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Foolish in love in Cuba

by michelle

So I'm a young-ish dark skinned attractive black woman who went to Cuba in search of a bit of adventure and escape from everyday life. I spent 24 days traveling all around Cuba, sometimes being mistaken for a Cuban until I spoke and my accent betrayed me.
In Santiago de Cuba, I met a young man. My friend and I were passing the main plaza where all the taxi drivers line up and harass you about needing a taxi. He was one of those young men, but he was very soft spoken. I said no, but immediately remarked that he was beautiful, which he is. We went our separate ways, but ran into each other again (I do not believe in coincidences) later that day. He convinced me to meet him for a cerveza and a chat much later that evening, so I obliged.

I speak little Spanish and he speaks even less English, so he brought a friend along to interpret that evening. The friend had a German girlfriend and a bible in his back pocket. We chatted it up for a while until it was clear we didn't need his friend to communicate for us anymore because the heart always knows. We dismissed his friend and I paid for the 6 cervezas and we were off to dance and enjoy each other's company for the night, and that we did.

We had a wonderful time. He took me to a disco where there were very few gringos and he knew very few people. We left the disco after quite a few mojitos (again, paid for by me) and roamed the streets late at night, singing Bob Marley songs and laughing.

He took me back to his house where his abuela was asleep on the couch and I'm sure you can imagine what transpired next.
There was a condom already on the bed when I entered the bedroom (I first used the washroom) and that struck me as a little odd, but perhaps there was no question about whether we'd have sex. The tension was palpable. We had a great time and then cuddled up to go to sleep.
After a few hours, I needed to return to my casa.

As we woke up and he got ready to walk me back to the casa, he mentioned that he wore a size 48 shoe and he had long arms.
I nodded and tried not to show my disappointment because I believed he was telling me so I'd be able to bring him things when I returned. However, perhaps I should have not been surprised since I'd paid for all of our drinks and everything but at the time I justified it because he is a student and i'm well aware of how much cubanos earn a month.

This was the only time he ever hinted at gifts or anything and he didn't directly ask.
In fact I had a few CUCs in my hand after paying for our cervezas and as he was reaching out to hold my hand he thought I was giving him money.
he said "NO MONEY!" and wouldn't hold my hand till I'd transferred the bills to my other hand. hmm?

I was leaving Santiago later that day, but we spent a good portion of the day together, talking, laughing, kissing and generally being very sweet.
I promised to return in july. I'm a lover by nature so his first te amo didn't knock my socks off because if I'd allowed myself to get caught up in that moment, I could have sworn I loved him too...and I've traveled a bit and understand that others have a different concept of love than westerners do.

We said goodbyes. I returned to Havana and eventually home. He emails. We've spoken on the phone, which is not his. It belongs to his sister. He's called me to tell me he's home so I can call him. Last time we talked he said it was getting expensive to talk on the phone but didn't ask me for anything. He just said he wanted to talk only once a month to hear my beautiful voice. His emails are so poetic and what every girl would love to hear. While I believe that you can have a very strong attraction and can experience love with someone you don't know, all of your stories are making me very very skeptical.

His last email said he couldn't imagine a life without me and he needed me to return to ease his suffering. I'm considering it. We've been apart for 3 weeks and I can't imagine being apart for much longer. Am I being a fool? Please help, I'm sleepless and tortured and need to know if I should just move on.

I know that we dont stand much of a chance at a successful relationship for so many reasons.
Aside from our age difference--he's 13 years my junior, there are cultural and societal challenges. I also cannot travel to Cuba for tourism which increases the difficulty. We look like a couple (matching attractiveness, height, everything) and when I keep my mouth shut we appear just like any other very good looking cuban couple, my heart wants him. I believe he wants me and not just my money, which I don't have very much of, and which I made clear to him from the beginning. Foolish in love in Cuba?

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Feb 16, 2017
Warning- Leydis Aldamas Tobar NEW
by: Anonymous

Cuban prostitutes and jineteras like Leydis Aldamas Tobar are equally adept at screwing, conning and stealing money from foreigners in many different ways and then she cons a US residents and abandons him in months.
Where is the warning page for toxic bloodsuckers like this woman and all the other female jineteras in Cuba and in Miami ?

Aug 14, 2016
Cuba Is One Big Whorehouse And The Cuban Tourism Authority Collude In It! NEW
by: Anonymous

I agree with the previous comment, Cuba is one big whore house, and the biggest whores of all are the jiniteros -the men and women, who work the Cuban hotels, i.e. the employed 'staff' known to their bosses as 'prostitutes with permits'.

The Cuban government know this as do the many millions of Canadian tourists who have been flocking there since tourism began, almost five decades ago.

