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He's already coming from Cuba to Canada, how?

by Arielle

I met Yordanis while on a one week trip with a friend. We hit it off for the three days we knew each other. He wrote me a letter and gave it to me as I left. He asked me to come back for one more week just to spend time together, that he didn't want my money or my country, only to spend more time with me.
I went back 4 months later and spent 26 days travelling around Cuba with him. The first day I arrived he introduced me to his family. We stayed at casa particulars and he always tried to save me money with food and transportation and such. Love was not immediately stated.

Only after my third trip to Cuba, I went back three months later, just to be with him for 2 weeks...I stayed at his parents house. He has started paperwork, now has a canadian passport and finished the medical exam. He's immigrating to Canada, and says his rich family member in the united states has pulled strings for him to live in Canada. He does not know anything about a visa, only says his uncle has arranged things for him. Is this possible? Is there any way he is legitimately immigrating to Canada without having been sponsored, or a letter of invitation, or without being a skilled worker?

Answer by Vic webmaster
I am not familiar with the details of the Canadian immigration procedures, but this sounds strange to me and starts a red flag for me.
I have heard so many incredible stories about Cuban liars and cheating to become very suspicious. As far as I know the invitation letter and sponsorship is needed to apply for an exit visa. The passport and the med.examination are the easy steps in the procedure. Getting the visa for the foreign country and the Cuban exit visa are more difficult and can take several months or even years. Will he get permission to leave? Some Cubans may only leave after 3-5 years
(doctors, medical service, education, police etc.)When he has a criminal record he can not leave.
And will he pay the bills? the airplane ticket?
Where does he get the money from? The average Cuban salary is 25 USD. Where does he work? Does he work or is he a jinetero? I don't buy the story of a rich uncle in Miami. The total cost (invitation letter, visa, passport, plane ticket etc.) is at least thousand USD or more)
I have not enough information about your situation to give a decent advice, but I have a feeling that he is manipulating you. Be alert and slow down don't let them push you. How well do you really know him? Three visits of 16 days is not enough. My comments may sound a bit brash, but it's good to know that some Cubans will do anything to leave the country. Many Cubans think that Canada, the USA and Europe are one big paradise and some are even surprised that they have to work too.
Wish you all the best!

Comments for He's already coming from Cuba to Canada, how?

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Sep 27, 2012
NOT OK to lie and cheat!
by: Anonymous

I Agree with Donna's comments:
"A thief is a person who does not want to work for what they need in life, they prefer to illegaly take it.
A Cuban parasite is a thief. He is too lazy to get off his fat Culo to work.
He would prefer to con a Canadian into believing he loves her, when in reality he could not give a damn.
All he wants is a VISA, a Passport out of what he sees as poverty."
and by belle:
"all Cubans not being the same but how do you know that people who are not Cuban have expensive cars, nice homes and whatever. Don't be so naive. People struggle all over the world. Everywhere outside of Cuba is not made of gold you know. You're saying that it is ok to scam people to get ahead in life. Well, i'm sorry i don't agree with you. It's never ok to lie and cheat like that and walk all over someone. You're also saying that a Canadian person, for example, deserves that kind of treatment just so the Cuban can get a free ride. "

My comments:
I also agree that is NOT OK for people to lie and cheat to get ahead. I come from a third world country and my parents worked hard to bring us to a better place, they struggled but never used anyone to get ahead. We worked really hard to stay in school, find and keep a job to support ourselves. How come they can not do the same and put the same effort into being honest? instead of conning and mistreating people, people that were helping them and cared for them? it's not fair, and like all crimes, they should pay for their offenses; because innocent people get hurt and suffer because of this. In my case, I have experience the worse of CUBANs, his name is Axxxxxx .. (name deleted for privacy)

Apr 15, 2012
Agree with YANELIS
by: Canadian Chica

All the canadians talking bad about cubans how they are liars and con artists, im sure 99% of you haven't lived what he explained. And beeing in that situation you would try and find a way to a better life but are just to hypocrite to admit it. Doesn't make them bad people , tourist take advantage of the cuban pple just as much paying for young girls or boys so who is better really? I am canadian born , not rich but if I had the way to help many pple there with whatever I would in heartbeat. I have had the pleasure to meet very nice pple in cuba and when I see a woman almost in tears because her son would love to watch cartoons on my tablet. I say F-YOU all I would do the same thing to all of you. If your dumb enough and rich enough and I am struggling as some of those pple are then to bad. Anyways that's all I will say but trust me I could go on forever.

