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Marriage in Cuba or Canada?

by N

I need some information about Cuban law. I want my family to meet my fiancee before we get married but I have been told that she cannot leave Cuba unless she is married. My fiancee in Cuba says marriage is important so the police don't harrass us and we can walk down the street with no problem. However to protect myself from Immigration fraud it is best to get a marriage contract signed and then get married in Canada and then get married in Cuba. Anyone already gone through this before and have advice for me? Thanks, N

ANSWER by Vic Webmaster

Don't consider this as legal advice, I am no lawyer so I recommend you to contact a lawyer in both countries Canada and Cuba.
WHY? To protect your assets.
Please think carefully about getting married, you
don't marry for the family or the police.
The only real reason for marriage is love!
Indeed in Cuba the police can stop her on the streets when she's not married to you on suspicion of being a jinetera (prostitute).
This is no reason for a marriage! In Cuba you can go to a public notary and ask for a document stating that you both are engaged and have the intention to marry, this document is accepted by the police, I got this advice from a police officer in Havana.

It is a myth that she can only leave Cuba when she's married. The only thing she need is a an official invitation from you. (after this, a passport, exit visa, and plane ticket). This invitation is a document signed by three parties, she, you and a public notary on behalf of the Cuban State. This "letter of invitation" signed in front of the Cuban notary, mention that you invite her to your country and that you are fully accountable and responsible for all costs including social security, lodging, insurance etc.etc.

I have never heard of a marriage contract in Cuba, after a divorce the common practice is a fifty-fifty split, unless otherwise decided by the court. As a Canadian citizen, to protect your assets and rights in Canada, I recommend to marry twice, first time in Canada, with a marriage contract, this to protect your assets and rights and later a second time in Cuba. Therefore I strongly recommend to seek advice from a lawyer in Canada. Consider the story of a British guy, a few months after his marriage, his Cuban wife disappeared, and he returned to London, but a month later his Cuban wife, accused him of abuse and hired a British lawyer, claiming half of his property!

With a good contract and solid legal advice you can avoid a lot of problems, be warned!

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Aug 12, 2018
More Info NEW
by: AnoRichardnymous

Would like to contact Les Brown as he states his Cuban wife has no rights to any of his holdings, monies, estate etc etc. So my concern is what happened to the 50/50 split ?

Jul 01, 2017
I personally got married in Cuba NEW
by: Les Brown

3 years ago I went ahead and got legally married in Cuba and then had it stamped and legalized in the Canadian Embassy in Havana.
My wife has really no interest to come to Canada except for a 3 week visit. We have no problems going anywhere in Cuba. As far as you have to get married first is not really true.
As it was mentioned by another person the all the is required is a "Letter of Invitation" from you. Now yes it is true that been married would make the process possibly quicker. The Canadian Government has also cracked down on permitting Cuban women coming up to Canada with the promise of matrimony.
As it was stated that many, many Cuban women use Canadian men to marry only as a way to get out of Cuba. Spend maybe 1 year in Canada and then get a divorce. If indeed you bring a Cuban woman to Canada through marriage then yes you are looking at paying support.
In my case, my wife lives and stays in Cuba and I go there about every 3 months. My plan is to retire there at the end of next year. If we should separate for any reason then she is "NOT" entitled to anything from me and has no ties what so ever to my pensions.
This is wonderful for me and I'm very happily married and looking forward to retiring and living in Cuba. It works for me and personally I prefer the life style and pace of the Cuban people.
I hope my 2 cents worth helps a little.
Good luck in your ventures...

Feb 02, 2017
Dont do it , NEW
by: Anonymous

3 years ago I met a local family on the beach while on vacation in the Holguin area, I took a fancy to one of the younger women but was not sure who the man she was with as there was a small 1 year child that stuck close by the both of them, later that week though an other tourist that spoke both languages I found out that the man was her brother and the child was hers and she was single , during my week there we spent most evenings on the beach as she was not permitted in the resort,, on my return back to Canada I booked another week and returned with in a few days, that week I left the resort that I had booked and both of us checked in to a Cuban hotel in the city, long story short for the past 3 years I return every month for 10 days, I do not book resorts any more as I have a favorite casa in the city center, some time we check in to a Cuban run resort but they are usually 2 stars and not the best , any way 3 years later she has more clothes than HM and Stiches could ever stock, Last month she gave me an ultimatum, marry me here and buy me a house or I find another tourist, after $200,000 in 3 years I walked and wished her good luck , 2 weeks later she emailed me said she had made a mistake and wanted to continue, I agreed to meet and we would talk, I booked a flight and met up , after a night of heavy drinking she passed out , before I left Canada I had recharged her phone , a phone I had given her years earlier, I put $200 cuc on her cell the week before so we could set up and plan the week once I was there , looking at her phone ringing for hours while she was passed out I thought id have a peak, she had $4.14 left on it , looked at Text and just as I though $40 Transphered to sisters cell , $50 to her brothers cell , yes they can move money from cell to cell as long as they do not go below half there balance , so I dig a little deeper in her phone, photos, emails and just as I though there was all the proof I needed , she had bout 15 other Canadians in her web of lies and one Italian, The next day I ask her how much money she had in her phone as I was going to recharge my Cuban phone though ding , her reply was $189 while looking at her phone , I played things cool like I knew nothing, later that day she wanted to visit her mother so we did , I had a car rental and was low on fuel so I dropped her off at her mothers house and by my self went and filled up , I returned to the resort we were staying at , I packed my case , put all her things on the bed including her phone and all the things I had brought this trip, told the maid they are hers , checked out and drove back to the city to the casa I usually rented, for the next 2 days my Cuban phone never stopped ringing, 245 numbers displayed 134 were 99 (reverse charges), she must have got another phone because she emails me a few times a week, no I do not respond, a lesson learned, I still visit cuba a few times a year , I drive by her grass shack and wave, do not belive a word any of them tell you , I learned a lot there since I got rid of her ,

