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It's Rare But There is Real Love in Cuba

by Erik

Just back from Havana, third time, visting my girlfriend, I have read the stories on this website, and indeed real love is hard to find. But it's not so "black and white" as some of the stories are written on the site. Love in Cuba is sometimes "grey".

My girlfriend is 40 and Grand Mother, I'am 49, with a little bit of my help, she is running now together with her son a small Souvenir Stand in Havana, she is very proud to be independent now, but indeed in the past she was going out with tourists, to get a good meal, and enjoy more than only one seat in a very small room with nothing.

She don't want to leave Cuba, because of the care for the family, and to be honest I don't want to life in Havana forever. I'am living in the Bahamas so traveling to Havana is less than 2 hours, and we have to see what the future will bring for our relation.

It took a long time before I could met her family, but with this visit, I was introduced to her family, poor but very proud hard working Cubans. In first instance they politely refused my invitation for a family dinner, but in the end they agreed to go, but to the most cheapest restaurant and picked out of the menue card also the most cheapest meals.

I have seen it all, the housing, hospitals, and indeed love comes first, but a better life, is a part of it, I can't deny that. But is that not similar outside Cuba?

I have a wonderfull time with her and specially with her family, her Grand Daughter and also Grand Mother are adorable. Money is no problem for me. I worked very hard my whole life, and "lost" my own family, and I find happiness with her and her family.

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Sep 09, 2015
nice post NEW
by: Anonymous

I like to share my experience that I don't want to life in Havana forever. I'am living in the Bahamas so traveling to Havana is less than 2 hours. thanks for this post.
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Jul 06, 2015
useful post NEW
by: Sras

Well! I also felt good to read this story which is sound lovely and base on facts. In fact you have posted your experience with her and his family here. I think you like him and may be want to relation with him. I hope both understand each other and love between them, not money or other anything else. Actually, I'm looking superior papers but i also love Cuba which is beautiful place to live. I also enjoyed when i go that place with my family on vacations.

Feb 22, 2015
Follow up Erik now in the UAE. NEW
by: Erik

February 2015 Follow Up

I know it sounds maybe amazing but we are still together. We bought a nice house in Havana Centro, and I try to be there 1 time a year, for 3 weeks, enjoying the family my grand daughter, and my sons. She will be here in the beginning of March, in the UAE not a country for a nice holiday if your used to Cuba, but 2 times a year she makes the trip and spend 2 Months with me.

It takes a long time, but it's worth fighting for, she is the love of my live.

All the best, Erik.

Mar 23, 2012
Follow up of my first story
by: Erik

It has been now almost 2 years later. I' am back in the Netherlands, but our love is still strong. We married in December 2011, and she has been in the Netherlands 2 times, she likes the Netherlands, the culture, the freedom. We travelled through whole Europe and we enjoyed it. We bought a house in Havana Vieja/ centro, and I always enjoy my stay with the whole family, especially my little grand daughter. She still works hard in here souvenir stand. Of course we have our troubles, some coming from her past, ( not a good childhood), and some cultural differences. It took a long time to get her trust and complete love, because it's true, you take a " Yuma" for a nice evening, dinner,sex, and eventually money. There is a saying in Cuba " I cannot eat Love only" . But for the moment we are very happy with our relation, she loves my children and family , and I love my family in Cuba.

Keep you posted, Erik.

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