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Havana restaurant El Guajirito is situated on the top floor in a historical building in Old Havana close to the Granma Memorial and Museo de la Revolucion.

The restaurant is nicely decorated in typical Cuban country style. The waitresses are pretty young Cuban girls dressed in typical country style of the areas around Santiago de Cuba.

In contrast to some other restaurants the welcome and reception of the guests is warm and friendly. One side of the restaurant is fully filled by a large open kitchen behind a glass wall. To Cuban standards the restaurant is a huge place with lots of seats and tables.

Interesting fact:

this restaurant is the result of the easing of the law on private initiatives. Recent adjustments to the Cuban law on private restaurants (the so called Paladares) allows the expansion of the former 16 seats to 50 seats.

Also a new development in the restaurant business is the fact that unprofitable State owned bars and restaurants may be transfered to private business owners. This restaurant is one of the first private restaurants operating on a larger scale than the classic 16 seat Paladar.

Before the transmission into a nice restaurant, the place was a bygone disco.

This is a hopeful development for Havana in times where the Cuban State has to cut spending and must lay off thousands of employees. New initiatives by private Cuban investors can create a lot of new workplaces.

I counted a dozen employees.

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From the menu we opted for lobster (30.00 Cuc) (1 CUC = 1 USD) and chicken (15.00 Cuc) together with a bottle of white wine (25.00 Cuc) and finished with a Cuban flan (4.00 Cuc).

During the meal we were entertained by a dance group "El Tablao de Pancho" who carried out an oriental dance.

Havana Restaurant El Guajirito
Address: Zulueta # 660 between Gloria and Apodaca streets
Havana Veija - Old Havana - Cuba
Phone 861.7761

Havana Restaurant El Guajirito - Sugerencias del Chef
(Recommendations of the Chef) Picadillo a la Jardinera (chopped meat) 16.00 Cuc (16 USD)
Fajitas de Cerdo a la Provenzal (pork) 16.00 Cuc
Dessert: Pastel de crema de frutas (fruit cream) 4.00 Cuc
Drinks: Mojito Santiago 5.00 Cuc

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