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Love Game in Cuba

by Trailsman

The "Te Quiero Mucho" Game: Modus Operandi

How is "this game" played? There are as many playing styles as there are men out there, but I have noticed some commonalities.

Phase 1: Find a Yuma. She should be 35-50 yrs old, less than a year since ending her last long term relationship and riddled with insecurities. Preferably Canadian as Canada doesn't require 3 yrs of residency before giving you Resident status. Remember... scams only work on the greedy or desperate.

Phase 2: Sweep her off her feet. Give her the fantasy romance she's been looking for. Then get a way to keep in touch after she leaves; an email addy or, better yet, have her leave her cell phone behind so you can text her. Its important that you not lose the momentum or drop off her radar when she returns to the free world.

Phase 3: The next time she returns, introduce her to your family to prove your intentions are honourable. Of course, the family is in on it. There will often be a woman in her early 20's in the house and referred to as his "cousin" or "sister". She is really his girlfriend or wife. She's looking for a Yuma too so they can both be in the free world together someday.

Phase 4: On subsequent visits, tell her you've arranged to stay at a Casa Particular you know. Don't tell her you're getting a "finder's fee" and for God's sake, don't sign the register. Shag her brains out as per usual.

Phase 5: At the end of tourist season, examine your prospects and pick the Yuma that will most likely marry you. Use some cheap costume jewelry for an engagement ring and tell her it has sentimental value. Perhaps it belonged to your "Grandma who died in the revolution", or something along those lines.

Phase 6: Get your documents in order and make sure her's are as well. Make sure she pays for everything, including the wedding. Your family will do their best to ingratiate themselves and make the Yuma feel like she's considered kinfolk now.

Phase 7: Upon arrival make sure you're sweet as pie and keep the honeymoon going until you get that Permanent Residency card in your sweaty Latino hands.

Phase 8: Once you have your PR card, don't just bail on her or she will suspect fraud and have you deported. Instead, turn into a lazy, abusive jerk until she kicks you out. Then you can tell the authorities that "it just didn't work out".

And there you have it, you'll be a member of the Free World in no time! And don't worry about the Yuma... she has her money and freedoms to soothe her broken heart. Hasta la vista!

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Sep 12, 2016
wow...just wow ! NEW
by: Anonymous

I just can't believe what I am reading, I am not gullible, or desperate, and I'm certainly not ever gonna marry a Cuban man, and bring him to the U.S. , BUT IT'S AMAXING THAT ALL THESE STORIES I HAVE READ ARE SPOT ON....They all msut read the same handbook at a young age, ''how to scam the tourists"... I met a Cuban man in Negril Jamaica three years ago, on the beach. H ewas the first Cuban I had ever met, and what a charmer he was, we had a couple romantic nights together, and then we stayed in touch since then trhough facebook and e mails. Now with the new flights out of the U.S, I am going to see Cuba for the first time.
When I told my Cuban friend, he immediately said he would arrange for me to have a Casa.
Then he ''informed ''me, he would stay with me during my stay.
At first I thought that might be nice, but then I realized that I would be expected to pay for all his drink, meals, cover charges, etc, and started
to have second thoughts, that would get very expensive.
Of course I'm already getting the e mails how he loves me, and is desparaet to see me, he is 42, so I thought the ''games might be over for him, but now I think not, if he doesn't know already I am wise to all the games, he will.
Reading the post by Gabrielle, really has me debating about whether I really want him around and staying with me the whole time.
I don't really know him, and I could see having the same feeling that I read in the post''i became bored at his continual presence, eating the food I would share with him, all a bit oppresive'.
I guess I could just go with it, and if it isn't working, just tell him that staying with him isn't working.... anyway, I will go and have fun, and while i'm sure there is some rare relationships that work out, I really think it just wouldn't be worth all the hastle, that doesn't mean I can't make some really good memories !

Oct 25, 2015
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May 11, 2015
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Apr 07, 2015
Cuba NEW
by: Heather Nicole

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Jan 01, 2015
ca1 NEW
by: Cwg

This is just my personal opinion and is it not against any race either. And I am not here to hurt any sentiments of the people too. But seriously I felt it is indeed a lame and culture less thing to do placing love as a game. click

Dec 04, 2014
It's not just Cubans in Cuba... NEW
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately these love fraud games are not just played by Cubans in Cuba. Their games go on, even when they've been living in Europe for 20 years. The Cuban I thought I was dating had been living in Europe for 20 years. He showered me with love very early on and wanted an exclusive relationship right away. He told me about ex-girlfriends and how much he learned from them. That he never cheated and couldn't imagine how people could cheat on their wives. He seemed sophisticated on the outside. Had built up a fantastic career. Lived in a nice house, travelled the world for work, etc.

