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Love and Dust in Santiago De Cuba

by Denise

Wish I had stumbled across this site earlier! Met Amaury (rasta) in Santiago in May. He is 39 I am a well preserved 50 year old going on 25!! He has no wife/children, supposedly. Neither have I, fact! Spent a fun romantic week with him, paying for everything of course. Accompanying us, my two female friends and another rasta my friend hooked up with, and later dumped! He was caught bragging about a female lover from Italy or France who was returning to vistit, before my friend and I were due to return. Anyway, I leave to go back for an extended holiday, hopefully learn some Spanish, in 10 days time.
In the time I have been away, just recently Amaury was supposedly in hospital, in instensive care on oxygen. Pains in stomach (he kept getting sick in stomach when he was with me and asked me to take back medication) and fluid on his back according to his sister. Presuming she met lungs!
In the meantime police arrive at his house to investigate him for prostitution. His name showing up on Casa Particular registers with myself, my friends and the other rasta.
My friend did recieve an email out of the blue from the other rasta, saying he had left town, on the run from the police. She has since received anther email not sure if he was still on run, nothing mentioned, or it was about the time the other lover would have probably left to go back to Italy/France. He sounded like he was trying his luck again from what I could translate, she ignored his emails.
So Amaury went from hospital, to police custody, they employed an expensive lawyer and were going to sell the freezer and T.V.
I had offered to send money, but didn't, now I am putting pressure on her, for the lawyers details. I have made out I employed a lawyer my end, who is concerned about my safety and well being when I return, who needs to be in contact with their lawyer.
His sister said that not many people in Cuba have telephones, including the lawyer!! Funny that, they have one! I have also asked for an email address no reply from the sister.
Then he was released, with the help from friends, of their brother. Brother lives in Russia, got political assylum when the wall came down. Anyway I like a challenge and will get to the bottom of things. Meet the lawyer, go to the hospital to personally thank the nurses and doctors for looking after him.
Oh and the latest, Amaury wants to marry me, so he can be free to walk the streets with me, without fear of persecution. Maybe he has just been travelling around the island with another unsuspecting female!
I don't really care as I won't be marrying him and he won't be spending my money!! I wasn't foolish to think he hadn't been with other women just don't like to be taken for a fool! It is what it is! All I wanted was to learn spanish, have some fun and romance without all the dramas!

Comments for Love and Dust in Santiago De Cuba

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Sep 18, 2015
Chill! NEW
by: Harry

So much negativity in the comments. I never understood why people feel the need to judge others. So what if she went to Cuba to have fun? Why judge her? We are not perfect and we all make decisions that some people will not approve of.

Aug 24, 2015
Very nice NEW
by: Anonymous

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Apr 29, 2015
good post NEW
by: Jimmy

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Apr 17, 2015
good post NEW
by: Janessa77

I think it is not something that happens only in Cuba. This happens in almost all the places across the globe. The main objective for men being this way is their moms and dads. This is what happens when they are not given any responsibilities in life. I really enjoy this post.

Feb 18, 2013
Denise-walk tall
by: Anonymous

I've been to Cuba twice. The first time I went, I was somewhat naive to Cuban things that go on with tourists. I was there, coz I had gotten conned by my African X husband and going thru a divorce. But I went to Africa and lived there for 2 yrs.

We can't blame anyone that goes into ANY 3rd world country, and ends up liking someone, and either falling in love with them, having sex with them. Before I went back to Cuba last summer, I found this website. I'm glad and mortified I found it. I saw the romance scams going on at Club Amigo Guardalavaca,and it angered me.

I have seen beautiful women in Cuba, and even overweight women, not so pretty women meet a guy, and end up having sex with a cuban. Gorgeous men, overweight men, and not so good looking men have sex with Cubanas.

It happens! My X in Africa lied to me, cheated, and decieved me to get $$ from me, and an education. Married me too. I was naive. But ppl do whatever they can in 3rd world countries to survive. And I have forgiven him.

