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First Time in Cuba

by Andreas

I just got back from Santa Lucia this past Tuesday. I spent the first 5 days on the resort trying to be a good boy but when the evening's entertainment was a fashion show, I couldn't take it and went for a walk. I got as far as the end of the resort's driveway and met a very pretty girl who asked if I had a chica. I told her that sorry I don't know what a chica was. We chatted a bit then I went to the next resort to see what was going on. On the way to a local disco I ran into a gang of Cuban guys who immediately became my amigos and kept hitting me up for beers. BUT ... just before we got to the disco I saw this girl again. She was walking in the opposite direction so I called to her and asked if she wanted to join us. (I had in the meantime asked a security guard at the other resort what a Chica was.)

The disco was busy and I bought my new amigo and this girl a drink. There were other girls looking at me like they were going to come over but the girl I had invited kind of snuggled up closer (obviously) to keep them away. We ended up going to an outdoor disco party (the amigos followed) and had a great night dancing. I really didn't know how to take this girl and it kinda bothered me. I hoped that she wasn't a Jineteras, which I just read about on your site. I was getting conflicting messages. She told me a couple of times during the night that she loved me, which worried me but around 3am the bunch of them were going to head to a different disco and I said I was going to head back to my place. The girl asked if we could meet the next day and I agreed.

We met at an outdoor cafe at 4 in the afternoon and talked awhile as best we could using Spanish, German, English, Italian and when we talked about our kids I said that I'd like to see her 2-year old daughter. She had photos but they were at her sister's place and she invited me to go. It was 12 km by taxi. When we got there I met her sister and her little niece. She made me a coffee and showed me the photos. I had fun with the cute niece washing the floor and dancing and overall enjoyed the visit. The taxi showed up and we headed to my resort, agreeing to meet again that night.

I was at the disco early, grabbed a beer, put off one girl and ended up chatting with another girl after telling her I was waiting for my "chica". When this girl showed up I almost died. She was so beautiful! We had a great night of dancing, talking, drinking and hanging out with two other couples and I hated for the night to end. I had to fly back to Canada the next morning. It was the most fun I've had in a lot of YEARS. Neither of us could believe that we had just met the day before and she cried about me having to leave.

Now I'm back in Canada and I'm suffering through a rollercoaster of emotions. Reading the article about "Jineteras" didn't help any. She gave me her mother's phone number (she doesn't have a phone) and her address and she took down my email address and said she'd write me. The first night we were out I gave her some money, not for services rendered, I just wanted to. I had a silver ring which I gave her as well and she took it without hesitation. On our second, wonderful and final night I gave her all the rest of the money I had left plus I went through my "stuff" at the hotel and put everything I could think of in a bag for her to give to whoever might need something. It just seemed like the right thing to do. I wished I had more to give. I even threw in my gold watch (I have another at home) and my bottle of duty free French brandy.

Okay, that's plenty long now. But, like I said, I'm confused, messed up and I miss her like crazy! It's been 4 whole days and I haven't heard from her! Again, is she a Jineteras and I was just another tourist? I don't think so. I hope not.

A Cuban/Canadian friend of mine (met him on this trip) is going down again on November 22nd. I asked him if he would take some things down for this girl and her daughter. I had a great time shopping for 2-year old clothes, got a teddy bear and decided to send an envelope with money as well just to help out. The girl told me that her daughter's birthday was on the 10th of November and that I should call ...

Now that really is enough. Pardon me for going on so long. I feel like I found Cinderella and I'm standing there with her glass slipper but don't know where to look.

Comments by Vic Webmaster
Great story Andreas, this happend to several "Cuba First Timers". Enjoy the attention, but don't get to deep involved, keep a low profile with money and gifts only time will tell you how things can work out.

Comments for First Time in Cuba

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Oct 15, 2015
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Oct 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Sep 23, 2015
First Time in Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

I am happy to read your story. As you have met with your desired girl there and had a blast in your disco dancing with. I visited there for best paper writing company many times. It's a beautiful place.