The first tourist asset of Cuba is the low cost holidays, then it's the "talent" of its people to become friends or lovers /whore themselves out to with visitors, since they all have a price and their aim to to con some tourist into believing they 'love' them so they can have regular phone recharges, money sent to them, expensive presents and the ultimate prize - a visa out via a sham marriage.

Many Canadians are aware of this but still collude in all of this since where else on the planet could they purchase a handsome young man to service them for $10, certainly not in Quebec or Toronto.

You have elderly ugly married women and men flying there precisely for this reason, and the hotel staff and management are in on it and play along with it, as does the Cuban government since tourism if their main source of revenue.

Jul 29, 2016
Canadians Have Turned Cuba Into One Big Bordello! NEW
by: Greg Ottawa

We were the first to get there, for almost five decades now Cuba has offered cheap sunshine vacations, an escape from our artic winters.

However we have to admit that we have not helped the island in fact you could say it has been more for our benefit, if you look at Cuba today, it has become one massive whorehouse, and every Cuban man or woman has a price, be it financial, expensive regalos, technology, or the big jackpot - marriage and a visa out.

Hotel animators or entertainers are referred to as 'prostitutes with permits' by their own bosses.

The overweight middle aged unattractive Canadian women who flock to these resorts know exactly what they are doing.

They believe the 'te quiero' b.s. they become an open checkbook provider of casas paladars fincas.

They are bled dry financially, and like masochistic lambs to the slaughter they play along with this sick game.

Yet they delude themselves into thinking these male and female whores really 'love' them or are their 'fiance' after a couple of visits.

Does the 250 lb fifty something from Brantford really think that the handyman/gardener at the whorehouse in Feyre Holguin province, is really in love with her just because he sleeps with her out of sympathy, after she has brought him the latest iphone 6 and macbook, how could he not tell her 'te quiero mucho'.

She is aware he has a Cuban wife and three children whom he has no intention of leaving, yet she plays along this fantasy game using her disability checks to fund her Freyre gigolo during her four trips a year to the two star whorehouse in Holguin province.

Does the leather skinned 70 year old from Montreal really think that the 24 year old hooker from Holguin who is charging him $30 a day really loves him?

He is as deluded as Ms tubby from Brandtford who likes to believe that her gardener Omar is her 'fiance'.

These type of deluded fantasies have been lived out for near on five decades of Canadians flying to Cuba, taking advantage not only of the cheap winter sunshine breaks but also of the Cuban people who are now turning the tables, playing along with the game, the deluded fantasies and using these obese sad sick puppies, the wrinkly to year old sugar daddies and playing them for all they are worth, taking them to the cleaners emotionally and financially.

Jul 24, 2016
Cubans Exploiting Their Young Does Not Make It Acceptable Pedohilia Is A Criminal Offence And Foreign Pedophiles Should Be Barred From Cuba! NEW

I have just read the last comment and found it to be disgusting in it's arrogant assumption that because Cubans have been exploiting their young sexually it somehow makes it right or acceptable for foreign tourists to do so also.

Pedophilia and child sexual exploitation is a crime, and no matter where it is deemed to be 'acceptable', be it Africa or Cuba, it is still a criminal offence to exploit children sexually.

Those of us who have travelled to Cuba have seen examples of this in casa particulars and in the sleazier Izlasul 2 star hotels, it is shocking and disgusting and criminal and shame on the Cuban police for accepting back handers and looking the other way.

There have been published reports of child sexual exploitation at a hotel in Rafael Freyre, which is no better than a brothel. Management are on the take as are staff.

Elderly Canadian men check in and kid themselves they are someone attractive to the young women who sleep with them for the daily rate of $40 a day, these young women are whores and the men should be ashamed of themselves for spreading STD's in Canada and Cuba.

The hotel in question has an in house doctor who offers penicillan jabs to the working girls, but so many STD's have become resistant to penicillan these old boys are taking home to Canada more than they bargained for and infecting their wives ans partners there.

Canadians have turned Cuba into one big whorehouse over the past five decades.

Let us hope that now Cuba has opened up it's tourism to America that this will change and the American government will introduce laws to prevent Cuban children from falling victim to foreign pedophile predators.

Jun 17, 2016
Twisted relations regarding age NEW
by: Anonymous

Actually its normal for adults in cuba to have sex with children. School teachers have sex with their students and this is accepted. Cubans have no problem with that. And I know because I am married to a Cuban and have been there so many times. I also know a Cubano who married his student later...so this is really screwed up. I have a huge problem with that but its so normal to have kids there have sex with older family friends...etc to lose their virginity by an older person whom they know. This is very twisted but that is the mentality there.

Mar 29, 2016
Candian Predators Should Be Stopped From Exploiting Poverty In Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

Canada and it's people have a lot to answer for in engaging and exploiting sex tourism in Cuba and in particular sex trafficking of children.

