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Traffic Tunnel to Old Havana

In the late fifties Cuban dictator Batista planned to expand the city to the East, by building a new modern suburb with large avenues, palm trees and luxury buildings. A new interconnection between Old City and the Eastern side across the Bay was needed.
The new tunnel under the Havana Bay was built by the French company : Societé de Grand Travaux de Marseille between 1957-58.
The tunnel begins at the Paseo de Prado in Old Havana, is 733m long and 12m below ground level. In 1959 Batista fled to Miami and after the Revolution the Cuban government had other priorities.
In the seventies the new suburb Alamar in East Havana was built with the aid of the former Soviet Union. The new city became a ugly concrete jungle, with no real city center or character.

Rio Almendares Tunnel - Between Calle Linea and 5th Avenue

The Rio Almendares (Almendares river) separates the residential Miramar district from the Vedado district. Following calle Linea (Linea street) a tunnel under the Rio Almendares connects to the Fifth Avenue in Miramar.

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