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A frequently asked question: Can a foreigner buy a house in Havana?

The short answer is: NO! Homes or property are not for sale to foreigners!

Even Cubans can not sell their houses, they can only swap with an another family (the so-called Permuta).

Cuba Law

In the Cuban Law 65 about housing, the possibilities and rules are stated, but in practice this is a rather difficult matter, because a lot depends on the interpretation of the inspectors of the Vivienda Department (Ministry Of Housing). Ask one hundred Cubans (and foreigners) about Real Estate in Cuba and you get two hundred different opinions and interpretations. If you’re married to a Cuban citizen your chances are better, but the local house, land or property will be registered in the Cuban citizens name. Even then it’s not an easy matter, there are still lots of uncertainty. Adivise of a specialized Cuban lawyer for a 'house swap' is recommended.

Read more details about a house in la Habana and house swapping in Cuba on the specialized Cuban website

Cuba Accommodation

Long term rent or lease is a possibility. You can rent from a Cuban family who owns a legal cuba casa particular (a private tourist room). These rooms are rented for a short time to tourists, but some room owners agree to long-term leases (6 months – 1 year).

Cuba Longterm accommodation

Most foreigners live at the Marina Hemingway in well-equipped rented Condos or hotel suites (no cheap solution). Others live on their yachts.

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