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Living in cuba


If I was born in cuba, but I am now a US citizen can I stay in Cuba to live? Without giving away my American citizenship?

Answer by Vic webmaster havana-guide.com
This is a complicated issue, I just can give some general guidelines that have to be checked with the Cuban authorities. (Cuban Interest section at the Swiss Embassy in the USA)
You can not lose your Cuban citizenship when you were born in Cuba (Cuban birth certificate).In general Cuba will consider you as a Cuban citizen living abroad when you enter Cuba. As a matter of fact you will have a dual citizenship Cuban-US-American. I understand from your question, that you are applying for a permanent residence in Cuba. In this case there's a lot of red tape. Permanent residence is only granted when you are married to a Cuban citizen, can proof your solvency, housing, income, pass a medical examination etc. This are just general guidelines for latest updates consult the Cuban Immigration Authority at Cuban Interests Section
Cuban Consulate
2639 16th St, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Note that travel to Cuba is restricted for US citizens and that you need a OFAC license that gives you permision to travel to Cuba.

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