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Visit the famous Havana Tropicana, before the revolution owned by the mafia

The Tropicana Show is located on 72 th street #4504 between 43th and 45th street. The famous cabaret is an tropical version of the Paris Lido shows. The cabaret opened in 1939 and is an extravagant spectacle with a revue of glamour and nostalgia. Before the Revolution, the Tropicana was a Casino owned by gangsters and visited by the Rich and Famous. The British writer Graham Greene describes the scenes in the Tropicana in his famous novel Our Man in Havana.

The dress code is formal, no shorts or sneakers. The show is a rather pricey experience but it's a must for the first time visitor to Havana.
The show is great , the music and the dancers with feather costumes are wunderful. Taking pictures is only allowed with a permission, making pictures cost you an extra 5 $ and video 15 $.

The show + 1 cocktail will cost you 65 US$ 
The show + 1 cocktail and a preferential table at 75 US$ Diner at 10 US$. It's recommended to take a complete tour package included transport, a taxi to the city center will cost you 25 USD (if available).

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