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Long term visit to Cuba

by Marie


Is there any chance to apply to stay over extended (60) days there in Cuba?

Answer by Vic webmaster

The standard tourist visa (tarjeta tourista) is valid for 30 days and one extension of 30 days is possible (a total of 60 days).
After 60 days you have to leave the country, but you can return 48h later for another stay of 60 days.
Some foreigners do this for a longer stay in Cuba, they fly for a weekend to Cancun Mexico.
For a longer stay in Cuba you need a special visa. Special visa's are granted for educational or medical (treatment) reasons and professional reasons (journalists, photographers, film crews volunteer jobs, etc.

Employees from foreign companies working in Cuba,
(for example: the tourist sector) get a work permit and a visa for one year.
There are many exceptions, for up-to-date information contact the Cuban embassy in your country. Be sure to have a solid reason for the longer stay visa, vacation or leisture are not accepted as a good reason.
When you are married to a Cuban citizen, you can apply for a permanent residence.

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