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La Habana Capital of Cuba - A Brief History

Before we start with the city tour a bit of history, La Habana was founded in 1515 by conquistador DIEGO VELAZQUEZ as a trading port and became the capital of the Spanish Colony of Cuba in 1607.

In 1762 the British Army conquered the city and later the island was given back to the Spanish in exchange for Florida.

Several independence wars happened in the 19th century, one inspired by the writer and revolutionary José MARTI. In 1959 Fidel CASTRO led a revolution against dictator Fulgencio BATISTA.

Thanks to the massive support of the former Soviet Union the quality of the life on the island improved dramatically. Unfortunately the collapse of this super power started a long period of decay and shortages. An increasing flow of tourists, mainly from Europe and Canada, has helped the island to survive.

This city tour will guide you through the main districts.

OLD HAVANA (Habana vieja)

The tour starts with a walk in the Old City, this part of the town is one big open air museum with almost at every corner a colonial building or a museum. To see everything in one day is impossible, that’s why we suggest a few little trips. 
Each time starting from the Central park square. 

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CENTRAL HAVANA (Habana centro)

Habana centro begins at the western corner of Parque central square with "El Prado" a splendid boulevard with bronze lions and baroque lamps, at the end of the Prado you see the Malécon, the famous avenue along the sea.
Behind the Capitolio, you find the cigar factory Partagas and further on the Barrio Chino (China Town).

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This is a district with nice avenues, elegant mansions, galleries, shops and theatres. With famous places like hotel Nacional, hotel Habana Libre, Cementerio Colon, Plaza de la Revolucion and the wide and elegant avenue Avenida de Los Presidentes.

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The residential and wealthy part of the city starting at the west side of the Rio Alemedares and accessible by two tunnels. The center of Miramar is the Avenida Quinta (Fifth Avenue). All the embassies, several governmental services, the famous Tropicana, and the supermarkets are located in this area.

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Old lady smoking cigars  Havana Cuba

Smoking cigars in Havana

plaza de la cathedral havana Cuba

Plaza de la Catedral (Old City)

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