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This is the "internet" for Cubans and they can only use it for sending and receiving text messages. All other internet facilities such as search engines (Google, Yahoo) or foreign websites are blocked with filters and firewalls. 

The intranet is accessible in the public internet cafés, subsidiaries of the state owned Cuban Post Office (Correos de Cuba).

havana cuba internet cafe

Cubans line up in front of an Internet Café
on Obispo street in the Old City.


Cuba counts 240,000 internet users (source: CIA Factbook), citizens are prohibited from accessing the internet without a special authorization. This permit is only granted for professional, educational or business use. Some Cubans buy illegal passwords on the blackmarket to get access to the internet.

Foreigners may access the internet in the tourist hotels. The Havana Internet is a limited bandwidth service, slow and expensive (8-10 US $ for one hour) because the communication goes through satelite and the bandwidth is limited.

The faster cable transmission is blocked by the US due to the embargo.


  • The Cyber café in the Capitolio,
    Central Havana, side entrance (lefthand side) has 10-12 computers available. The identity of the users is checked.
  • All major tourist hotels in Havana have internet access for their clients. (hotel Havana Libre, hotel Nacional, hotel Inglaterra, hotel Parque Central) Normally at a cost of 8-10 USD for one hour.
  • Citmatel
    address: O'Reilly and Tacon street
    Old Havana
  • Etecsa
    International Press Center
    23th and O street
    Vedado Havana
Yoani Sanchez Havana Blogger


The Cuban Government holds a firm grip on the internet access, but brave bloggers like YOANI SANCHEZ dare to post critics about the life in Havana on her blog named Generacion Y

With limited (illegal) and expensive access (8 USD /Hr) she has to be inventive and prepares her columns about the daily life in Havana on a flash memory stick. In the age of communication and technology there are no limits on the distribution of opinions she says.

Access to computers, internet and telephone in CUBA

Personal Computers 300,000 (2004)
Internet access 190,000 (2005)
Telephone lines 768,196 (2004)
Mobile Telephones 75,797 (2004)
(Source : United Nations Statistics)

Fibre Cable between Cuba and Venezuela

January 2011, technicians make preparations for the NEW optical fibre cable project to connect Venezuela with Santiago de Cuba. The cable has a lenght of approx. 1,000 miles. Jamaica and other Caribbean countries will get a junction to the system.

The operation of the new underseas cable system will allow Cuba to muliply the existing transmission speed with a factor 3,000. The works start in January 18 2011 in Venezuela and the fibre optic cable will reach Cuba half February 2011.

How can I make an Cuban email address with .CU extension?

The .cu extension is for exclusive Cuban use and can not be made from abroad such as, for example a Yahoo, G-mail or Hotmail address. To make an email address with a .cu extension the local citizen has to go to a Cuban internet cafe or Correo de Cuba office (Cuban Post office) and show his identity card (carné de identidad) and request for an email address. A typical Cuban email address might be for example: julio4879@correodecuba.cu or mariela2001@correodecuba.cu 

Citizens working in the medical or educational sector (universities)can get an email address at their work room.

INTERNET RATES IN HAVANA for people who can afford the Havana internet, the monthly rate is more than one year salary for the common Cuban.

internet  in Cuba

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