But I knew something was wrong. Because I know it's ALWAYS a red flag when men "love bomb" you too soon. It's a thing psychopaths and narcissists do. Then I found out he had checked my phone when I was out of the room. Another red flag. And of course he was very jealous. Luckily for me our "relationship" had to be long distance for a short while. During that time I found out he was living with his wife and son. And an angel that crossed my path also told me he had children with an ex-wife in another European country and that he had many girlfriends. His current wife had no clue. I found out he got her pregnant so that she would marry him and give him a residence permit after 5 years. He told me so many lies, about a friend that was dying, that he himself was sick (while he was spending time with another girlfriend), that he wrecked his car...it went on and on. He could be incredibly mean, blaming me for everything. Very emotionally abusive. But thankfully I knew the real story so I wasn't affected by it. During our final meeting he actually stole money from my wallet. Imagine that, he has a great career, but the psycho still needed to steal money from me.

These men pick women who, to them, seem gullible, sweet and naive.

You can take the boy out of Cuba, but you can't take Cuba out of the boy. They really don't evolve, it's kind of sad.

Nov 07, 2014
by: Anonymous

Too sad to see the bad reputation all cuban people have earned because of the actions of these men and women that have used "you" to get to leave Cuba.
But I don't see nobody judging all of you going down there to get cheap sex and romance, probably because you're not good enough to get that here in the "free world", take a look at yourselves too, and see who's worst :-)

Oct 22, 2014
te quiero mucho game NEW
by: Anonymous

Iam a victim of the te quiero mucho game.As a Namibian building contractor I were overhelming meeting this young civil engineer,of Cuba,her name Mercedes which were very interested.Imediatly I fall for her and were in love with her,head over heels.Everyday it was like baby I love u very much"te quiero mucho". she work in my country voluntarily for the Namibian government on a contract of two years.Before her contract end, we get married August2013 which were my cost only (Fifty thousand namibian dollars.Still blinded by the fake love I were invited to France to meet the sister their and her husband,who is 74 years old,and the sister 42 years, and from their we were flewing out to Cuba to surprise my wife on her birthday.exspenses calculated up to another (twenty five thousand Namibian dollars)I Shower her with gifts and presents . told me I will never disappointed u ,talk about a baby boy only to blind me and my family.I were choose perfectly for their game since iam also 20 years older than her,In April 2014 she were coming back to Namibia on my exspences flight ticket travel money,start running around to get all the papers in order to can start work.She start work in Sept2014 and everything start change,receiving a message from a friend of her who is also voluntarily working in Nanibia on contract "I will never stay away from ur wife and u never contact me again.her comment on that "I will not stop seeing him or talk to him.From then she never talk to me or reply on my calls,avoid me completely never trust a cubano or marry one.

Feb 15, 2011
Yuma taken by sexy Cuban man!
by: Anonymous

Thank you everyone for posting your experiences on this page. You have opened my eyes to this "Yuma" situation and I almost fell for it.

I am a fairly well off self-employed professional from Canada and was in Varadero in February, 2011. While I was there, I met the most beautiful man in the world and we spent the last couple of evenings together. I'm 45 and he said he was 30. Of course I got the sad stories (which are likely true) about unemployment, hardship, etc. Every detail of your post was presice - exactly. Even to the point of him having a 21 year old sister.

I did not give him much money. In the end after a lunch, a few drinks and one night at a night club and a motel, I think he got about $30 from me. He asked if I had more money at my hotel before I left, but I did not thankfully. I spent two days with him, so I consider myself being let off the hook easily.

I have travelled most of the world, and have been to Cuba 4 times before, but I have never "hooked" up with a Cuban.

His stories were so confincing that upon reflection on the way home, I thought of sending him some money. I second guessed myself, but thought that $200 to me is nothing, but would make a world of difference to him and his struggling family.

Boy was I wrong! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I almost made more of an idiot of myself than I already had.

