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Is He a Cuban Scammer?

by Sarah

I was in Guardalavaca in April when an attractive man walked into the cafe where I was having lunch.

He sat at the table opposite and kept staring at me. He seemed quiet, reserved, dignified.

As he left he looked back at me. When I left the cafe he was standing on the other side of the road telling me be careful of the traffic. He asked if he could accompany me along the beach to my hotel , I said no.

He told me I was beautiful and that he had seen me enter the cafe, he loved the way I dressed, even how I walked, could I meet him later to watch the sunset together. He ran a makeshift shop on the side of the road selling water, juice etc.

We met up later that evening for a drink at a quiet bar, watching the sunset together. We got along, he could speak English but with a strong accent, however I can speak a little Spanish.

He paid for his own drink which made me think he is not using me.

He did not insist on entering my hotel. We met up every evening before I left and got to know each other.

He told me he wanted to keep in touch, he could not use the internet, so I would have to text or call him.

I bought an International calling card, but our communication was a bit garbled, He told me he missed me from the day I left. I could hardly understand what he was saying, not only because of his accent but because he speaks softly. Very frustrating.

I called him last night and again the conversation was less than clear, lot of noise, he works outdoors.

One sentence threw me offguard though. "I'm starving down here" he shouted in an angry way. I did not catch exactly what he said next but it sounded angry.

I yelled back at him that I am not the kind of woman who maintains a man or who would send money if that is what he was implying, that the call was costing me a lot, and immediately cut him off.

I genuinely thought he was for real when we first met. Either he's a great actor or I overreacted last night on the phone.

I would appreciate your views. Would I be wasting my time on this man if I returned to Cuba ?.

Thank You.

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Oct 01, 2015
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Jul 04, 2015
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Mar 03, 2015
Reply NEW
by: Christy

You should be more careful before becoming closer to a strange person whether it is male or female. I think he was a big fraud. I don’t know why he was like that. There are so many people like him. We should be more vigilant to escape from those situations. Telesteps Telescoping Ladder

Feb 04, 2015
Signs to Tell If He Is a Scammer. NEW
by: Anonymous

He tells you he loves you within a week of meeting you. He also tells you that you're beautiful.

By week two the hints will be dropped into the conversation. His mother is not well, has to go into hospital, the house is falling apart, they need to build an extention, a new bathroom.

Much as he 'loves' you he will never accompany you to the airport when you leave. Nor will he ever meet you when you arrive. He might meet you a mile away from the airport in a collectivo. The reason?

Airports are full of police and military and if he is already known to them he could be arrested for being seen with yet another target, you.

His mobile phone, usually a smart phone, latest model, is never far from his grip and you will never be allowed to have access to it, never see the stored pictures and texts.

It's always 'an amigo' that he's calling, or who is calling him, even though you can distinctly hear a woman's voice when he answers the call.

When you email him to give him the date of your arrival he will never say how pleased he is to see you, but will include a shopping list of items which he needs, cut off shorts, pants etc. He has become so used to yumas bringing him gifts that he does not think anymore just includes his shopping list when he receives a notification of a future visit.

He will always have his 'favourite restaurants' which he will guide you to, always at our expense, and he wlll work his way through the menu, the cost does not concern him aince you the walking wallet are paying.

He has so many yumas on the go that he will never address you in emails or texts by your name, it's always 'Mi Vida' 'Mi Amor' 'Mi Corazon' so much easier than remembering your actual name.

He would love to marry you and have you live with him in Cuba. He loves his country mucho and would never want to travel abroad, well maybe only for a visit 'to see it'.

He will always point out a local market to you when out for a walk, especially the markets which sell meat.

He will drop into the conversation how necessary a car is to life in Cuba, public transport is just so bad a car is really needed.

He tells you that 'family' abroad always help out by sending money and always help out be recharging, topping up the mobiles of 'their Cuban family'.

These are just a few signs that he (or she) is most definitely a Jinitero.

Anyone have some more to add?

Aug 03, 2011
No 'Moral Indignation' Just Disappointment!
by: Sarah

To anonymous. I don't know what you are talking about when you refer to 'moral indignation.

I had no sense of 'indignation' whatsoever. I was merely disappointed with a man I thought could be a friend was no more than a con man, scammer.

He was not 'povre' not at all. The guy in question is very well fed and stylishly dressed. He has a small business, selling refreshments, drinks and fruit. So he's not 'povre' as you say.

But like all scammers who are on the front line to greet and ultimately harras the visitor to Cuba, he wants something for nothing.

A decent Cuban man will never pounce on a woman as soon as she walks outside of her hotel or casa. The con man will, and it's he who is giving Cuba a bad name.

Harrassment drives tourism down.

But it's not purely confined to Cuba. In countries like Dominican Republic or the Gambia tourism has dropped by 50% in the last 10 years as a result of violent harrassement of the tourist, combined with corrupt police who will not act unless paid to do so.

