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Main Buildings in Havana

by diana
(aburn WA)

what are the main buildings in havana? and why are they inportant?

Answer by Vic Webmaster

Havana has a rich history and many valuable buildings due to the different occupations.
In the past Havana was the main port in Latin America and a rich city due to the importation and exportation of slaves, spices, gold, sugar etc.
Main Buildings in Old Havana

  • Catedral de San Cristobal de la Habana
    location: Plaza de la Catedral, the cathedral is an architecturally pearl built in 1748 by Spanish
  • Castillo del Morro
    The old castle was built around 1589, it was one of the major fortifications to protect the Spanish silver fleets.
  • Gran Teatro de la Habana
    Neo baroque momument (1838) used by the National Opera. Sarah Bernhardt ones performed in the theatre. Location: Parque Central near Hotel Inglaterra (another national momument)
  • Bacardi building
    A wonderful Art Deco building located at Avenida de Belgica between Old and Central Havana.
    The building was the former property of the Bacardi family.

    Main buildings in Central Havana and Havana Vedado district.
  • Capitolio
    This building built in 1926 is a copy of the Capitol in Washington and was built by dictator Batista.
  • FOCSA Building
    This building is a complex with 35 floors located at M street in the Havana Vedado district.
    On the top floor of the building is the restaurant La Torre (the tower) with a great view over Havana city.
  • Hotel National de Cuba
    An impressive building near the Havana Malecon. Not far from the heart of the Vedado district and the University of Havana (another important building)

    Thess are only a few noteworthy buildings Havana has dozens of beautiful buildings.

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