1. charming, beautiful, etc.
2. say they feel bad cause they have no money.
3. want to check prices so you don't spend much - so they say.
4. they ask for a little money for lunch.
5. tell you sad stories about their family.
6. ask for a cell phone because theirs is old.
7. tell you that he has a 21 year old sister who is studying for medical school. Mother is a doctor but makes no money.
8. want you to come back to their home town next time to meet his family.
9. give you mobile and parent home address and tell you to ship DHL
10. call immediately upon your arrival home.
11. ask you to come back soon.
12. want to marry you and have babies
13. it goes on.

Funny thing was that I clued in on the first day, but thought whatever... go have some fun. After the second night, I had said all the right things.

Thank you to all that posted.

Feb 01, 2011
A great Thread And So So True
by: Gabrielle.

I have to commend the lady who wrote this eloguent witty and very true account of 'romance' in Cuba.

I have made many trips to Cuba, at least five times. My happiest times have been when I've been independent of men, no hustlers in pursuit. When I would travel around that lovely island staying in Casas exploring the culture music and natural beauty.

My view of Cuba sadly changed after I met my ex. Let's call while Danilo. Tall handsome unpushy, he caught my eye in a casa de la trova of a small town.

He did not want to sign the register even though we became very close in the week that I knew him. That perhaps should have rung an alarm bell. He sent me many loving emails over the two years we were apart.

I travelled back last year to the remote town at great expense, it's not on the tourist trail and took time and effort.

So I was not happy to hear his long whinging accounts of how he needed to paint his home, needed a cellphone to communicate with me etc. I did not give him my cellphone, having read many posts on this great website I was wary.

He asked my landlady why I had not been eating each night as I had 'plenty of money'.

When she told me this I was stunned. I gradually became bored by his continual presence. From the roof terrace I'd hear salsa blasting out and people having fun on a Saturday night.

There I would be gripped in an arm lock with him listening to music on my ipod, drinkng my Cuba libres, eating the food I would share with him. All a bit oppressive.

He was pissed off I refused the casa of his choice which I hated.

God knows why but he got round me on my last night. Told me how much he would miss me, begged me to help him make 90 CUC by giving him some of my clothes which he would sell.

Foolishly I did. He kissed me and said he would come to the airport next day,

He never showed up, never heard from again.

But I am actually relieved. I saw through him.

No doubt he is currently working on, playing his next victim.

Feb 01, 2011
A Great Post Ignore The Bitter Old Bags :)
by: Esther

I think the OP summed up the Modus Operandi of the 'Te Quiero Mucho B.S.' perfectly.

Do ignore the bitter caustic remarks from the chubby bitter old bags from Ontario.

They are all masochists who return for ever more punishment.

These obese Snow birds waddle into the fleshpot resorts of Varadero and Guardalavaca, on their $450 bargain bucket all incl. of flight and all they can trough and swill back for a week.

They they check in their male whore for a week and brazen it out as they paw him on the beach and hold his hand in their great hands big as a shovel.

They ignore the sniggers from fellow guests and they fawn all over the guy they have paid for and want their money's worth!.

It's a sad state of affairs.

Sad my country has churned out so many obese dysfunctional old bags so desperate to shoer their gigolo with money and gifts only to be dumped and discarded like a greasy rag after they've flown back to Ontario.

They never learn they are pre primed for abuse. They need psychiatric help to deal with their masochistic ways, their low self esteems.

They are being used, but they are also using and degrading the male whore who would have dignity if they had not turned his country into a sex tourism destination.

Jan 26, 2011
Game Over !!
by: Anna-Marie-Ontario

Hola Trailsman,
The game plan you described was played over and over again to the point that the "New wave of Yuma's" including me are so much more aware of this "game".
The independent, attractive,financially stable "Yuma" is not looking for "Marriage"we want a Cubano who can satisfy our "Need's" and most do this very efficiently and with great passion.
We are not interested in their family or so called "sister's,or cousin's" for we know the score and we use them for one thing only-"SEX".
Then when we are satisfied we send them back to their "Mother's,Sister's,and Cousin's and to all their illigitimate "Bastard's".
Remember it is the low class self esteem woman that get's caught in this circle of entrapment.
But to-day i am seeing a lot of women that are more informed and are backing off getting married to these Cuban's.
The Government's of both Country's are aware of this scam and fraud,and are making it more difficult to approve of a so called "Marriage of Convenience".
So you see,not to many will be coming here for a free ride or,for so called freedom-and many Cubano's will be shoving the word's "Te Quiero Mucho" up their "Mother's,Sister's and Cousin's behind,for that is where these word's belong.


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