Apr 26, 2015
the way cuban goes!!! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been there for few times, last year alone I visited 3 times in Havana ,cuba . on my first vist few yers back I met a beautiful mulato girl . I visted her parents house . her mother cook good meal for us . every time visit cuba, I buy a lots of cloths , cosmetics for her and family . initially I used send mobile top up . I don't send her anymore and she don't ask me anymore either. she didn't have any job when I met her later I advised her that she must find a job if she want to continue have relationship with me . now she got a job in a restaurant . the good thing about this girl is she listened to me what I said and we still in touch although we have serious language barrier I am very poor in Spanish as she is in English but one thing I must say language barrier doesn't matter if you feel attractive each other . that's where true love began .one thing I found in Cuban people they are not good at hospitality ,you can give them a lot in return you wont get nothing ,they simply will take and take from you in return you cant expect anything .my girl asked a lot of things i advised her get a job fist which she did eventually now i see serious change her expectation from me every time she asked me something i told her i will bring it in my next visit . she still email me sometimes text things are gong well .lets see how things goes time will say

Mar 02, 2015
don't trust anyone NEW
by: drax

If this is your first time in cuba, I would suggest you to go and have a look at the do’s and don’ts in for this place. The place is a splendid one. The problem is with the people. They are cheaters and I would never trust a single person over there. Medical Billing

Jul 29, 2013
Don't give too much
by: Mr. Z

I don't know your age or her's, but it actually doesn't matter. From what I've seen and experienced personally, the woman will go with whomever will spend the most on her. It sounds strange, but Cubans always put their family above themselves even if their parent(s) treated them like trash. It happened to me and to others I've spoken with, but my girl preferred to stay in Cuba with her abusive (she claimed) pimp mother, than to marry me and have a child and family in Canada. She gave all the presents and money I gave her to her mother, to fix her latest husband's house and then asked me for more to buy a house for her.

Your's is playing you well. I guess she knows you are already in the bag as you gave her so much without her even having to put out. So she'll play hard to get to fool you into thinking she's different and not easy or a pro. I emailed mine for several months after we met (I gave her my email and telephone number on the last day of my vacation). When I returned about 4 months later, we were in bed together and having unprotected sex (I was an idiot but lucky) as I would have been happy to have a child within a few minutes of being together on my return.

And btw, the pros will NEVER meet you at the airport, as mine never did in all my visits, because the airport is crawling with police and military and people will recognize her as many meet with a new tourist every few weeks.

If you want to have fun with this woman, don't give her anything else until after she shares a hotel with you on your next vacation. If she refuses to register, she's definitely a pro.

Good luck, and please let us know if things worked out.

Mar 14, 2013
Badges, we don't need no stinkin badges.
by: youcancallmejoe

I strongly urge you not to turn her over to the police. Sounds like she gave you a really nice time with some real emotional impact. Try to get that from a working girl here in the USA. If you can even get it I bet 3 or 4 days of it would run an easy 1.5K easy, and maybe considerably more.

No man you got an experience, a great experience. And, now that you are an experienced Lothario on the Cuban circuit, there are so many outstanding opportunities available to you. Your hard won knowledge has rewarded you with an intimate understanding of the scene down there.

You can probably get a solid week's worth of faux love for under $300.00 in costume jewelry and middle of the road brandy. I would definitely reduce your cash outlay though. Instead of cash, and given the average jinetero's imperfect knowledge of the value of consumer goods, I believe you can get a lot more mileage out of jewelry and consumer electronics. Instead of re-gifting that electronic "find your lost key chain by whistling" douhicky you were given last Xmas by aunt what's her name, you can make some beautiful young Cuban deliriously happy with the latest in cutting edge electronic magic from the land of consumer heaven, when with perfect timing, you drop it on her as a small token of your affection. It's a win win situation for you and any fortunate young lady you happen to cross paths with as you navigate Fidel's brave new world.

Finally my last observation doesn't really fit into this narrative, but it is such a profound and important insight that I feel I must share it at every conceivable opportunity, if for no other reason then to make sure the sentiment lives on. In the immortal words of iron Mike Tyson, it is as follows: "If God has invented anything better then pussy, he's keeping it to himself." Now my friend, chin up and you get yourself back in the game. Life is short and times a wasting.

