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Q. How much will I spend in one week, visiting Cuba?

A. There are two currency systems in Cuba. Firstly there is the "Peso Nacional", the Cuban money system for local use between Cubans, and secondly the "Peso Convertible" (CUC) which is the tourist money. Tourists or foreigners have to use the Peso Convertible. Of course a lot depends on how much you want to spent: for some people 400 to 500 CUC ( +/- 600-700 US$ ) will be sufficient, while others will need 1000 CUC or more. To give you an idea of prices: a beer costs 1 CUC, a cocktail 3CUC, a meal in a restaurant between 6 and 12 CUC, a taxi 0.8 to 1CUC / km. It's customary to give a 5% tip in restaurants. Cover charge for a nightclub amounts to 10 - 25 CUC.

Q. What is the best way to fly to Cuba from the USA?

A. Due to the embargo it is illegal for US citizens to travel to Cuba. Some however fly via Toronto, Canada or Cancun, Mexico, but this is illegal without a license provided by the US Treasury Department, as described above.

Q. What should I bring along for the Cubans? 

A. There is a shortage of products for daily use, such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, perfume and Cosmetics and these are therefore highly desirable. Clothing and shoes are expensive for Cubans and gladly accepted. Some over-the-counter medicines such as Aspirin, Paracetamol, etc are welcome too. Note: you are allowed to bring in up to 10 kg of medicines in their original package. It is strictly forbidden to import any food substances, especially meat or fruit.

Q. Do I need a visa to enter Cuba?

A. Yes, you need a valid passport and a Tourist Card ( Tarjeta Tourista) to enter the country. The tourist card is stamped and valid for 30 days (cost 25 CUC) and extendable to 60 days. After 60 days you have to leave the country, except with a special visa for students or medical treatment.

Q. Is a DVD player allowed in Cuba?

A. Yes, a DVD player is allowed, but the Cuban customs can ask you to pay import duties if the DVD player is intended to remain in Cuba. In certain cases it is cheaper to buy a DVD player locally than importing one.

Q. May I export a vintage car from Cuba?

A. The export of vintage cars is not permitted and they are considered as part of the National heritage. All vintage cars must be registered in the name of a Cuban citizen.

Q. Will I have problems entering the US after visiting Cuba?

A. If you are a foreigner to the US, you should normally not encounter any problems. For a US citizen it is however illegal to travel to Cuba due to the embargo. Only US citizens with a special license from the US Treasury Department are permitted to travel to Cuba. US immigration officers may inspect the luggage and any indication that the US citizen has been there may lead to further investigation and sanctions. Check the Governmental website : http://www.treas.gov

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