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How Can I Bring My Dog from Cuba to the U.S.?

by jackeline rodriguez
(cape coral fl usa)

I came from Cuba 5 month ago and I want to bring my dog, I have the papers ready what also do I need and what do I have to do?


To bring your dog from Cuba to the U.S. , the dog must be accompanied by a VALID health certificate stating that they are free of diseases communicable to man.
Dogs must be examined for tapeworms and vacinated against rabies at least 30 days prior to the entry in the U.S.
The vacination certificate must bear the signature of a licensed veterinarian, I think that this will cause the biggest problem. You will find licensed
veterinarians in Cuba, but I see two probems: first the health certificate will be delivered in the official Cuban language : Spanish, so you will need a certified
translation by an official accepted translator. Second problem, will the U.S. immigration and Health Services recognize the certificate delivered by a Cuban licensed veterinarian? Chances are that your dog must stay in quarantine and that you will need a new certificate issued by a U.S. veterinarian.
An other fact to consider: not all airlines accept the transport of animals, and between Cuba and the USA is no regular airline traffic, due to
the U.S.- Cuban embargo, so your possibilities are limited you probably must travel through Cancun (Mexico) or Toronto (Canada) with your dog in transit.
Note, that this is not a legal advice and that the accuracy is not guaranteed. Therefore I strongly advise you to contact the US Immigration and Health Services.

Dog from Cuba?
by: Cayman Islands

Jackeline, If I was you I would be very careful about trying to bring a dog from Cuba. Reasons, after you get him to the United States and you give him a taste of ALPO dog food he is sure going to run away looking for PEDIGREE just like the men do. US of A has every kind of dog there is under the sun, dont tell me you cant find even one to love. Good luck.

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Dec 20, 2017
I bring my dog NEW
by: Anonymous

To those who are saying that we can not bring our dogs from Cuba. Let me tell you that I bring my 2 dogs with me to USA, you just have yo do the paper in Carlos III they have a vet that do all those kind of papers. Also, you have to make sure that the plane that you are going to take allows pet and that's all.

Oct 19, 2015
Title NEW
by: Anonymous

Basically, it is always challenging to take any pets abroad. It is not even always possible. I wouldn't even keep a pet if I knew I will move to another country in a couple of years.
J.J.Harper from custom writing service

Nov 02, 2014
No way NEW
by: Anonymous

There is no way to bring your dog from Cuba. I tried to bring my dog and I found that just who are leaving the country with a legal status (family claim, political asile,,,) are able to do it. No american residents, no american citizens, no cuban tourists) But keep faiting, maybe you can use a third country.

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