Dec 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi andreas i had a similar experince I met a girl
with a great personality we enjoyed the week I was there . However she was acting weird . She wouls say she was tired or had to go home 1.5 hour away.when she left me the last night i gave her another 100 dollars that ihad in my pocket. Plus gave her frequntely during the week. Upon returning back I felt very guilty because every time she said she was tired I told her to go home.
upon reading this site I realized she was a pro.during the week she asked me to buy a T shirt for $12 . I told her I will send her a suitcase full. She was happy and wrote down her address.
secondly she broke out crying that she will miss me when i am gone,and asked me will i ever see her again. My answer to her was lets enjoy the moments we can I cant promise anything more.we had lobster pizza and every thing was fine.
Third thing was she said her mother was sick and she had to visit I gave her some money and told her i will pray for your mother.
What i learned from this site she was trying to hook me but i woudnt take the bait.
So when she realized i was leaving the next day she cried I gave her money. She never came by the next day to say goodbye. If it wasnt for all the reading hear i would be feeling guilty. All the best to you

Nov 18, 2010
by: Victim in south Florida

I'm a professional here in South Florida (age 43) and met a great girl (age 34) with a superb smile and charm who arrived in Florida from Cuba in 8/2009...we met in 11/2009.

from the 2nd date on...it was..."I don't know what it is, but I have Very very strong feelings for you" not 2 weeks go by she claiming she's in love.

Now I'm no fool...I can score women as I am decent looking and quite charming myself...so I suspected her to be a Jinetera...however, I played along because even though i'm a professional...I am very broke...mainly because of my crazy amount of Child Support I pay monthly. But I do have a nice size house that I live alone in...that I am sure excited her...so much so...from day one she would say "this is my new house"

What she wasn't aware of until too late was that I have my house under my Dad's name...and that i have over $230,000.00 in debt. Well around Jan/2010 I let her know... unfortunately for her...I managed to get her to have feelings for me...so she tried to stay with me.

Fast forward...Sept/2010 she finally breaks it off...the allure of love wore off. But she left a strong hole in my heart...

Her daily..."you know I love you sooo much" "I can't wait to get home to you" blah blah blah...was VERY EFFECTIVE. Much more effective than I had anticipated.

I guess I wrote this to warn victims...Watch it...Love don't come cheap...and the pain after might not be worth the ride. They will leave you eventually. She did not like it when I called her out and called her what I knew she was...a Jinatera.

Nov 03, 2010
And Do You Belive in the Tooth Fairy As Well?
by: Jennifer

Andreas, I sincerely hope it works out for you. I am sure we are all of us rooting for you.

Just be careful.

Do not wear your heart on your sleeve. Protect yourself and your assets.

Those of us who have been using this site for a while have read some horror stories and believe me there are more horror stories than Cinderalla glass slipper tales.

There is the case of a lovely man from Toronto, a professional photographer who was duped roped in by a charmer less that half his age.

He marred her, no sooner than her papers dropped on the mat she went out to consult a Canadian lawyer and managed to get their marital home as part of the divorce settlement.

Now she is sharing it with her Cuban lover and he is homeless, or renting a place in Toronto. He has fallen for another jintera but has her watched 24/7.

Those who share their stores here are not stupid people. We are educated professionals, but not so naive as to be blind to the alarm bells which ring out when we realise that the person who has been whispering sweet nothings in our ear is really a hard nosed lazy parasite out to screw every dime they can out of us by way of a cellphone, clothing, money, marriage proposal and ultimately the jackpot - a ticket to a life of prosperity.

A passport out of poverty.

You seem like a kind man. But be realistic.

If you want to be philanthropic there is severe hardship in Haiti. Hunger and homelessness.

So wake up man. Do not let some two bit Jinitera take you for all she can.

There is dignity in work. Why fall for a hooker who earns her living on her back?

Nov 02, 2010
by: Andreas

WOW guys (and gals), that's a lot of comments in a short time! I was just checking to see if my story even got printed. So here's the latest developments ...
I tried to call her mother but twice I got a different Cuban lady who told me that she doesn't have a daughter. You can imagine what I was thinking after that. But then I found out that I had used the wrong area code for Camaguay! So I'm going to try again tonight. I was supposed to call that number to sing "Happy Birthday" to her daughter on the 10th.
I made some friends while down there. One guy is Cuban and he married a Canadian girl. They are a wonderful couple, living in Kitchener, very much in love. They suggested that I go back with them on the 22nd of this month and eventually I went ahead and booked the flight. This is the first time in my life I've taken leave of absense (no, I did NOT say "leave of my senses"). I think that if I go down and things don't work out, I'm perfectly happy to drown my sorrows, enjoy the vacation anyways then fly home and buy a cat (in lieu of a girl).

Nov 02, 2010
Your heart is in the right place
by: Grace

Sorry to read that you have been duped, or you may have been duped, the chances are that she was out to make off you.
She approached you on the street, asked you if you had a chica, she was just checking you havent left your GF or wife back at your hotel, so she moved in, its a very common occurance, and works both ways with the man approaching the woman, so your not the first.

