.

What has happened to Canada that it produces sad sick old women such as you. Guests at a hotel had to walk away from a 50 something woman from Montreal - Michelle who stand like a stale ash tray, she was also on Methadone for her drug problems and chain smoked. her smell knocked you back.

She was also on the prowl for young men, and she had a face like Shrek.
Her daughter was six months pregnant and had to run from her to protect her unborn child because the selfish old hag chain smoked day and night, into people's faces.

Canada must be so proud of it's nation of grandmothers who are s desperate to get laid they have to pay young Cuban men.
And do not make me laugh. It is not about 'consenting adults' You are paying boys young enough to be your grandson.

What is 'consenting adult' about that?.

Old slags ljke you and Diane should be watching over your shoulder, you could find you fat ugly faces featured in a t.v. documentary and a magazine spread, because you have become infamous wordwide for your promiscuity and the world is intrigued but in a disgusted way as the Cuban authorties is for old bags like you denegrading their tourist industry.

Old slags can pay for sex but they sure as hell cannot buy the self respect they sadly lack.
What must your kids, your families think of you?.
If you were my grandmother I would disown you.


Dear Visitors, let us keep this forum POSITIVE,
Please, No name calling, no personal insults.
We all know that Cuba is not perfect, but think about this,... so is your country of origin. We all can tell ugly stories about...(you name it)..France, USA, Germany, Spain, Rusia, Canada, etc. (add your own country to the list).

Dec 03, 2010
El Pueblo Cubano
by: Snow* Angel

Hi Javier,
How sad that you are so bitter,but let me explain,first of all I am not Diane,second I am not a grandmother,third,whatever I have written come's from reading about Cuba and the "Revolution" the biography of "El Che" and numerous other articles.
I have never been to Varadero,but have been to La Habana and other Province's,and witnessed first hand the result of the Castro Regime.
I met young and old alike who say thing's got worse after the overthrow of Batista,everything that Castro promised was all lie's--many Cubano's fled the Island risking death under the new Communist rule-if it was so great why did they flee,and most Cubano's left their loved one's behind.???
Also know that I have no problem meeting local men in my area if I chose to do so,in all honesty any half decent looking woman even if she is a bit obese would have no problem getting "Laid" in Canada.

Please do not judge people,for if Diane find's pleaure in going to Varadero and she attract's for whatever reason the men there--so be it ,as I said before-it's legal it's between 2 adult's,as far as the law goes 16 and over is considered an adult,and does not need any approval to meet their sexual need's.
If people were really enjoying their vacation they would not be looking at all the Diane's that go there.
People that travel to have sex are not prostitute's or promiscuous,they are adult's excerising their right's to fullfill their desire's and do not need you or any body else condeming them for this--it is LEGAL.
I'm sure that if this activity was illegal in Cuba or any where else,there would not be enough prison's to hold them all.
I'm going to Cuba next week to meet up and spend xmas with my friend's there,i'm not bringing regalo's to no one,but have offered to pay for xmas dinner,what i do with my Mulatto is our business and what happen's in Cuba stay's in Cuba--no regret's.
Wishing you and your family the best,
Snow Angel

Dec 03, 2010
Snow Angel/Varadero Slag
by: Javier

As Michelle pointed out you could be Diane (the woman who sells Ontario to the world yet fumpd on Cuba)who is clearly trying to hijack this thread.

You say little has changed. That statement reveal you to be a very ignorant woman.

You are my grandmother's generstion, but my grandmother would never go to Varadero to sleep with young Mulattos as you do.

My grandmother has self respect and dignity, unlike obese man hundty saddos like Diane and those like her in Canada.

My grandmother remembers clearly how poor families were under Batista's regime. She was illiterate and too poor to attend school. She did not have shoes.
She remembers having to knock on the door of a wealthy family to beg for food on Sunday so she could feed her children. But unlike you ad Diane she had dignity and worked as a cleaner to feed her children.

