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First time in Havana?

When you have only one day to spend, my recommendation is to buy one of the package trips sold by tour operators or advertised at the hotel reception desk. The advantage is that everything is organised for you, the transport is provided, the places to visit are known, you go with an official guide familiar with the city. You can see a lot of attractions in a short period of time.

BUT ! Is this the real "Habana" ? Of course not, this fabulous city is so much more! antique buildings, museums and fascinating history and the people of La Habana is one of the main attractions. To feel the real Habana experience, spend at least one week in the city. Prepare the first days well, note all the places of interest you want to visit, read the suggested trips through the city.

Discover the Amazing City


Major Tourist Attractions

The Old City

A visit of Habana Veija

Life in the city

Living in La Habana


Where to exchange


Best bars, Salsa dancing


Beautiful Playas del Este


Major hotels in the city


Learn Spanish in Habana


Where to eat in the city?


images of the city


Temperature in Cuba

Casa Particular

Where to stay?
Cheap private rooms

What should I bring in ? What's difficult to find?
Which things can I buy to help a Cuban family? 

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Have a nice first trip!

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