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Havana Streets:

Big parts of the city have a grid system street layout especially the later built districts,Vedado, Miramar, Nuevo Vedado, Santos Suarez etc. where the streets and avenues bear numbers. In Old and Central Havana the streets have names, the composition of the addresses may appear a bit strange to a foreigner:

The address:

Calle 26 e35y39 means 26th street between ( e= entre= between, y= and) 35th and 39th street.

Lots of houses in the city bear no house number so an indication is given between which side streets the location is.

Ave 1 ra e22y24, means first Avenue between 22nd and 24th street.

To make the confusion even greater several streets bear two names an old one and a newer name. Sometimes for popular city streets the old name is still used.

For example : The Paseo del Prado, was renamed in Paseo José Marti but a lot of people are still using the old name Paseo del Prado, most Habaneros speak about the "Prado".

New name Old name
Agramonte Zulueta
Avenida Antonio Maceo Malecon
Avenida de Belgica(North) Monserate
Avenida de Belgica(South) Egido
Avenida de Espana Vives
Avenida de Italia Galiano
Avenida Simon Bolivar Reina
Avenida Salvador Allende Carlos III
Padre Varela Belascoain
Maximo Gomez Monte
Brasil Teniente Rey
Paseo de Marti Paseo del Prado
Habana street Havana Cuba

Obispo street main shopping street in the Old City

Important streets

The main street in the Old City is Calle Obispo (Obispo street) a narrow and busy shopping street with lots of restaurants, bars, shops, hotel Ambos Mundos, hotel Florida, a Cadeca. Obispo street begins at Plaza de Armas and ends at Avenida de Belgica near Parque Central. 

Other important streets(= Calle) in the Old City: 

Calle Empedrado
Calle O'Reilly
Calle Lamparilla
Calle Amagura
Calle Brasil
Calle Muralla
Calle Luz
Calle Sol

Important streets in Centro Habana

Galiano street (new name Avenida de Italia)
Zanja street
Dragones street (with the Police station)
Maximo Gomez street (old name Monte street)
Padre Varela street (old name Belascoain street)
Avenida Salvador Allende (old name Carlos III street)
Concordia street
Neptuno street
San Rafael street

Important streets in the Vedado District

The main street in the Vedado district is the 23th street also named La Rampa with hotels, restaurants, bars, cine Yara, Copellia. 

Other important streets:

Avenida de Los Presidentes
Paseo street
Linea street

Important streets in the Miramar District

The main street in the residential Miramar district is the Fifth Avenue, with embassies, restaurants and shopping malls.

Other important streets:

First Avenue
Third Avenue
Seventh Avenue

Concordia street Central Havana Cuba

Calle Concordia Habana Centro

Famous Sea Promenade

  • The Malecon is a broad promenade along the sea of 7-8 km long, starting in Old Havana. The promenade is often used for political or cultural events.
  • Paseo del Prado (new name Paseo de Marti)
    Once a gem of a promenade in Habana Centro, starting at Parque Central. Nowadays the beautiful promenade and de surrounding mansions and buildings are in decay, but still a must to visit.


Havana has 15 districts: La Havana Vieja (Old Havana), Habana Centro, Guanabacoa, Plaza de la Revolución,(Vedado) La Habana del Este, Playa, San Miguel del Padrón, Diez de Octubre, Cerro, Marianao, La Lisa, Boyeros, Arroyo Naranjo, Regla, Cotorro.


The city has several important buildings and skyscrapers, among them the Bacardi Building, the Lopez Serrano Building, the Focsa Building. Read more about renovations and Buildings.


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