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Chancletas Cuban flip flops Flip flops are a popular footwear in Cuba, in Cuban slang flip flops are named "Chancletas".

They are often made of a thin rubber sole with two plastic straps from both sides of the foot, to contain the foot.

The flip flops or slippers are frequently worn in countries with a warm climate, Australia, Africa, Brazil, Caribbean, South America...
Flip flops are in fact the cheapest footwear and replace in many poor, developing countries sandals or sports shoes.
In the developed world flip flops are treated as a seasonal footwear, following the latest fashion trends and thrown away after a few months, in the long run this can cause environmental problems because most flip flops are made of plastics and rubber and dificult to recycle. There is a growing trend to use environment friendly materials like cotton.

Medical Aspects

It's not recommended to wear flip flops all day as basic footwear. Medical research teams suggest that intensive use can cause foot problems and can cause pain and damage to the heel and hips.

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