So crime, theft, and continual harrassment carries on undealt with. And decent people do not return. In the end those coountries attract the bargain bucket low life who fly there for other reasons than tourism.

Jul 19, 2011
well done sarah
by: eyes wide open

Good for you Sarah, at least you finished it before you got sucked in or lost your money.

Its like they all have a script, or someone tell them what they think we want to hear, but now we are getting wise to it all.

I know my one had feelings for me, but I would never be secure in the fact that it was me that he really cared for or what I could give him.

When I went over last time, I was sitting on the plane with a woman who was going over to check on her daughters boyfriend, I dont know the full story, but apparently her daughter had fallen for a Cuban, and her daughter was crazy about him, sending him money etc, and of course he wanted to marry the daughter.

On the way back I saw her and asked her how she got on, she was ranting and raving to anyone that would listen that she went there, stayed in the hotel he worked in, and he came on to the mother not knowing who she was, she played up to him a bit to see how far he would go, she asked him if he had a GF or a wife, he said no, as she was the one that he was waiting for lol.

A little while later a staff member told her that he was a player, and had a wife and child at home, she also gathered quite a bit of info, he then invited her to his home (like they do) thinking she was going to go armed with gifts and cash, so she went along and took some pics of the 'sister and nephew', so when she got back home would show and tell her daughter what a narrow escape she had.
The man still did not know she was the mother of the daughter.

Jul 10, 2011
Made My Mind Up!
by: Sarah

I gave him a last chance last night by calling him. His opening line was how I had acted in a 'shameful way' last time I called?. Why I asked, 'the way you slammed the phone down on me' he said.

I told him that I find the kind of man who would ask for money to be a low life jinitero and as an attractive woman I would not stoop so low.

I said that if money is what he is after he will find lots of opportunity on the beach which is crawling with older chubby plain ladies eager to find and to fund a male whore. Cuba is famous for that I said.

Realising I was about to hang up on him he lightened the tone, his voice was all of a sudden gentler, telling me it was raining heavily and there had been thunder, how he missed me a lot and would remain faithful, when was I returning.

My credit was about to finish I told him when he quickly asked me hold on a minute, how as his g/friend I should look after her man, how he needed $100 to fund his shop then he could treat me when I returned. He said that was 'the least a woman should do for her man'.

I was stunned and so angry. I told him I hardly knew him, we had only been out three or four times, no more. So how could he even think of me in that way. That now I saw him as a male whore.

How as an attractive woman I considered it an insult to be asked for money, love did not have a price tag. That he could trawl the beach if he needed a walking ATM there were lots of chubby older women desperate enough to fund a jinitero and be used. I was not. I had never paid for a man in my life and never would.

'You're a mean woman' he shouted. I immediately hung up on him.

I will never call him again.

Good Riddance!.

How wrong I was to think he might be different, one of the nice guys. He clearly is not.

Jul 04, 2011
What A Disappointment He Turned Out To Be!
by: Sarah

Thank you for your feedback and insight. I really appreciate it.

I feel so let down by this guy. He seemed so incredibly genuine. No flash clothes, no cellphone, hard working.

When I refused to go out one night he kept calling the hotel begging me to see him 'Please see me" he kept repeating.

He really convinced me, or could that be fooled me when we were sitting watching the fabulous sunsets. Even paying for his own drinks.

One night he called to say he could not meet me at that bar because he had not done well that day and would rather not join me with no money in his pocket.

Yet the man who spoke to me in that angry tone on the phone last week seemed like a total stranger, not the sweet man I had spent time with in Cuba.

I am stunned and feel let down. Either I am a bad judge of character or he gave an oscar winning performance of being a nice guy.

Jun 30, 2011
Thats the first thing they will ask for
by: Anonymous

So true... as he will say 'comunicacion es importante' or ask you to pay to use the internet to email you, as...''comunicacion es importante'

Or if you go back over and he is hungry, do not take him into a restaurant and show him the menu, as he will order everything off it, and come prepared with a plastic carrier bag to take the rest home, or like another lady posted, her friend did a Houdini act, he ordered everything off the menu, went to the bathroom and was never seen again.

He might even suggest hiring a car to show you the sights, you will have to pay for the car, gas, plus he will get a percentage for taking you to the hire place, same if he suggests a Casa, he will get a backhander as well, plus want you to order dinner there, and he will eat everything while your sitting there in shock wondering where the hell he puts it.

He might suggest you go and see Mama, but will explain she has nothing, no food to offer you, not even a drink of water, so of course you will think Awwww, I will stop off and get some bits, you hand them to her, and you still dont get offerd a drink of water, or even a share in the food you brought, as she will put it away for later.

He might even suggest that you could help start up a little business, something small, like you bring over Memory cards and he can sell them, but he would expect you to provide the stake money, you buy them, give them to him, he will sell them, but you would never get your stake money back, and by the time he has sold them you would have gone back home, so you are out of pocket by hundreds of dollars.

These are just examples of what the majority will try on with you.

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