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I was born in Havana and I am Canadian now .

by Eliany
(Victoria )

Hi All ,

I just want to make a contribution to this web site and contribute my own comments from a cubana point of view. I was born in Havana and it is true we have a lot of social benefits from the goverment as Public Education and Public Health but no personal rights. I am not talking about human rights which is different.

There is a lot of poverty in my country and we dream continously about a dream world outside of the box (cuba) and we don't have access to the information as we do in Canada .
Unfortunatly las jineteras (female) and jineteros (males) are a result of the big goverment corruption as it was the same goverment who create different social classes in Cuba. I don't blame the young people for selling themself for just a few dollars. I feel very sad that this is happening. Lots of cubans are loosing dignity but it is hard to have dignity when you encounter each day so many problems like to buy stuff and have to pay in cuc (Peso Converteble) where the goverment continue to pay us in cuban pesos. (24 times less worth)
I married a Canadian and I felt in love with him but did not work. We got divorced and I stayed here in Canada. I met another one and from him I have two beautiful daughters and I am happy now.

Today I have to say Thanks God I came here. I met a lot of wonderful canadians and my life is great. I learnt we have to be proactive and positive to help people to change and to have a better life. So what all of us should be thinking is how to help Cubans to have a better life there. Prostitution does not help. It is your personal choice and it is not my business to judge what a fatti canadien women do in Cuba. I feel very sorry for all fatti women as I am fatti now too lol. I had two babies and I put a lot of Tim Hourton coffee, choccolate chips and all good stuff that We have here! lol

By the way I am in Victoria. If you are traveling near soon and are able to take a medicine for my dad I will be more than thankful for your help. I need just someone who is able to carry a medicine to my Dad in Havana.
Sorry for my English ... God bless Canada and the Canadiens !
God bless Cuba and the Cubans!
Merry Christmas !

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May 26, 2015
havana NEW
by: Rachel K. Powell

I came to hear the problems being faced by the people of Havana. You have done a great job by fighting on behalf of your fellow citizens. I will try to help from my side by essay writing service whenever and wherever possible.

Feb 02, 2015
Reply NEW
by: Ben

I agree with the comments that said by Eliany. She has shared the real facts that the people in Cuba have been faced for many years. Now she is living in Canada and I think she is getting more personal rights there. american heart association classes

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