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Is this true love in Cuba?

by Mike
(Miami, florida)

I'm kinda curious as to really tell if this person you have discovered in a different country is really into you and not the money or the visa to your country.

I've have gone to cuba about 2 to 3 time and have had a pretty good time with family and such but this 3rd time I was introduced to this beautiful girl thats 18 and is a neighbor to my aunt and they have taken care of her since she was little. I have spent the whole week getting to know her a bit because her father is very strict and revolutionary and its kinda hard to see her at times, but I still haven't yet introduced myself to them because she fears of what her father would react to a tourist going out with her daughter.

Since I've left I have been writing her and sending some letters and such, good thing is she is not a begger for things. So I don't see any red flags yet so can anyone help me out a bit to really dig into whats going on with this relationship from abroad.
Just need some advice?

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Oct 28, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Feb 08, 2011
True Love
by: Jim


This is hard to answer without knowing either of you, but you have to use your instincts and your gut. If you love her truly, you will do anything to win her heart. Under the cicumstances, your loving will be difficult and challenged. Every woman wants security from a man. A Cuban woman has extra challenges. She is not free as woman in USA. Your love for her and how you express it is important. If you love her, then care for her. Hopefully in short time, you can be together with your love. The important thing is for you to look at yourself and determine how much you love her. Then, pursue it the best you can. If the challenges are too much, then you have to look at what's good and necessary for you. You sound yound, so you have to be careful where you place your heart.

This is very difficult situtation, but because you can love is a good thing.


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