We could start with Diane who is a Director of Ontario Tourism who flies five times a year to Cuba to have sex with Cuban jiniteros.

She is a disgrace to Canada and Ontario.

Then you ave sites ike Cuba Amor a closed website, where a guy who calls himself 'Greslogo' keeps asking how he can get his young 'niece' out of school in Cuba to visit him in Canada.

There are so many Canadian pedophiles visiting Cuba on a regular basis exploiting poverty and they need to be monitered observed and arrested.


Mar 27, 2016
Dump Canadian Pensioners Who Get Conned/Screwed By Cuban Jiniteros. NEW
by: Greg

I agree with the previous comment.

Canadian women of a certain age and Canadian men have turned Cuba into a whorehouse. A massive bordello.

We read their comments on Cuba Amor.Comments from Mividamialmo who has funded the website.
She monans and bleats about how her Cuban mairdoman Hector has Died on The Inside'


In other words he cannot stand the sight of this fat 55 year old Vaca.

So he claims to be 'Depressed' lol

What does she do?

Instead of kicking his lazy fat ass back to Cuba she empties her life savings and sets this loser up in business in a Paladar and Casa Particular back home in Holguin.

Back home where he can be free to play around in the knowledge that he is seen ss a 'Great Catch' i.e. a CubanJinitero free from a Fat Canadian with loads of Dosh/Dollars.

You see these Cuban whores at Don Lino an Izlasul hotel desperate to get out of Cuba all conning women. Fat ugly Canadians of low self esteem flock to this hotel as do ugly old Canadian men of 65+ who delude themselves into thinking the Cuban whores love them . How very sad!


How can these fat Candian women of pensioinable age be so dumb!!!??

Mar 27, 2016
Overweight Canadian Women Have Suceeded In Turning Cuba Into A Whorehouse NEW
by: Anonymous

In reply to the last comment whilst I agree that racism is rife in Cuba I firmly believe that low class low self esteem overweight Canadian woman have for the past 30 years dragged Cuba down into a slime bucket of sleaze.

On a recent visit to Varadero I could not believe the behaviour of those obese Canadian women all of whom were 55 +.

There was a director of Ontario Tourism called D. clearly splashing the cash around. According to the concierge of the hotel D. visits five times a year, all 250 lbs of her, and has the cash to pay the Jiniteros (male hookers).

I find this distasteful and this kind of sex tourism is clearly driving decent people away from visiting Cuba.

Never mind the Obama visit, it will have lttle impact if Cuba is viewed worldwide as a whorehouse.

At Don Lino in Rafel Freyre even the hotel handyman is making money from fat slag tourists.
Tamara who is 250 lbs and living on handouts Canadian benefits flies to see 'her fiance' five times a year with lots of expensive technology. She in her deluded mind sees him as her 'Fiance' Fact is the dude has a Cuban wife and three teenage kids and absolutely no plas to relocate.

Canadians have succeeded in turning this beautiful island iinto their personal whorehouse and that is very very said.


Mar 24, 2016
Racism is Rife In Cuba - So Much For 'Equalita' NEW
by: Anonymous

The previous comment is so true. Racism is rife in Cuba and black Cuban are at the lowest of the pecking order where education and jobs are concerned.

Here is a link to an interesting article on racism in Cuba tracing it's history back to the days of slavery.


Mar 24, 2016
The Biggest Scammers Are From Santiago And Havana Vieja. NEW
by: Anonymous

Michelle, it is a fact that racism is endemic in Cuba. How many black faces do you see in the Cuban Government?.

How manof any y Afro Cuban Ministers ar there?. How many Hotel Directors or Managers are black? How many Scientists, Senior Engineers are Afro Cuban?

Very few.

How many cleaners, shop assistants, waiters, security men are Afro Cuban?

The majority are.

Santiago di Cuba has a high proportion of Afro Cubans and all of them are on the hustle to find a foreign woman such as yourself be you white black or any colour. Does not matter, you are a Yuma and have the means to fly them out of poverty to the States, Canada Europe where they can work and send money home to their wives, partners extended families.

Do not fool yourself into thinking this is 'real love'. Many women if they were honest could affirm that they have been approached by an Afreo Cuban who within the first day was professing 'true love' for them.

'Mi Amor' 'Ti Quero Mucho, Ti Mao' is 'Mi Corazon' is as common to them as 'Hola'. It's part of the well worn script. You will be invited back to their hovel (home) where they whill introduce you to their grandmother and whinge about not having a fridge, a cooker, a phone etc. You will be made to feel very guilty indeed at being an affluent white woman.

If they have a phone heavy hints will be dropped on how they cannot afford to top it up and need the phone 'for better communication with you their amor'.

On my first day in Santiago a few years ago I was approached by an elderly woman in the Casa de la Music who told me her 'nephew' would love to mee me he had been watching me and really wanted to know me.

