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Jinetera or Not?

by Tony

Her description: Low 30's dark, long soft hair ($150 every month in a half), expensive make up for economic level (Macy's or better)...tummy tuck, fake boobs, tattoos, child, $7000,00 vehicle upon arrival (making monthly payments)

I'm a professional here in South Florida (age Low 40's) and met a great girl (Low 30's) with a superb smile and charm who arrived in Florida from Cuba in 8/2009...we met in 11/2009.

From the 2nd date on...it was..."I don't know what it is, but I have Very very strong feelings for you" not 2 weeks go by she claiming she's in love.

Now I'm no fool...I can score women as I am decent looking and quite charming myself...so I suspected her to be a Jinetera...however, I played along because even though i'm a professional...I am very broke...mainly because of my crazy amount of Child Support I pay monthly. But I do have a nice size house that I live alone in...that I am sure excited her...so much so...from day one she would say "this is my new house"

What she wasn't aware of until too late was that I have my house under my father's name...and that I have over $230,000.00 in debt. Well around Jan/2010 I let her know... unfortunately for her...I managed to get her to have feelings for me...so she tried to stay with me. Not sure if it was because she thought she could live there with her child...but I suspected as much. Oh and I failed to mention how during the first month...until she found out I was really broke...all she talked about was marriage (I never did let her move in).

Fast forward...Sept/2010 she finally breaks it off...the allure of love wore off. But she left a strong hole in my heart...

Her daily..."you know I love you sooo much" "I can't wait to get home to you" blah blah blah...was VERY EFFECTIVE. Much more effective than I had anticipated.

I guess I wrote this to warn victims...Watch it...Love don't come cheap...and the pain after might not be worth the ride. They will leave you eventually. She did not like it when I called her out and called her what I knew she was...a Jinetera.

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Oct 11, 2011
So true.
by: Anonymous

We never think having someone always tell us how much they need us and we are necessary for them will wear a man down. Everything you said was so true, but my side of the story is that it was a Canadian that did that to me before also. My theory is that its ourselves in general man or woman gamble with what your comfortable with losing. The hole in the heart thing is best to clean, sterilize, bandage before "our" hearts get infected.As scary and blissful as any relationship can there will be memories.

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