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I Need to Know How to Marry in Cuba

by Lucy

I'm going to get married in March and I don't know where to start in getting the papers... can anyone help me?? I'm from canada...

Comments by Vic webmaster
I advise you to read carefully the info on the
page "havanajineteras" about Marriage in Havana Cuba.
You will need a birth certificate and a document stating your nationality and Civil Status (divorced, widow, etc.). Is your future husband a Cuban citizen and will you invite him to Canada?
In this case you are obliged to sign an official invitation, whereby you agree to take full responsability (financial & medicare) for the Cuban. Note that all this documents must be officially translate in Spanish for the Cuban authorities and registrated by the Cuban authorities. In short this are the important steps. I strongly advise you to contact the Cuban
embassy in Canada for the latest update on the marriage documents. Be sure to contact the Canadian Immigration services too for up to date info on Cuban immigration.
Read the info about marriage in Cuba on the website of the Cuban Embassy in Canada.

Comments for I Need to Know How to Marry in Cuba

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Nov 04, 2010
Que Pinga esta pasando contigo??
by: Silvana Teresa

Hola Lucy!When I returned back to Cuba to maybe marry my Cuban,I got the shock of my life.
We were celebrating this future celebration,and my human nature he got disgustingly drunk.
When I asked him how much he loved me,he said "love,are you crazy,I have my love back home en La Isla taking care of my son,I could F#&k any girl I want and have beer and food at my disposal,I only need you to get me out of here.!!!!
Lucy know that these men have sex and willing young girls at their disposal,they do not need you for that,,PERIOD!!
When men and or women get drunk their true inhibition's prevail and hence hidden truth's com out.
But try it out,for warned is for armed,go for it,but only you will suffer the consequence's.
Take care
Silvana Teresa,
{ps.I tore up all the paper's I had brought,and told him to let his puta help him out of the Island.}

Feb 21, 2010
Angie Jewel Thnk Again!
by: Sylvie

Angie you should give serious consideration to flying your Cuban man to Australia. Not only will you be responsible for the departure visa air fare etc. you will have to maintain him in Australia.

That could set you back at least 10,000 Australian dollars or more. There is only a 2% chance of it working out.The stakes would be higher by flying to Las Vegas and slamming $10,000 down on the Roulette table, think about that!.

A friend of mine lived with a Cuban man who made her life hell. He used an older German woman to marry him and pay for his flight out, plus all the rest of the red tape. He immediately flew from Germany to the UK to live with this friend of mine. He was violent froom the start, he beat her up, would spend his nights cruising the salsa clubs. Never worked (her never worked in Santiago either)

He stole the little State funded Family Allowance that she had to feed their daughter.

It was only after she took friend's advice and called the police to have him served with an injunction that she finally turned her life around.

Another Santiago workshy gigolo married an older very plain woman who works as a travel editor on a woman's mag. in London.

He made her pregnant and she spends her nights babysitting as he nightclubs and dates other much younger women.

He has never earned a dime in the time he has been in the UK. The woman is stupid to stay with him, she will one day get some self esteem and boot him out.

Nov 14, 2009
what you need to get married in cuba
by: Anonymous

Really think about what you are doing!! You will be responsible for that person for 3 years ...and most have other agendas when entering canada..only 2% work out!! Just a thought.
If you ate from Canada you will need to get a certificte of being single, notorized and all of these documents need to be translated into spanish
a birth certificate, a letter from your employer stating how much you make..is good.... Then you have to pay $$ lots of money for the person and any of their childern to have a medical, plus a record search of any past criminal behaviour they may have been involved with,plus the cost of all the papers to be notorized & translated..etc. The getting married part is the easiest...in and out ..make sure you have a witness with you ..be it the taxi driver or family...plus you will have to pay for passports , photos for the passports ..it never ends...!!!!
All I can say is good luck to you!!!!

Nov 13, 2009
by: angiejewel

hi lucy,yes all the info is correct and its costly around 600 cuc...but definately call the cuban embassy and check theyre are always changes , otherwise the other alternative is inviting him to canada and then get married and start the immigration process , which in my research seems to be the way to do it , but all ways are difficult as cuba doesnt make it easy and its all costly and apparently no guarantees , good luck .....also can anyone tell me when i fly my man to australia will he need visas for the other countries i found a ticket flying through london and canada thanks for any info ange

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