The last time I went to Cuba I was officially divorced, met up with past friends I met last time, and yep-I became a tourist that had sex with a Cuban. Do I regret it? Sort of. But I was straight with him too as I read this website before I went, and I told him all about this site as well. i told him I didn't want a relationship, I'm close to 40, I won't marry him, won't buy him anything-but will be a friend to him. It was next day, after much alcohol, and partying with my friends and his at his mother's place, we had sex. 2x that week actually, and we used condoms.

Don't go there for sex. Go for the fun, alcohol, learning about another culture. Don't go and 'buy' a person for the week or 2. I didn't do anything to keep him around. There was no promise of anything. Some ppl like casual sex, ppl have needs, and if that need happens to come about on vacation, so what?

I think Denise having sex in Cuba, and being the adult enuff to have sex with anyone she wants, is her business. She has no ties, she sounds pretty independant, and if she is a good looking as she says she is, then more power to her.

I say, if both parties know the 'deal', and they both want sex, then go for it. What I don't like, are the Cubans who meet up with naive tourists, and con them, tho it helps their own life, it also destroys lives. I also don't like, and say it last time I went to Cuba, the tourists(no matter what they looked like), using sex as a powerful tool and controlling the person they are having sex with, coz the Cuban has material needs.

I'm going back to Cuba in about 4 mos. I'm not going there to get boinked. I was curious, finally single, and wanted to let loose. I do regret my decision for reasons I have. But if I choose to go and I have sex, it'll be because I am a consenting adult, and both of us know the real deal.

Dec 11, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

The last post is so true.

Old whores like D. who fly to Cuba to purchase sex are denegrading a beautiful culture.

No surprise that these old slags prey on Santiago - the poorest most deprived city in Cuba, mainly populated with Afro-Cubans.

Che Guevara who died for his cause..liberating Cuba from the tyranny of Cuban dictators and the Mafia, would turn in his grave if he could see what was happening in Cuba today.

Old slags like D. denegrade a culture like Cuba.

I would advise sad old slags like D. and S. from Cricklewood who purchased a young black Cuban from Santiago and is suffering the consequences, to stay away, or try another country where you could locate poverty stricken men willing to sleep with ugly old women like you.

How about Gambia?. I hear it has lots of lazy gigolos and male whores willing to shag ugly old whores for the right price.

Oct 10, 2011
That last Post eas By the OP - Denise.
by: Steve

'Denise' does not give up. She is posting ow as 'anonymous' claiming she has been 'abused' 'insulted'.

Old women like Denise need to get a life and leave cuba alone.

They have turned a once beautiful ideal, a lovely country into a whore house. A bordello.

Sad old whores from Canada, and the UK who could not get laid in a lifetime in their own country fly to Cuba looking for a shag. It comes with a price tage, then they whinge about it on here.

What the hell do they expect?. That a young guy is serious when he tells themn 'Te Quiero Mucho'. And pigs can fly!!

Hello! wake up. Old ladies like Deniese have denegrated a great country, turned it into one big whore house.

I suggest you bail out and destroy somehere else. i hear the Gambia has an overflow of lazy men who site around on their ass all day smoking waiting from wrinkly old tarts to maintain them and fly them out to a better life.

Oct 02, 2011
I agree
by: Anonymous

But the OP is on a roll now and is loving it.
She is shocking everyone, an I dont blame her, she has been abused, insulted and called so many names, but I bet she is none of the above, she told her story, but yet she is accused of being a sad ugly flabby old bint.
Why do the Bible Bashers think that all women that go to Cuba are sad desperados, let me tell you that is not the case.

Naaaa I wont tell you as I cant be bothered.... as no matter what she or I say you will have this picture in your head, an nothing will shift it....

Let me just say.... there is no gun pointed at these men/jinteros heads for them to do what they do, its an easy cop out.... all they have to do is perform for maybe 10 mins.... they will still get thier allocated rations, but.... on the plus side they might get a ticket out of the country....

They know exactly what they are doing..... an it wont get any better, cause brother/cousin/uncle will tell them the easy way to make money....

Oct 01, 2011
The Low Life Sleze Who Exploit Poverty in Santiago.
by: Annie - Vancouver

I find it very sad when elderly men and women fly to Cuba for sex.

They denegrade a lovely country and culture. They turn many Cubans into prostitutes.

The real low lifes chose Santiago because it is poor than the rest of Cuba, more unemployment, more poverty more discrimination. And these vulgar low lifes exploit all of this.