She did not crawl Cuba's resorts like a bitch on heat lookong for young men.
Prostitution was rife, and shame on women like you and Diane (though you could be the same,) because no doubt she is now aware of this thread.

I say shame on old slags like you who are mothers and grandmothers who travel to cuba to sleep with youngsters.

What do your grown up children and your
grandchildren think of their grandmother who travels to Cuba a three or four times a year
to pick up young Jineteros.

Women like you disgust me, as much as you disgust your children, they have no respect for you. How can a woman like Diane earn a huge salary for polishing up Ontario's image when dengrades Cuba and it's youngsters by her sleazy behaviour.

Dec 03, 2010
No Difference!
by: Snow *Angel

Hi Michelle,
You are correct when you say that Cuba was a bordelo under Batista, and many Cuban's suffered under his abusive reigme.
But please note that when El Che and his comrade's took over with the Revolution, tell me my fiend what changed????.
There is no difference with back in the 40's and 50's or now is there?
There is no bashing here of anyone just fact's and history did repeat it's self in Cuba,now it's the late CHE"s policy's and the Castro's running the Bordelo.
I am not obese nor am I a grandmother but a person who speak's the truth about reality, and the reality is, it's not the tourist that has turned Cuba into a Bordelo, it just changed political hand's that's all.
Can we change it? yes if we all go there to experience the Island and all it's beauty
and respect it's people and it's law's,but will it happen? not for now!.
Che's first wife was Hilda Gadea married in 1955, in 1956 she gave birth to a daughter Hilda Beatriz, a while later Che announced he fell in love with another woman and left Hilda to marry Aleida and went on to have 4 kid's--after a few years Hilda died and her daughter passed away at age 32.
Before you start calling people absurd name's please review the history of the suject at hand, you are entitled to your opinion,so please let other's have their's without name calling or abusive word's.Thank-you
Snow *Angel

Dec 03, 2010
You Cannot Blame Che For Your Rampant Promiscuity
by: Michelle

I do not know if 'Snow Angel' is in fact Diane attempting to hijack the thrad away from her own digusting behaviour and into a Bash Che thread.

Since you sre so well versed in the history of Cuba and Che you will also be aware of the fact that Cuba was a bordello, a brothel run by the Mafia under the Battista regime. Cubans were hungry, illiterate, poor. Che in fact liberated them from that.

Now women like you and well paid Diane are tgurning Cuba back into a brothel again, and thst is a shame. Women like you have neither dignity nor self respect.

You do not even respect yourselfes, you eat junk food and let your weight baloon. Then you waddle off to Cuba to get laid because no man would touch you in Canada.

That is sad for the youngsters you are contaminating, corrupting them, turning them into prostitutes. You turn my stomach. As a mother or grandmother you should know better,

Canada has gone down the toilet and followed in America's footsteps. A nation of self indulgent fatties, living on junk food and seeking instant self gratification regardless of the consequences.

And before you try to explain it away as 'consenting adults. Do not make me laugh, when you are old enough to be their grandmother.

Dec 03, 2010
Quality of life!
by: Snow *Angel

Hi Kirsty,
You are correct when you say that it is not right when a person pay's to manipulate other people for $20.00,but there is nothing in this world to stop it.
As long as there are Govn't that are corrupt and there is no human right's,and treat their population like dog shit you will have people abusing other people for sex all over the world.
As for Che Guevara did you read the history of this murderous scum,how he murdered a pregnant cuban for no reason,how he himself shot a 14 year old boy for defending his father.
And for your information he to abused many women along his travel's who by the way sent him momey and other good's any time he asked for them,yes he was a doctor but did he work---NADA,just lived off family and women.
Name of the book is "CHE"-read it please.
As for his present wife which as you know is not the first ,I know nada about,only his first wife and daughter are dead.
As his four kid's with his other wife I do not know nada about them for as i can see they are all no better then their father.
It's the result of the so called "Revolution" that has turned Cuba into what it is today--not the 70 year old Italian looking for some Negrita-or a 300 lb slug looking for a toy- boy.
And don't forget it was with El Che's help that all these abuse's are taking place in Cuba to-day.
Snow *Angel

Dec 03, 2010
Varadero Slag- To Each His Own.
by: Kirsty

You talk about 'consenting adults' the old coop out chesnut that is used whenever some fat old Canadian slag slips a $20 bill to a hotel receptionist or some dirty old Italian grandad buys the silence of the concierge as he slips in his 16 year old Negrita.

