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I want to live in Cuba...forever !

by Ivar

I want to go to Cuba and live forever in Cuba, with my wife, dog, personal belongings.
Are there any dark-sides? And how much chances do I have to stay overthere?
I don't understand Spanish.
Last summer I stayed in Habana as tourist, alone.
I don't need money, I only need a place to live, a job and food. I can soon lose my job here.
I simple can't live here because of the high cost of living here (to pay rent),
but I know that in Cuba there is practically no rent to pay, and food, transport and medicines are free.
I simply have no alternatives.
What you think about it?


Hi, what you want to do is very difficult. To get a PERMANENT RESIDENCE VISA (you can't stay on a tourist visa, its only valid for max 60 days) which is the visa you need for a permanent stay in Cuba you need :
1) To be ( official) married to a Cuban citizen
2) Have a 5000 $ guaranty deposit in a Cuban bank
3) Pass a medical examination
4) Have a permanent place to live (normally the house of your Cuban partner)
5) Proof that you have a min.income from a job, pension, or foreign assets. Don't expect to work in Cuba, all jobs are distributed by the goverment and Cubans have priority. The average Cuban salary is 20$ per month (YES! no error, some Cubans earn 10$)You will need a house, there is a tremendous shortage of housing and a foreigner can not, repeat CAN NOT own Cuban property. If you manage to find a place to live, this appartment will be registered in the name of your Cuban wife or man. Sorry, but you have to think twice : Cubans pay little for some services like housing, food, transport but they earn very little, for a Cuban young man with a wife and child 8 or 10 dollar is NORMAL to Cuban standards. (salaries controlled by the Cuban Government) Note, that a can of beer (33cl) costs 1.25 cuc = 1.25 US dollar. After one day work a Cuban can't buy a beer!!!!!!!!Cuba is a nice country for people who can afford to live on their yacht or in a rented hotel suite. For a foreigner who want to stay in a Casa Particular = official licensed rooms you can rent from a Cuban family, the rent is at least 700 dollar a month(because the Cuban owner has to pay a high tax) If you want to work on the internet, note that the cheapest connection (very slow - dial-up) cost 125 $ per month. Only tourist hotels have a good (??) internet connection at 5$/hour. Cuba is a wonderful country but understand that in Cuba nothing is what it seems to be. There are two currencies but two standards of living too. The difference between living like a Cuban or a tourist is the same as the difference between black and white. GOOD LUCK! and think before you jump! All the best.

Vic webmaster

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Jul 24, 2018
Move to Cuba as a pensioner NEW
by: toto

I just retired and tired of the cold weather 8 months out of 12. I am of African origin and believe to easily melt into the Cuban culture. I long now for the eternal sun. Not been to Cuba yet, but it is knocking at the door to move for retirement.
Looking for advice and suggestions

May 04, 2018
Help for live in Cuba NEW
by: Anonymous

Hello, if you want to live in cuba contact me at customer.services.cuba@gmail.com

Oct 19, 2017
The real Cuba...2011-2017 NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been living in Cuba off and on for 3 years with my Cuban girlfriend and the cost of living is the same as Canada for many things ( due to the dollar exchange )
Things are getting worse Since the Obama visit and Trump isn’t helping at all.
The look of desperation is increasing on the streets and the government is making things harder for the new private businesses.
This country is a very difficult place to live and try to blend in.
I would not recommend Cuba to anybody for a sense of lonterm living.

Jun 24, 2016
help NEW
by: ali

Hi i want live and stay in cuba. Now i live in iran. But i dont now what i do for live as citizen in cuba. Please h.e.l.p. me

Jul 10, 2015
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by: Wanda

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Jun 16, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Mar 05, 2015
still looking NEW
by: Anonymous

welp! looks like i will have to find me a nice cubanita to take me in then! any of them stop by here that would be willing ??

Mar 05, 2015
amazing NEW
by: Kareina

Cuba is wonderful place to live. Most of the people would love the place just for the beauty of the land and the climate that it offers. And it is rich in fruits and also a lot of ample food commodities including some of the best coffee. how to setup outlook email

Sep 08, 2014
Wondering the same NEW
by: JJ

I was asking myself the same thing... about the possibility of living a cheap retired life in Cuba. I am a New Yorker currently living in PR. But this place here - although the land is beautiful - is way to expensive for a decent living. The streets are full a Puerto Rican thugs too who will curse at you or even shoot you just for glancing over at them. I am Rican myself from Stateside, though, and love my people but I can no longer live among the. I can no longer hack this dreary economy, either. That's why I am starting to seriously consider taking off for a better, more affordable, peaceful place - one with lots of sunshine - where I can retire in peace and live a great life. I don't need a job for I am set for life and can re-employ myself any time if need be. Is it possible to go to Cuba to rent a nice place by the beach and stay there kicking back indefinitely?

Aug 01, 2014
can we be free in cuba NEW
by: maripilarmata

Hi I was born in Cuba and I have been living in the USA for 55 years... And right now things here are
really horrible.. my email is maripilar@aol.com

Oct 18, 2010
Retiring in Cuba?
by: Juanito Platino

I lived in Mexico for five years. As a result, I'm proficient in Spanish. My bet is one can find a small beachfront place within 50 Km of Havana for $300 US/month and get a cook/maid for another $50. Next year, I plan to visit for a week or ten days to explore and find out. I'm also good at negotiation third world style and know how to wield the mordida with some finesse.

I'm amused by people that are concerned that they can't own property in Cuba. Why would you want to; so you can get screwed like you did here? I sold real estate in Mexico and invented the MLS for Puerto Vallarta. The Mexican constitution (Article 33) prohibits direct ownership of real estate by a foreigner within 50 Km of international waters and 100 Km of borders. So, they let you put it in a bank trust with you as the beneficiary. I seriously doubt it but something similar ?might? be possible in Cuba. It's very simple. But, why would you want to own there? Buying and selling would undoubtedly be a nightmare. There?s no doubt that as a foreigner you would get screwed coming and going. I don't understand the need so many Americans have to complicate the simple things in life.

So, you pay a cheap rent, cheap cook/maid, and a little mordida to la migra to cover your visa. Then, go fishing, take long naps, laugh, and be happy. Isn?t the idea to keep it simple and enjoy life?

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