Sad low lifes who get no attention in their own country because they are too ugly too old and too nasty in character.

We all know their is discrimination in Cuba. How many times have you seen the janitor, room cleaner,
street refuse collector - always Afro Cuban.

How many black ministers in government, city mayors, hotel managers who are black? very very few.

So for people to fly to the poorest city to exploit it's people into prostitution is disgusting, reprehensible.

We stayed briefly in Santiago a few years ago. Little did we know we were staying in a brothel, unlisted though with a fake 'Casa Particular' blue symbol outside.

Teresa was a Madam. And Casa Teresa was a whore house.

The view from the terrace was great, but when you have to share that terrace with octagenarian Italians and their teenage escorts it gets to be sleazy.

The traffic in and out of Madam Teresa's casa was rapid.

One old boy Gennaro must have been 80 had a succession of girls as young as 15, mostly single mums he was taking advantage of, paying them 10 CUC for half an hour of sex then shunting them out.

We told Teresa we wanted a refund as we did no feel secure with the flow of prostitutes back ad forth. She screamed at us, when we mentioned calling the police she threw our money at us short by three days. We could not be bothered to argue with this shrew so packed quickly and left.

We found a young girl crying in the hall, Gennaro had not paid her.She was a singly mom and need money to get home she lived 10 kms away.

We gave her the cab fare home and told Gennaro he was a dirty old man who should be ashamed of himself exploiting poverty when he was a grandfather who should know better.

This is the seedy side of Cuba and those who fly to seek this type of vacation are real seedy low life sleaze.

Oct 01, 2011
Hey Jack thanks for all your helpfull advice
by: Anonymous

ha ha well I have only been there once myself ! Am sure you will have a great holiday should you decide to go! As you have not been there, I find it strange that you have such an interest in the Love in Havana section of this site!
Regardless of your opinion of me, which I find hilarious!! The old stick and stones won't break my bones, this end!
Regardless of what happens between me and the gorgeous Cuban man, I know I will have a fantastic time!
And if I choose to buy him drinks and make his life a little more comfortable then so be it, it is only money! All part of my wonderful journey! And have taken your advice on the charity thingy! I bought a huge bag and filled it full of nice clothes that I bought from St Vincents de Paul and I will pass them on to all the other wonderful friends I made when I was there! Enjoy your travels Jack!

Sep 30, 2011
Sad Old Slag!
by: Jack

No, I am not the 'same one'. My previous post was my first.

I came across this site as I am planning to vacation in Cuba, but if you are typical the type of low life who's there I may chose an alternative destination.

Your words do not ring true. You claim you are 'paid to go on holiday' I very much doubt it.

You use the term 'shag' a lot, that is a vulgar English term of reference.

I get the feeling you're a low life Brit. 'Chav'the type we read about in our papers. The Chav who flies to destinations to 'shag' get drunk and get laid.

Like I said before you're low life scum who Cuba would be happy to block entry to if they knew what you were up to.

Sep 30, 2011
Sad Old Woman
by: Jack

You must be so proud of your self, a woman in her 50's having to fly half way across the world to pay for sex with a prostitute and who does not even want you.

You must hate yourself.

Do you not think that a Cuban man of 39 is old enough to see what for what you are? a sad lonely old woman who has to pay for sex.

Don't you think if he had a chance with a woman half you age he would take it in the blink of an eye.

If you did not pay him there is not a hope in hell he would have sex with you.

I'll bet he has to close his eye and imagine he's with someone else, somewhere else when he'd doing it.

Pathetic old woman.

Why not donate to a children's charity instead, at least you might feel better about yourself, right now you are denegrading yourself and him.

Sep 28, 2011
We Love The Culture Desperate Old Hags Like You Destroy It
by: Anonymous

It's laughable that you mention the word 'Culture' when clearly you know little or nothing about it.,

What would a male prostitute/alcoholic know about 'culture' when they earn their living on their back and spend the rest of their time in bars.

You deserve these scumbags because you are no better. If the police had any savvy they would bar you from Cuba because old whores like you give the place a bad name, you maintain the puta lifestyle fund it, and it's why those who did like the culture of Cuba now stay away because it's been ruined by tired fat old tarts like you and your whores and pimps.

