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Havana the City of Love and Lies

by sam

On my first trip to Havana and Playa del Est a young lady was introduced to me by her presumed brother that worked on the beach at an evening get together. Since I was new he suggested that his sister would take me to visit Havana the next day and I agreed.

The following morning we met at the bus stop and the first thing she asked if I could give her some money for her cellphone, no problem only 5 pesos. Walking by the Prado she was stopped by two policemen and asked for her ID. They made a call to station or whatever and then came to me and asked how long I new her, not wanting to get her into trouble I said 1 week, wrong answer she had said 1 year via internet so she was fined.

She came to me and said I have to pay she did but I did not see how much when I asked she said 40 pesos so I gave her 40 pesos and the next place she brought me was to, was a shop where she asked if she could look at some cosmetics and I paid for a few items perfume, make-up etc. on the way back on the bus she asked if it was possible to sleep together at a casa particular,
I agreed and met later and had a great time she gave her co-ordinates phone number asked if I will send her pictures taken of her during the day and asked me for my cell number, hesitated but gave in (big mistake).

As I promised I sent her pictures with a short note telling her I would be back early April. When I arrived did not call for 3 days at one point I see her coming towards me after she went to the reception and hugged and kissed and told me how she missed me on and on and asked to stay with me untill I would go back home.

For 3 days it was magic great time together we went to her house met her family went to buy food for all no problem this went on for 3 days.
During 2 days she stayed home was to come arround 5 arrived at 9 sorry for being late and complained that she had pain in her tummy and her breast were hurting took a shower and went to bed and asked if I had anything for the pain I went asking all over with no success but she was sleeping when I went to take my shower so her panties full of love juice so I figured she was somewhere else and just was not interested.

The following morning we went to a clinic to see a doctor afterwards she told me she needed a treatment and had to do tests. She bought medication took only one pill right away and I sent her home by taxi to rest.
we aggreed I would go to Havana and call her arround 5 so we could meet again at the hotel but she did not pick up the Phone for sure she was somewhere else. I saw her the following day also saw the pills and asked why she did not take them no reason but she had no more pain anywhere and we made love one last time before I left.

After bringing this girl a lot of new clothes paid for a lot of items a day we spend in Havana, shoes, jeans, shirt for the kids fake jewellery and all kind of items paying her stay at the hotel for a week she begged and begged for me to leave her my new phone my ipod etc.

which i did not leave by the way. Money for the food was well spend but they always want more.

After this experience I spoke to people that know her from her village, hotel, and beach and they all said why I stayed with her all that time. The love or sex at the begining is great and they steal your heart and then all they want is money for the phone money to go on vacation and for health problems that do not exist.

But i miss her and think about her a lot they have a way to get to you by saying i want to have a child with you.
You are the love of my life. I only have sex with you and so on. ALL LIES

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Dec 31, 2016
getting stung in Havana NEW
by: Anonymous

I am and was a single 50ish Canadian white male looking for what ever in Varadaro/Havana in 2016. After 3 visits to Havana that year and 1 to St. Lucia (no visa req'd for the Cuban woman) and on my tab , of course , with the same 25 year old woman , I became very involved and hooked in by this young "professional ". All I can say that my own selfishness , ego , what ever as a man, got me into a very expensive and emotional lesson learned. I used her and she used me even better ,and now realize how coy the"jienteros" have to be to relieve us our CUC's. After all , is that not what the "Americans" , Mafia and we (single , male tourists) all have done to them. I probably will go back again some time , for more "punishment", but with more pure intentions. They are survivors , and for that , and the beautiful climate , I love Cuba (ouch) Gary

Sep 27, 2016
Do Not Risk Your Health, These Putas Are Not Worth It They All Have A Price! NEW
by: Jeff - Ottawa

You had a lucky escape. She is a hooker, a puta, most of the women in Havana have a price. The ultimate jackpot being marriage and a visa to Canada.

I sincerely hope you had yourself checked out at an STD clinic when you returned home, sounds like she was putting it about and you were not her only yuma.

STD's are rife in Cuba, there is also an antibiotic resistant aggressive strain of HIV and Herpes.

Most of the Polyclinicos do not have the necessary medication to treat these outbreaks. You will see so many Cubans walking around with cold sores, though the clinics will provide them with a prescription, the cream and pills to treat the condition is non existent in Cuba.

There is a saying..'Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas'.

Nowhere in the world is that more apt than in Cuba right now where every Cuban has a price.

The old boys who flock to the 2 star dumps which provide putas on site need to have their heads read, they are dicing with danger since STD's are so rampant in that particular province and the irony is they are paying $40 a time to risk their health and catch a disease that may be incurable.

Sep 23, 2016
custom essay NEW
by: Anonymous

Havana has seen a massive visitors in recent years as travel.The last few years have one been ones of rapid change in Havana.It is the largest city in the Caribbean, and one of the most culturally rich urban centers in the world.

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