Jan 29, 2012
To what I know
by: Max

It maybe easier, I am not sure, But I am married now 5 yrs to this girl, she was going to go to medical school in Edmonton, I own my own house, I was approved by our Government that I could sponsor her into Canada, But she is still not allowed in. You might have to prove there is a shortage in the trade he will come to work in. Letters from the company that will hire him once he is here will help you. I know there are Cuban people here, it took a long time to get in, but seeing Canada is saying we are having a shortage in trade workers and want to bring in workers might go in your favor, and with him leaving his family behind at first will show the Cuba Government that he will return to Cuba, is in his favor. I applied for permanent residence for my wife. I have to reapply, after 2 years. Here is a good person to speak to and she'll answer all your questions, and be able to help you out. Good luck, and let me know on here how you made out with this.

Jessie Hardman

Jan 28, 2012
You have a long road ahead of you
by: Max

Go into Canadian Immigration. The rules for bringing in a Cuban family is different than other countries. You have to be approved to be there sponsor first. Then they all have to pass a medical, which is only good for 1 year, and a police report, only good for 6 mths. The medical can only be done in Havana, and you have to pay off the Doctor, and nurse to get your results that day. The police report is only good for 6 mths. if they do not get there meeting with the Canadian immigration in Havana by then you have to do it all over again. I had a Immigration Lawyer in Toronto do everything for my wife and she still got refused. it cost me around $5000.00 the first time around, and she is still not here. that was over 2 years ago. Good luck and if you need more info, feel free to ask me here.

Aug 03, 2010
I'm A Canadian married to a Cuban
by: Max

I'll tell you this, getting into Canada, from Cuba is not as easy as it sounds. I am married now 2 yrs, and I was approved in Canada to sponsor my wife, when she when for her interview, at the Canadian Embassy in May 2010, she was refused, the reason given was , (1),We are not married long enough, (note: we are married 2 yrs),(2) there is a language barrier??? She has taken 2 English courses, and could have taken the interview in English. & that none of my family when to Cuba for the wedding, I have no Family in Canada, my parents, and siblings, are all dead, from a car accident.
So to the writer, do some homework, I can tell you, everything that was told to you, is not true. If he did go to school, and has some medical experience Cuba will not let him go, and on that note all Cuban men have to do 2 years military before any schooling, or can get a job. So I am thinking the reason, he do not have a job, is because he didn't do his military school, ask him to see his papers for this, they have to carry this at all times. If you are really looking for a Cuban man, I can help you out, you can come with me, and meet my wife , and her family, and friends, I know lots of Cubans, after working there for 2 yrs. let me know here. will be glad to get back to you.

May 29, 2010
Belle Agree With You!
by: Donna

I agree with you totally in your response to Yanelis.

He represents the worst all that is wrong about the Cuban gigolo looking for a way out of poverty via woman, any woman, no matter what nationality.

Castro created the Socialist state as a safety net, as a means to provide every citizen with a means to education, food housing health.

It was never meant to carry the loafer, the idler the con artist too lazy to work, and we all know who they are, they are easy to spot.

Yanelis is a typical example of one such hustler, and they are hustlers, they are thiefs.

A thief is a person who does not want to work for what they need in life, they prefer to illegaly take it.

A Cuban parasite is a thief. He is too lazy to get off his fat Culo to work.

He would prefer to con a Canadian into believing he loves her, when in reality he could not give a damn.

All he wants is a VISA, a Passport out of what he sees as poverty.

And guess what??

Castro is more than happy to open the borders and give him his blessing and say Bye Bye Loser!!

You're a Burden on our hard pressed system. Now go and Fuck over another system, we are tired of you!!.

Comments by Vic Webmaster

I agree, and don't misunderstand my comments I am
not defending hustlers and jineteras. I have been victim myself of minor scams in Cuba. But ...
I have talked alot about the subject with Cubans.
Many of the Cubans say: what do you know about living in Cuba? Come and stay a few years with us surviving on 25$ per month. I talked to a desperate guy of 25 years old who said, with my salary I can not afford one beer, let alone support my family. There are no Cubans without a "negocio" (an extra income) from "street trade" Young girls or boys sell their body, mature women sell clothing or food on the streets hidded in a plastic bag, some Cubans sell half of their montly ration book. Elder Cubans sell, lighters, newspapers and the lucky onces may clean toilets in restaurants (tips!). There's alot of stealing
from the State, food, sheets, construction materials, paints, toilet paper etc.
Many Cubans are used to cheating, some play the "Communist Party game" to get a good job in the tourist industry, others sell their body or cigars, some try to escape by raft or through a visa (US visa lottery) or marrying a tourist....Don't under estimate the human survival instinct, under extreme stress, good people can do bad things. Foreigners, trapped in Cuba and without money, behave exactly the same way as Cubans do, they try to escape by cheating and stealing because almost nobody can honestly survive on a salary of 10 dollar per month

Apr 17, 2010
by: belle

Your comments are reasonable about all Cubans not being the same but how do you know that people who are not Cuban have expensive cars, nice homes and whatever. Don't be so naive. People struggle all over the world. Everywhere outside of Cuba is not made of gold you know. You're saying that it is ok to scam people to get ahead in life. Well, i'm sorry i don't agree with you. It's never ok to lie and cheat like that and walk all over someone. You're also saying that a Canadian person, for example, deserves that kind of treatment just so the Cuban can get a free ride. Well sorry but that's just BS - And you should be ashamed about even making that kind of comment because it speaks volumes about the kind of person you are and it's not a very good one. Obviously you are the kind of person who would use someone. Nice!!!

