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Legal Drinking Age in Cuba

by Jim

I am going to Cuba with the family and I wonder what the Cuba drinking age is?

Answer: By Vic Webmaster

I have not found an official Cuban document stating the drinking age in Cuba.
The Wikipedia mentions that drinking age is 18 in Cuba, but In the majority of the all inclusive Cuban resorts 16 is considered as the drinking age. Other sources too mention the age of 16 as drinking age in Cuba.

However the sale of rum is widespread in Cuba and I never heard that someone was asked his age. In practice the Cubans are flexible with this rules. Said one Cuban jokingly, the moment you can open a bottle in Cuba... you can drink....

Remark by: brettandtrish

There is a drinking age chart on Wikipedia which clearly lists the legal drinking age and the legal age to purchase alcohol in almost every country in world. The list shows that Cuba has no drinking age but one must be 18 in order to purchase alcohol...Bottoms up...lol

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