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The private room directory, is a listing with the better Casa's in the Centro district.
Most of this rooms, offer good accommodation, cold and hot water, airconditioning, bathroom, private toilet and TV. The average price is 25-30 Cuc per night depending on the saison.

Uria´s Mirador NEW
Calle San Rafael #752 second floor,
between Oquendo and Marqués González street
Habana Centro
email:juriag@infomed.sld.cu (replace (at) by @
Phone: +53 8 700937
Mobile:+53 52649652
Price range: 20-25 Cuc

Marta NEW
calle Lealtad #308 between San Miguel and Neptuno street
Habana Centro
Phone:+537 878 50 38 Write to us for Reservation and more information and pictures by e-mail:casamartica(at)yahoo.com.mx
Independent apartment, 2 rooms with air conditioning, private suite bathroom
email: casamartica(at)yahoo.com.mx (replace (at) by @)
website : Marta Habana Centro
promotion price for our visitors only 20 CUC if you mention

Pilar y Marcelino NEW
Calle Barcelona #107 between Anguila and Galiano street
Habana Centro -
Independent apartment with all necessary amenities, in the heart of the Old City. (2 rooms with double beds - airco- TV)
Phone:+537 863 70 11
email: pilarmarcelino(at)yahoo.com.mx - replace (at) by @
website: Pilar y Marcelino Habana
Price range: 25 CUC

Maria Elena NEW
Calle Aguila #309 between Neptuno and Concordia street
Habana Centro
Distinguised house in a beautiful building in the heart of the Old city near the Prado and the Capitol. Rooms with airco, private bathroom.
Phone: +537 863 01 19
email: mariaelenautria(at)yahoo.com.mx (replace (at) by @
website: Maria Elena Habana
Price range: 25 CUC

Miguelina NEW
Calle Lealtad #419 between San Rafael and San José street
Habana Centro
Independent apartement close to the historical center, China town and the Malecon. The apartment has airco, double bed, private bathroom, kitchen and terrace.
Phone: +537 863 95 08
email: miguelinavaldes(at)yahoo.com.mx (replace (at) by @
website: Miguelina Havana
Price range: 25 CUC

calle Blanco #111 between Animas and Trocadero street
Habana Centro
Phone: +537 863 40 33
email: rbarroso(at)infomed.sld.cu (replace (at) by @
website: Abel Havana

Calle Trocadero #259
Between Aguila and Amistad street
Habana Centro
Phone: +537 864 42 86
email: casaluly(at)yahoo.es (replace (at) by @
website: Luly Havana
Price range 30 Cuc

calle Virtudes #511
Between Perseverancia and Lealtad street
Habana Centro
Phone: +537 863 18 02
website: Cary Havana
Price range 25 cuc.

calle Virtudes 624
between Gervacio and Escobar street
Habana Centro Phone: +537 867 99 87
Cellphone: 537 052 686 005
website: Botello Habana

Daniel y Fina
Calle Hospital #661
between Salud and Jesus Peregrino street
Habana Centro
Phone: +537 870 09 45
website: Daniel y Fina Havana

Lopez calle Manrique #256
between Neptuno and Concordia street
Habana Centro
email: ivan.lopez.hola(at)gmail.com (replace at by @)
website: Lopez Havana
Price range: 25 cuc

Alexis y Mary Havana
Calle San Juan de Dios #106 second floor, between Aguacate and Compostela street
Habana Centro
email: alexisymarinelda(at)gmail.com (replace (at) by @
Phone: +53 8 633740
Mobile:+53 52 843224
Price range: 25-30 Cuc

Pablo Habana
calle Neptuno #404 first floor
between San Nicolas and Manrique street
Havana Centro Cuba
Phone: +53 7 867 2055
Mobile phone: 53450785
email: septiembre1997(at)hotmail.com
Website : Pablo Havana Centro
Price range: 20-25 Cuc per night (meals not included)

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