Oct 31, 2015
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Apr 10, 2015
Marriage in Cuba or Canada? NEW
by: Robert

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Mar 26, 2015
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by: Anonymous

a service like WedCost for wedding planning.

Feb 25, 2015
Idea NEW
by: Jake

It will be good to have a mutual understanding between the lawyers of that family to make sure that there will not be any legal objections fashion for play . There should be some procedures before marriage happen.

Jul 28, 2013
No visitor's Visas for Canada
by: Mr. Z

In spite of what the Canadian Embassies will tell you or the CIC, the Canadian government loves to take your application fee for Vistor Visas, but often of the many tens of thousands processed for Cubans, ZERO are granted. I went to the Cuban Embassy in Toronto, and they were more honest, they said that I wouldn't get a Visitor Visa as in his MANY years of service there, he had not come across a single Cuban that came to Canada on a Visitor Visa. He stated that the ONLY way to bring a Cuban her was to get married and then it may still take well over one year.

If you have to marry her, keep her in Cuba. If she really loves you, she'll go along with that and not ask you for more and more money, gifts every time you come down, for her and her sick, mother, grandparent, sister, nephew, niece...

May 14, 2011
Relacione's Cubano!!
by: Yasmila

Hi there N!-I'm in a sort of relationship with a Cubano,and he to told me we have to marry so we can be free to walk the street's of Cuba.
When I went to the police station to make the inquiry about this condition,they said you don't need to get married at all to live or be with a Cuban-but if a Cuban is from another Province they will question him as why he is there.
It was all a well constructive lie from my Cubano to make me feel guilty,and to start the marital proceding's which I refused.
He was verbally abusive to me and blamed me for being caught,but know that in Cuba the police randomly pick on all Cubano's for any type of questioning,but when he was questioned by the police as to why he was in Havana,when he was a resident of La Isla de LaJuventud nothing happened.
I refuse to be intimidated by anyone let alone a Cubano,if you are in love with your's and she is genuine then go for it,but marriage is not a condition to be with her.
There is a sucker born every minute,just don't be the next one!!!!!
Ciao-Hasta Luego!

May 13, 2011
Think twice
by: Anonymous

Please please do not rush into marriage, she is coming out with all these conditions, they say this, they say that etc, listen to Vic, he knows the score, and please read all the other posts.

I know you probabaly think 'she is the one' 'she is genuine' and it could never happen that you might be taken for a mug, so for peace of mind, pretend there are obstacles, conditions by your goverment, or whatever, and see how she reacts then.

If you say that it cant happen for whatever reason, then see how she reacts, if she nods and makes the right noises, and says she is willing to wait and doesnt kick up a fuss, then the chances are she is genuine.

Remember, that the majority of Cubans whether they are male or female would sleep with the devil, drink the blood of a goat to get out of Cuba, so please think long and hard before you jump into marriage.

May 13, 2011
Do Not Be Coersed Into Marriage!
by: Dave

Sounds like you are being led like a lamb to the slaughter. You're being manipulated just as I was.

Who the hell marries today? Apart from goldiggers, hookers on the make, those desperate to secure a green card or visa out of poverty.

i mean are you religious?

Do you really need your love to be sanctioned by the State? or the Church?? If not why bother to marry ?.

Man you're being hoodwinked. Why marry?. Get to know her better.

Ease off on the regalos, the dinners out, the clothes, money etc.

Test her.

As Vic says, leave a little money in the room when you go out. Tell her you're going though a hard time financially right, that you might be made redundent.

That you have to pay alimony to your ex wife and kids.

Then see how long she sticks around. How long she tells you
'Ti Quero Mucho'!. It will be a question of time my friend.

I made the biggest mistake of my life when I married my ex. Her family put me under pressure. I was hoodwinked just like you are now.

I married at great expense, flew her to Toronto.

Within a month she was acting weird, a stranger, distant, lots of secret text messages, whispered phone calls, secret emails.

She accused me of being 'abusive' and hired a lawyer. She took out an injunction and kicked me out of my own home.

Six months later she moved her Cuban man in and I am living in a small rented bedsit in Hamilton Ontario, seriously regretting the day I met this Cuban puta.

Watch out take my advice, do not marry. Do not listen to her when she says you cannot be together if you do not marry. That is B.S. She is after a meal ticket for life for her and her family.

Do not be a mug. I was and now I live to regret it.

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