But that does not make it right. I doubt very much your son will be seduced by some old tart, not unless he has been raised to see a flow of traffic into momma's bedroom and sees that as 'normal'.

I disagree with your views of Che and his esposa..

He was happily married and his widow raised his children with dignity and respect, qualities that are obviously lacking in yourself.

Che's daughter is a leading doctor who travels to central and south america doing charitable work and treating children who's familes could otherwise not afford medical help.

Dec 03, 2010
Varadero Slag's !
by: Snow *Angel

Hi Kirsty,
When I read your post,I visualized the action's you were describing on the beach in Varadero,and it truly made me want to gag and vomit.
My son is there now and I hope he does not get involved with any one that fit's these obese women's description's,even though he is a tourist and look's Cuban,for I would be devestated to hell.!!
When these Jinetero's-Chulo's hook up with these obese monstrosity's,know that they are adult's and both are consenting to sex and receiving money and gift's for the same.
The Cuban Ministry of Tourism cannot in all honesty stop or refuse this kind of activity on this Island,for all they are interested in is the revenue,and these male and female whores need to supplement their income by any mean's available.
As for Che Guevara,he himself was a male whore,and his first wife was also fat and ugly-so ugly that when asked why he married"una mujer tan fea"he replied "When it's dark and she has her leg's open I cannot tell the difference."
So you see most men and women who do not respect or care for themselve's,cannot be expected to do the same for other's.
I plan on going to Varadero soon,and hope to have some fun there,and in the future explore other Province's,I value my independence,freedom and personal liberty's,and will not give them up for no man-but if a good looking Mulatto come's my way to have some fun--yes I am going for it.

Dec 03, 2010
So True Kirsty !Thank You For Saying What We All Know
by: Javier

I applaud you Kirsty for saying what we all think but few have the courage to admit.

That our tourist industry is being denegraded by the bargain bucket crowd who fly in from Canada and now the UK for very low fares from as little as $400 flight and a/inclusive and who wipe their feet all over our lovely island.

I find it disgusting, hypocritical even, that a woman like Diane earns a very good living from promoting Ontario as a wonderful tourist and clean destination to the world, should then proceed to piss all over our lovely island.

Cuba is a small island. Word gets round. She is known here.

Diane Denegrades us.

Wipes her feet on us.

Because that is what she is doing by showing such a lack of respect, not only for herself and her obesity issues but by paying our young men and luring them into prostitution.

Because that is what she is doing. It's a financial transaction, prostitution.

Who would Dane feel if someone videoed her sexual exploits on the beaches of Cuba with her latest toy boy and posted the video to her Tourism boss in Ontario?.

Would that be a wake up call for her to address her obvious issues?.

Because it seems to me that is the only way to address this real problem that women like Diane are creting for Cuba and Cuban tourism.

I have personally spoken to tourists who say they would rather not return to Cuba. They have seen it change so much in the last ten years. We have too many old Italian men travelling her to sleep with young girls.

They denegrade those girls in the same way that Diane is denegrading the many young men she sleeps with. She is creating a generation of prostitutes!.

There is no excuse for any young person to prostitute themselves.

As Vic has said on many occasions, there is always work for every Cuban if they want it. I have worked from the age of 15, there is dignity in work.

Young men who earn their living on their back have lost all sense of self respect and dignity.

They are also risking their health because the Cuban Health programme has cut back on HIV?Aids spending so there is now a greater risk of women like Diane exposing our young men to catching a fatal and terminal disease.

I urge our Minister of Tourism to address this very serious problem and have women like Diane placed on a register, (as the Jinteros are) and prevented from further denegrading our beautiful island.

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