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Parks in the city, most of them are squares with palm trees, but there are also two large parks for recreation, Parque Lenin and Parque Almendares. The best known parks are listed below.

Parque Central

Central Park is probably the best known and busiest square in Havana. The park itself is actually a large square with palm trees, located between Old Havana (Habana Veija) and Central Havana (Habana Centro). In the center of the park a large statue of José Marti, the Cuban National Hero, dominates the square.
The place is surrounded by four hotels Parque Central, Inglaterra, Plaza, and Telegrafo.

Parque central Havana Cuba

Parque Central with the José Marti statue

Parque Lenin

The Lenin Park is a large park with lots of green, located south of Havana (calle 100 in the Arroyo Naranjo district)The park is an ideal place for recreation, there is an amusement park and opportunities for horse riding and motorcross.

Parque John Lennon

The John Lennon Park, named after the famous member of the Beatles band is located at the corner of the 19th and 8th street (calle 19 y 8). The Beatles were always popular in Cuba, in 2000 a bronze sculpture of John Lennon sitting on a couch was installed in the park.
The circular glasses so typical of John Lennon were often stolen.
Today the scupture and the park is protected day and night by a guard.

Parque Almendares

One of the largest green parks in Havana, near the suburbs of Kohly and Nuevo Vedado begins at the bridge over the Rio Almedares at the end of the 23 th street (La Rampa).
It's a secluded and quiet place with lots of tropical vegetation and ideal for a pic-nic on a sunday afternoon.
Boats can be rented to explore the river Almendares.

Parque Fraternidad Havana Cuba

Havana Cuba Parks
Parque Fraternidad
Above, left "La Fuente de la India" also named "La Noble Habana"

Parque de la Fraternidad

This park is located behind the Capitolio. At the center you see a large Ceiba tree, that grows in soil provided by each of the American republics as a symbol of the common roots. The Ceiba tree was considered as a holy tree by the African slaves but is nowdays the symbol of friendship and brotherhood.
On the same square a sculpture of the "Fuente de la India" symbolizes the city of Havana. Today the square is filled with American vintage cars and taxi drivers.

Parque Antonio Maceo

Is a small park located along the Havana Malecon at the corner with calle Padre Varela and near the Hermanos Ameijeras hospital.
The square is dominated by a large statue of Antonio Maceo, a Cuban general and freedom fighter during the Cuban Independence Wars.

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