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i married a cubana

by spiros

i get married with a cubana ex-athlete in havana on march 2008.august 2008 she came in greece and from the moment she pass the border the problems started.

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Mar 14, 2011
i married a cubana
by: Anonymous

hola loco espero que resibas mi mensaje no habia revisado mi correo cuidate , te quiero , saludos a todos besos yordanka para manolin el blanquito de Santiago de la mulata de la Habana

Nadia Tamayo escribió:
Hola mulata linda:
Espero que al recibo de este mensaje te encuentres bien en compañia de amistades y familiares, principalmente de salud. Te diré que estoy bien, todo por aca esta bien aunque un poco aburrido y mas ahora que termino la Liga y la carga de trabajo no es tanta como antes pero bueno ahi vamos; cambiando de tema te digo que te extraño, sobre todo el sabor de tus labios y no hago mas que pensar en ti y en aquella noche mágica que pasamos juntos en compañia de Alexei ¡ La pasamos bien verdad !, estoy ansioso porque se repita un momento como ese, ojala pudieras venir en los carnavales para pasarla super; todo esto que te he dicho puedes creerlo porque es la verdad, es así como me has hecho sentir, me gustas mucho y creo que eres extraordinaria me caes bien cantidad. Bueno belleza por el momento me despido, puedes escribirme a esta dirección, hasta pronto un beso bien grande para ti. Te quiere Manolin el blanquito de Stgo de Cuba.

Jan 10, 2011
investigate your cuban lover
by: Stevie

I also met a cuban woman a few years ago and had a hard time figuring out whether she was telling me the truth, always seemed like some things didn't add up. Someone on one of the chat boards told me about a private eye company in cuba so I had her investigated and found out she was married and had a son as well. Turned out the place I was meeting her was actually her friends house, not hers. The "family members" were actually family of her friend. The investigator found out her husband's name and where they lived and everything. Now I see that company has a web site cubanfidelity.com. I have some friends who recently went to cuba on vacation, one of them fell in love with a cuban, so I gave him their phone number and recommended he start by at least verifying the woman's info. His girl was at least telling the truth about being single.
Steve C

Jul 12, 2010
by: nicol

cerco donna cubana dai 40 anni carinosa e pelosa

Jun 09, 2010
The true comes up sooner
by: Anonymous

I dated a cuban girl 10 years ago....I used to fly over the weekend to Havana to stay with her. I was so naive for over 1 year. Until suddenly she told me that she wanted to be my only friend ...I felt bad for a while, however days later a received an email from a married lady explaining to me that her husband fell in love with my ex in Cuba. To my surprise I decided to visited them. I found out that this cuban lady used the same strategy with all the guys she dated through internet and she was having multiple relationships at the same time (I guess she was trying to pick and select her best option)...I now know that the truth comes up sooner or later. ...I feel bad for the naive guy who took her out of her island. I feel that my guardian angel helped me during that time

Mar 06, 2010
by: Sorry to hear about you cheating wife Spiros

I was so sorry read your story and I hope that you are now over that horrible experience. I can feel your anger.

You have been played by this nasty woman. It's horrible.

I was in Varadero last year and a group of Cuban baseball players were staying in the hotel.

They were the National team. You mentioned that your wife was an ex athlete. It seems they are more manipulate than the average Cuban.

One of the players chatted up my friend. He was so so charming, tall and handsome. She fell for the B.S.

I say B.S because within a day he was dropping hints about an IPhone. He produced a picture of the IPhone that he wanted. He was also coming on to a married woman tourist from Canada, she seemed to be besoitted with him despite the fact her poor husband had to stand in the background and watch his wife flirting outrageously with this casanova.

When this guy returned to Havana he would call my friend every morning, always at 7am telling her how much he loved her.

She asked him why so early and he told her it was the only time he could make a private call when he walked the dog, otherwise his wife would be angry.

Can you imagine he was married, and had nto told my friend.

He had played the single guy act when he was sweet talking her and dropping hints about iphones.

He emailed her daily when she returned home and she told him in no uncertain terms where to go. She copied in the woman's email he had been using so hopefully his wife could read the message.

Did this playboy really think that a woman would be so gullible to fall for that BS?.

Unfortunately Spiros this type of scenario is being played out every day of the week of every week of the year in Cuba and gullible tourists are falling for it.

My friend was lucky, she wised up quickly and did not suffer emotional or financial bankruptcy like many of the gullible women on this website.

Jan 29, 2009
i married a cubana continiues
by: Anonymous

dear friends
now my wife is back in cuba from January 2009 to finish her university as she has told me before even we married one year before.but i notice that she dont be at all in a hurry to come back to me.because she have fly with one way ticket.i guess now she is in a comfortable position over there by having me sending to her every 2 weeks money to Cuba

Jan 14, 2009
I feel sorry for you
by: Vic

Hi, Spiros,
Thanks for submitting your comments.
I have warned people on several occations for this scams. It's incredible what some Cubans do to escape from their country.
The problem that she disappears after arrival in your country happens frequently. With the special "Shengen visa" she has access to nearly all European countries. Most Cubans disappear to Spain beacuse of the language and the Cuban community there. It's important that you act quickly, to protect yourself (financialy)in most European countries your are the sponsor an full responsible for the Cuban you invite. In the worst case a quick divorce, how painfull it is may be the only solution. I advice to go straight to the special forum on this topic and ask for advice :
On this forum you find lots of people with simular problems.
I wish you the all the best
Webmaster Havana-guide.com

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