Mar 06, 2010
by: Canuck Your Name sahys it All!

You have to be crazy to not see the guy this woman is writing about it a con artist.

He knows her for a week and suddenly he has immigration papers for Canada? Arranged by a 'rich uncle'? yeah right!.

Or perhaps arranged by a previous Yuma who saw the light and got out while the gong was good.

If a relationship is the real deal there will be not hassle involved. No talk about cellphones, immigration papers, marriage, engagements etc.

These guys do not have dime in their pockets, not a pot to piss in. Is'nt it obvious what their intention is when they tell a plain, chubby older Canadian that they love her very much within a week.

Wake up man, get real. If you met a Canadian woman acting like telling you she loved you so so much, bombarded yu with emails declaring undying love,.... but needed a cell phone clothing, pssibly immigraiton papers and marriage - all at your expense ..

You would tell her to go see a shrink, wonder if she was bi-polar, had mental issues, that she was off her rocker.

Or most likely a con artist!

Jan 23, 2010
If you think that Cubans are the only liars on this planet, man do I have some beautiful but cheap lakefront property in Florida to sell you!!!
by: Crazy Canuck

I have been reading a lot of the negative comments about Cunbans being liars and I think the people making these remarks need to take a step back and look at the people around you in your own country. I am sure there are very many Cubans who in fact are liars just as there are many Americans, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish or any other nationality you can mention. It just seems that the Cubans are getting a bad rap because they are the only culture that people talk about marrying and asking questions about. Being a Canadian and on this planet for more than 50 years I have met my share of people from other countries who are a lot worse than the Cabans but I do not see anything on any website where people are being so ignorant because they have had a bad experience of their own with one individual. I think we need to take a good long look at the peole around us who say they are our friends and love us but then they go and say bad things about us to other peole thinking that we will not find out about it. There are many two faced liars everywhere and not all of them are Cuban........

Nov 18, 2009
all cubans are not liars

is very hard to hear how people like you that always have had what they want,expensive cars,warm houses,cloths,food money talk about us cubans(who had been leaving with so little for so long)like that and it's true that you have to work hard your hole life to can afford all that, but all we ask for is for an opportunity.Is also true that you can find many bad people but come on there's bad people everywhere,and i wouldn't call them bad,they are just sick of being living like animals what you dont know is that sometimes many of those who you call liars go to bed with nothing in their bellies and with no hopes of eating the next day,so my friend WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT CUBANS?

Oct 07, 2009
in response to Vic
by: Arielle

Thanks for your comments Vic. This Cuban does not have a job. He recently graduated with a hospitality degree and has refrained from getting a job because he says it will be harder for him to get the visa if he has a job. He does not have any work experience, he is 26 years old. He says it is his dream to come to Canada only to make enough money to buy a car and a house for his mother, then to return to Cuba and live by making money taxiing his car out.

He also doesn?t have a skilled profession which the Canadian government would recognize to give him skilled migration. This is why I?m confused also because I thought the only way to migrate was to have sponsorship, a letter of invitation or through skilled worker migration. But he told me that he does not know which type of visa he has applied for, only that he will be able to LIVE there if everything works out. This is not just visiting Canada, but migration!

He has the ok from the Canadian government as of two days ago, but now he says the next step is to go for an interview (I think with the Canadian consulate in Cuba). He told me he is expecting to be able to buy the plane ticket in 2 months, I don?t know where he got that time frame from. In regards to paying the bills, he does not know where he will get the money from, and he hints that he has no money and will have to borrow it, likely from his rich grandpa or uncle, both in the United States.

Does anyone know if there is a way a Cuban can migrate legally to Canada without being 1) married to a Canadian or 2) having family in the United States.
I feel like he?s not telling me something?obviously.
Comments by Vic
Arielle, to me, he's not telling you the truth.
Normally during the interview at the embassy, they ask who will be his sponsor. I remember that my Cuban wife had to show a bank check of 4,000 Euro to prove her solvability and the invitation letter before she got the Shengen visa to enter Europe. I am from Europe but I heard that Canada has similar procedures concering sponsorship, normally he has to prove, he has a sponsor who takes full responsibility for him. I hope that you can get more accurate info from other visitors.

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