I did not particularly like or find her 'nephew' attractive, but he immediately told me he was a classical musician and invited me to a rather grand looking conservatory to hear him perform, he also instantly invited me home to meet his parents who fussed over me. I was offered dinner, drinks, their dog jumped up on my lap.

All very cosy, All part of their master plan.

They wanted Javier to find a mug to marry to fly him out of Santiago where he was earing 20CUC a month when he could earn 100 times that abroad with his musical skills.

After I left Cuba he bombarded me with emails and pictures of him looking tubby on some beach. I most certainly did not encourage him but I soon became tired of being on the receiving end of all this B.S.

So I told him not to contact him, his tone changed, I blocked him.

A couple of years later he emailed locked him me agsin from another email address. He told me he was in Haiti teaching music, sent more pics 'Para Ti'. Before I blocked him I told him I was never interested in him and did not want to hear from him again.

He ten sent me a nasty message saying he did not need me as he had found a woman to marry. He sent me a photo. She was as a fat and ugly as him, a little tubby Haitian woman.

Well I guess at least he had found a way out, albeit a more difficult route. Not sure how easy it is to get to the States or Canada from Haiti, but he had at least completed part of his mission and found a mug to marry, even if she was as short fat and ugly as himself.

Like I said they are all on a mission.

Do not be a mug by being roped in. They know every trick in the book, just look up the many thousands of marriage fraud cases happening each year involving Cubans and in particular Afro Cubans.

Feb 05, 2016
by: Anonymous

lets see who else knows him

Feb 05, 2016
post pic NEW
by: Anonymous


Nov 08, 2015
I Think I Know Him. NEW
by: Kirsty

Hey Michelle,

I think I know the guy you met.

He is Afro Cuban right?. Lives with his grandma lock. in a small cramped apartment and always has a stash of condoms on his bedside table. And lubricant!.

He is a 48 shoe size and will request that you send him a pair.

He drinks like a fish, has a preference for Daquiris.

Does not speak English. Tall, good looking very very charming, big cheesy smile?

Ring a bell by any chance?

Drop him like a hot brick, the guy is a well known Jinitero who does the rounds, and chances his luck with ever tourist woman who his dumb enough to fall for is charm.

Nov 08, 2015
The Biggest Hustlers in Cuba Hail Form Santiago NEW
by: Clarita

To Michelle, you are being naive. Your jinitero is biding his time, playing the sweet romantic guy who does not dare to scare you off by requesting regalos or money or phone charges, at least for now.

He is grooming you, he is in it for the long haul, the long con.

Santiago is one the poorest cities in Cuba with the highest unemployment numbers. Thousands of Santiagueran Afro-Cubanos hustle on the streets day and night because they have nothing better to do, they do not have work, nor so much as 4 Cuban pesos to buy themselves a pizza from from one of those street vendors.

So they think they have died and gone to heaven when they meet a gullible American or Canadian such as you.

You have paid for his drinks and meals, the next step will be..

'Can you please top up my phone mi amorcita, I need to communicate with you, I miss you so much mi Vida' 'Mi Amorcita'.

Fall for this con and the B.S. at your peril and it will be a never ending transactions of money transfers from you to Santiago, and it does not stop there.

He will be desperate to make you pregnant, thus ensuring a visa to the States. That is the ultimate jackpot for the Cuban Jinitero and he does sound like the classic gigolo.

Santiago has a reputation for having the most agressive and violent men, who when they land in Canada or Europe show their real side and it is not nice.

They are generally lazy and do not wish to work, they are not used to the concept of work they have not worked in Santiago where the Aguela will be there to feed them, wash their clothes, dote on him. So he becomes and arrogant violent slob who will turn on his wife when he realizes he cannot get away with being the top dog, king of the household which he is in Cuba.

I have known too many horror stories involving women who have married men from Santiago, it never work out. Well only if she has a lot of money, combined with a very low self image, is middle aged and prepared to accept/put up with his b.... s....it and prepared to maintain him while he f.....ks around Canada, UK or Europe.

It is up to you, but my advise would be to save yourself a heap of hardship and do not believe the BS

Just wait for the email which requests a 'Recarga' that is the start..

Nov 05, 2015
by: Anonymous

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Nov 05, 2015
Not foolish NEW
by: Amelia

Hi, Michelle! I don't think it's foolish. You shouldn't pay attention at the age difference. The only thing that matters is love. If you are sure he loves you and is ready to make the next step to be together, go on. Don't stop and leave everything. I met my husband when I was at the conference of http://www.essaykings.me/academic-writing/ club. He didn't look very handsome to me at first. He's from Asia and has his Asian appearance, but nevertheless we are together. It's been for 3 years already. And I'm so happy!

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