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How I Met a Jinetera in Havana

by Tony

A few years after the death of my wife, I was still single and decided to make a trip to Havana Cuba.
The second day I was strolling on Obispo street in the Old Havana area when a tall good looking mulata came from the opposite direction. The moment we crossed she smiled to me and I automatically smiled back. She must have seen this as an invitation, she made a turn and walked with swinging hips a few metres in front of me.
She slowed down till we reached each other. She said some things in Spanish that I didn't understand.
We were in front of the Ambos Mundos hotel and I invited her in the lobby bar for a drink. Over a Mojito she told her story. She was twenty, her father was a taxidriver who made long hours for only 25 dollars per month, her mother was working in an hospital for 15 dollars.
She was twenty and already divorced, her ex Cuban husband had beaten her on several occasions. We drank an other Mojito and I promised her to come back the next day. On my way back to the hotel, I did some thinking about the age gap, she twenty and me in my early fifties, she could have been my daughter.
I didn't go back and a few days later I met a wonderful Cuban woman in a non-tourist bar after two years and many trips to Havana we got married. After four years of a happy marriage I am planning to retire in Havana.

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Apr 15, 2015
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Apr 01, 2012
Hello Tony !
by: Anonymous

You didn't say, but obviously you are not an American. I have been to Cuba on two occasions
and know one thing for sure about the women there. Because of the dire straits the country is in, they will do almost anything, lying for one, to get a foreign guy to marry them. I don't care if you met your lady friend in a " non-tourist " bar or not. I wish you well but am doubtful about your long term prospects. If you must marry a Cuban lady, marry one you've met in the USA or Canada,...anywhere but Havana, or anywhere else in Cuba. Yikes, the very thought is scary !

Mar 28, 2010
you would not marry a hooker in your own country so why do it in Cuba?
by: Anonymous

People who go to Cuba as tourists or short time visitors are outside the normal realm and most of the Cuban people they meet depend on tourists for their livelihood or they depend of foreign boyfriends who will make remittance payments...and some plan marriage for an escape from Cuba. If you open your eyes and look how most Cubans live on their miserable salaries, of course they will do anything to escape including some very convincing acting. So anyone thinking about hooking up with a Cubana , who is intrigued by the Cuban culture and etc, any one in these circumstances should make an effort to live in Cuba for 3 months or 6 months and maybe get a job and be around normal people and learn Spanish of course. Or better yet find a Cubana who is already out of Cuba and therefore makes their own living and is not under pressures to marry someone for the purpose of escape or financial gain. Believe it or not there are a lot of great Cuban people who are living in the US or Canada already, and who are not compelled to get married for monetary reasons.

Mar 06, 2010
A lovely Story!
by: Anonymous

I am happy to hear that you found real love in Cuba.

It's nice to know it exists. And why not?.

All too often silly women desperate for love rush into relationships which are not real.

They allow themselves to be exploited so desperate is their need for 'love'. When in reality they are bheing used.

I have read so many stories of this website and I genuinely feel sorry for those women.

They are being used and they know it. They seek reassurance here.

They almost want us to tell them it is ok that these men love them, when you can clearly see from what they write it is not the case. They are being played, for a passport to a more prosperous life.

So it is refreshing to read an account of a genuine relationship based on love not need or desperation.

I wish you a happy life together.

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