Old women like you who fly to Cuba for sex have denegraded it into one big Bordello and increased the alcoholism and HIV figures.

Sep 27, 2011
A Witch Hunt
by: Anonymous

What is wrong with all of you? why are you attacking the OP, she has come on here with her story, and you all call her a whore, old woman etc etc

So what if she is going back, its her choice, and if she wants to delve deeper into the yarns she has been spinned, its still her choice.

OP... I have to laugh as he/sister/they have come up with some good tales lol lol...hospital, police custody... no telephones....

The only way he would have been picked up in the Casa, is if he had booked in there with different females, as they do spot checks, but he would be in trouble, not you or your friend.

Did he show his ID card when he signed the register? did he sign the register?

He doesnt have to get married to be able to walk down the road with you, all he and you would have to do is to go to the police station and say you are BF and GF, and sign some paperwork, he would be given a document so that if he was stopped with you he then could produce it to show that he and you are together.

Good luck if you do go back :-)

Sep 27, 2011
Vile Old Woman
by: Anonymous

You are a truly disgusting old woman.

I have not posted here before but frankly you come across as a nasty angril old broad who flies to Cuba for sex with the lowest dregs that Cuba has to offer.

You're not fussy are you. And you totally lack all self respect or dignity.

I have been to Cuba once and seen your type, ugly wrinkly and overweight on the prowl for a gigolo who always find women like you to use and abuse.

You should be careful that your nasty energy/ karma does not hit you right back when you least expect it. Life has a way of doing that.

I can see why you hired a lawyer. A toxic woman like you who invites trouble into her life will inevitably attract problem, legal and otherwise.

I feel sorry for you and even more sorry for your prostitute friend.

You sound like the other old trollop who shagged around Cuba who calls herself 'Snow Angel' A Canadian who also had major problems with an alcoholic con man who harrasses her for money.

Sep 27, 2011
by: Would Not Touch A Whore With A Bargepole!

I commented a few posts back asking why you fly all the way to Cuba when you have brothels in Aus.

You say you hit a 'raw nerve'. That is laughable. I have never pay for sex in my life. Nor would I ever.

I travelled to Santiago for the music the dance the culture, not to get laid.

If you have to pay a whore for sex that is very sad. A sign of desperation.

I have dated a Cuban who loved me and never once asked me for a dime. He would pay for our drinks invite me to his home for dinner, write me self penned love poems. Send me drawings.

He is a professional dancer not a male prostitute, that is the difference.

Sep 27, 2011
You Sad Old Woman!
by: Marianne

I feel sorry for you.

You say you 'have no baggage' i,e. no grandchildren, well that is fortunate because you would be a selfish nightmare grandma.

Go back, have more melodrama, spend more money on your male whore.

So sad that old women like you are denegrading Cuba to a sewer level by funding and accommodating prostitution, extortion, deception and crime.

Old slags like you keep the Cuban police/authorities very busy indeed and you destroy, cantaminate, taint an otherwise beautiful culture.

As a previous poster rightly pointed out, if you want to get laid there are brothels in Australia why fly half way round the world to get f.....ed?.

Low lifes like you have tainted Cuba brought it down to gutter level, and people like you are why many of us vacation elsewhere.

Sep 27, 2011
Be Honest - You Love The Drama
by: Anonymous

Why not return for a second episode of melodrama. You clearly love it, love the drama, thrive on it so much you are returning for more punishment and stress.

You are old enough to know better, you're approaching pensionable age. Let's face it would a 30 year old rasta look twice at you in Perth or Melborne?.

Personally you're a sad old woman who should think about looking after your grandchildren or donating to a charity instead of spending cash on male whores in Santiago. So you deserve all that you get.

Have you been for an STI check up btw?.

No doubt you are aware of the saying 'when you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas'. And you've been sleeping with a male prostitute.

Do you really expect to get laid for free?. Do you think the rasta was after you for your beauty, your personality?. He's a known prostitute.

If you want to get laid in your 50's why travel 10,000 miles to a communist country?. Are'nt there brothels in Melborne,
Sydney and Perth?.

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