Pity you didnt read the posts on this site first, as there is such good info on here, and plenty stories, so a single first timer going to Cuba would at least be forewarned.

Even if she does email you, she will ask you now for money, as you gave her things and money straight off, so she knows you have a heart, or a soft touch, if she does contact you, just be on guard, and read between the lines, be wary, be harder, say no, if she comes back then its a bonus for you, if she doesnt, then think of all the money and heartache you will have saved.

Let us know how things turn out. :-)

Oct 31, 2010
I was conned too !!
by: James

So she charmed you until your guard was down.
It's an old story in Cuba. Happen to all single men.
They are professional at it.
The whore tricked you into believing she was somehow in love with you.
You gave her your silver ring, the rest of your money, your French brandy, the rest of your 'stuff'.
This little madame did very well from you.
You have her name, her address. She conned you. She is a hooker. So report her!!.
Contact your hotel, email them with her details. Name, Descriptions. Address.
How many other men is she conning?

Had you known before that she was a hooker would you have parted with all of your possessions, your money, your jewelery?.

Of course not.

So report this hooker, this bitch before she can clean out another unsuspecting victim.
The police need to be on to her.
She needs to be stopped.

Not just for the amount of money she if relieving foreigners of. But also the amount of dangerous viruses she may be passing on.
In the heat of the moment.

Oct 31, 2010
You Are A Nice Man Do Not Get Hurt!
by: Alice

Rule No. 1 Never give expensive gifts or money.
They see you as a naive tourist. A Yuma.
I realise you have feelings for this woman, but did'nt the alarm bells ring out when she took you to her ramshackle home?.
She was trying to elicit sympathy.
You fell for it and gave her your ring, watch and the last of your money, and clothes.
She is a Jinetera pure and simple.

I do hope she gets in touch, but if she does not you will realise the reality of a lesson learnt.
She's a hard nosed hooker. Pure and simple. A prostitute!!.

And guess what?,
it would have been simpler to have paid her a fee straight off and not been led up the the garden path of fake love and romance.
I hope you find genuine love, I doubt however it will be in Cuba.

They do not know the meaning of the word.
Good Luck!.

Oct 31, 2010
Sorry for you
by: Anonymous

There's details you didn't mention... What is your age difference? Have you ever had such a beauty fall in love with you after barely knowing you and not speaking your language? doesn't this seem completly unreal? Unless you look like a movie star have a beautiful body and dance like a Cuban man ... You are living a fantasy that will cost you so much more then money. Last time in Cuba I met a sad man . He was 40 ish and very average looking. He was crying because his girl ( chica) ended thier relationship of 2 years ... She was 20 years his junior. Having purchased her and all her family cell phones, sending $500 a month buying a fridge and stove and many many other things. Now you can say that that could happen here or anywhere and you would be right. Just look at the situation with your head and not your body/heart. Could you have a woman like her here in Canada? What kind of girls walk the street approaching men and asking if they have a girl? It's done diffently in Cuba much more personal but it is still called the same thing.

Oct 31, 2010
She Is Most Likely A Jinitera Andrea - Be Careful!
by: Celia

The best Jiniteras know how to work it. They rarely ask you for anything.

No, they never ask, and they never want to leave Cuba either, 'Soi Socialista' is part of the well trotted out script.

They bide their time.

Set the bait, tell you how much they like/love you, and wait for you to fall. And you always will.

Who can resist that sexy, mulatta in her mini skirt and low cut top.

They will always show you their shack/hovel where the rain pours in , always lacking the bacis essentials of daily life. They rarely live in those hovels. No one does, ( perhaps some old grandad whom they've slipped a few cuc for the use of it).

Their actual homes which they share with their partners are far cosier and actually comfortably furnished.

You are the patsy, being worked so when you fall for all of the B.S. and lies you had over your gold watch, clothing, a ring which your Jinitera will sell, to top up her cellphone on which she can whisper sweet words to her other Yumas in Canada, Germany, France, Italy.

It's become a nice little earner working the tourists.

You fell for the charm, hook line and sinker!.

A lot easer than dong a 12 hours shift in the cigar factory for 12 CUC a month.

And let's face it, why work a 12 hour shift for a pittance when she can earn ten times that in a day by lying on her back and conning Yumas like you.

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